Sepp Blatter Resignation Is A Start, But True Reform Must Occur

Boom, there goes the dynamite. First off, this writer would like to thank the FBI, the IRS, and espically Loretta Lynch for helping and pressuring FIFA President Sepp Blatter into resigning from his post. Today is a great day for football all around the world, but yet this has to be the start of a larger movement.

Blatter, as HBO Host John Oliver described, is the head of the snake of FIFA corruption. While the FBI and other authorities have taken out a lot of the guys under the FIFA chain below him, the corruption problem is deep rotted within FIFA. 

Don't expect this clean up effort to happen overnight. Actually, it cannot happen overnight. Blatter will still be in power until the "special, extraordinary" FIFA congress at which his successor will be elected convenes, which will happen between December of this year and March of 2016. 

The FIFA Congress at that time has to make sure they elect the right guy to head the reform, and not someone who will carry Blatter's torch in corruption. Seems simple, no? The problem is that the majority of federations of the 209 nations in FIFA are just as corrupt. There is a reason why Blatter was reelected just last Friday. 

The federations of the developing world countries, which in reality make up the majority of FIFA, are the ones who want the ways of Blatter to continue. They are the ones who receive the same amount of votes and cash (legally) from FIFA as the big world powers. Blatter helped small countries develop football fields, national teams, and youth academies.

While that is all good and great, let's make sure that each country has its needs tailored, and not equally shared. A country of 350 million people should not receive the same amount of help as of a land of 6,000 residents. So lets make sure the developing world continues to develop with the beautiful game: inclusion is the key word for the next FIFA President. 

While their love for Blatter is unquestionable, they will not have the liberty of staying out of this reform movement. They, just like the FIFA Executive Committee, are now under pressure to change, and to change for the better. 

As the official FIFA statement said today, reforms will include fundamental changes regarding how FIFA is structured. That means that FIFA will have to change the way it is structured politically, and where the fans and players come first, not the president and executives. 

Expect more arrests and charges, and even something that most have been waiting since it was awarded in 2010 to happen: The removal of the 2022 World Cup from Qatar. This is not about the corruption, weather, alcohol consumption, religious concerns, security concerns, or anything of that matter. This is about human lives, and the threat of having over 4,000 migrant workers being used as slave labor who will be dead by 2022. The FIFA World Cup should not have a number associated with huge tragedies or natural disasters, because once again this is about the people. 

The people and fans of football worldwide won today, but this is just the first battle in the war for FIFA. To achieve what is need, a true reformed FIFA, many more battles and changes will have to occur.