Supercross: Roczen Wins Overall At Monster Energy Cup
Photo: Racer X Online

Supercross: Roczen Wins Overall At Monster Energy Cup

The highly anticipated Monster Energy Cup has come and gone, with Roczen being crowned the victor at the end of three main events in the Cup's unique format.

Scott Yargeau

The off-season is an uneventful and boring time for most Supercross/motocross fans, but luckily for us all, the Monster Energy Cup rolled into Las Vegas, Nevada, to bring fans an exciting night of racing - hybrid Supercross-motocross style.

Much of the excitement surrounding the event was geared towards the long-awaited return of Yoshimura Suzuki's James Stewart. It had been 16 months since Stewart had last raced a Supercross event, and a full two years since he competed and won at the Monster Energy Cup in 2013. Stewart started the day off looking very fast despite tweaking his wrist early in practice. However, once the gate dropped for the first main event of the night, Stewart's night was short-lived as he crashed attempting to avoid a downed Trey Canard. This tip over unfortunately aggravated his wrist injury, and forced him to retire for the night.

The first gate drop of the night witnessed a holeshot by Jason Anderson, but Trey Canard quickly moved into the lead aboard his Honda. Canard had his aforementioned crash while leading on just the second lap, falling all the way to back of the pack. He rebounded well in the second main event to finish second, but crashed once again in the third and final main to end his night on a sour note. Trey was very fast when he wasn't crashing; his speed is promising for success in the 2016 Supercross season.

To the surprise of no one, Ken Roczen proved to be the man to beat after taking the win in the first main event. This win wasn't without drama though, as Jason Anderson was actually the first rider to take the checkered flag. However, Anderson failed to take the Joker Lane, which resulted in him being docked five positions by the AMA, giving the win to Roczen.

In the second main, Anderson was able to come back with a vengeance to holeshot and take the victory; by doing so, he ruined Roczen's chances of sweeping all three races to win the Monster Million. Roczen rode strong to a fourth-place finish in the second race, though, and entered the third and final main with the overall lead.

The holeshot of the last race once again went to Jason Anderson, earning him a Toyota Tundra for his successful starts on the night. However, Roczen was able to quickly pass him for the lead before leading the rest of the 10 laps in order to be crowned the 2015 Monster Energy Cup champion.

Second place in the third main and overall went to Ryan Dungey. Dungey, as always, was very smooth and consistent, which allowed him to narrowly beat Anderson for the runner-up position. Dungey has noted that he is tired of getting second place finishes at the Monster Energy Cup, but it was unfortunately the best he could do tonight. After his seemingly never-ending success in the 2015 Monster Energy Supercross and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship seasons, Dungey will enter 2016 looking to defend his title against a stacked 450 class.

Davi Millsaps, Justin Barcia, Blake Baggett, and Dean Wilson all showed that they had the speed to run near the front as well. Barcia and Millsaps ended up finishing fourth and fifth overall respectively, and even found themselves on the podium during one main event. In contrast, after racing for a top-five in the first main, both Baggett and Wilson had a rough rest of the night. Baggett had some bad starts and mistakes, but Wilson had a nasty crash in the second main that ended his night; he was able to ride off on his own, but he never returned for the final race.

Cup class overall results

1. Ken Roczen
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Jason Anderson
4. Justin Barcia
5. Davi Millsaps
6. Trey Canard
7. Justin Brayton
8. Blake Baggett
9. Christian Craig
10. Chad Reed
11. Weston Peick
12. Broc Tickle
13. Christophe Pourcel
14. Shane McElrath
15. Zach Osborne
16. Vince Friese
17. Andrew Short
18. Dean Wilson
19. Mike Alessi
20. Kyle Partridge
21. James Stewart
22. Martin Davalos

The Monster Energy Cup not only provides exciting pro racing in the Cup class, but it also gives amateurs and super mini riders the chance to shine in the limelight in the massive Sam Boyd Stadium under the lights and in front of thousands of fans.

Amateur All-Stars

In the amateur all-star class, Austin Forkner swept both races to maintain his winning streak in Vegas; he has raced at the Monster Energy Cup three times now, and has yet to lose a single race. The recently-signed Geico Honda rider Chase Sexton was looking fast as well to finish second place, but he just wasn't able to match Forkner's pace.

Amateur All-Stars class results

1. Austin Forkner
2. Chase Sexton
3. Mitchell Harrison
4. Josh Osby
5. Tristan Charboneau
6. Bradley Taft
7. Sean Cantrell
8. Max Markolf
9. Dylan Merriam
10. Mitchell Falk
11. Zachary Commans
12. Ryan Surratt
13. Joey Crown
14. Lorenzo Locurcio
15. Brandon Hartranft
16. Mark Worth
17. Axell Hodges
18. Jordan Bailey
19. Justin Cooper
20. Jon Ames
21. Robbie Wageman
22. Jeremy Byrne
23. Richard Jackson
24. Tanner Stack 


In the SuperMini class, Lance Kobusch was able to win both races over a very deep field. In the first race, he had to pass both Max Miller and Austin Black to take the lead, and in the second race, he just narrowly passed Stilez Robertson for the win. Robertson led the first five laps before Kobusch passed him, and tried to retake the lead but unfortunately slid out and crashed into the Toyota Tundra on the Amsoil Arch.

SuperMini class results

1. Lance Kobusch
2. Max Miller
3. Joshua Varize
4. Jo Shimoda
5. Jesse Flock
6. Chase Fasnacht
7. Austin Black
8. Conner Mullennix
9. Marcus Phelps
10. Hannah Hodges
11. Devin Xindaris
12. Haruki Yokoyama
13. Pierce Brown
14. Casey Keast
15. Vincent Luhovey
16. Kaeden Kniffing
17. Dilan Schwartz
18. Stilez Robertson
19. Justin Rodbell
20. Blake Hoag
21. Seth Hammaker
22. Clayton Clary
23. Gavin Leachman

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Overall, the Monster Energy Cup provided lots of exciting racing and not only previewed what we can expect for Supercross in 2016, but also what to expect from all the upcoming amateur racers.

Now comes the dreaded two-and-a-half-month wait until the opening round of the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross Series at Anaheim Stadium on January 9. For all the riders, an intense period of off-season training and testing is about to get underway.

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