FC Kansas City stuns the Portland Thorns with a 2-1 win at home

After a late goal in the first half, FC Kansas City was able to make a comeback and snap Portland's unbeaten streak with a 2-1 win at home.

FC Kansas City stuns the Portland Thorns with a 2-1 win at home
FC Kansas City
2 1
Portland Thorns FC
FC Kansas City: Barnhart, Moros, Averbuch, Sauerbrunn, Taylor, Gibbons, Scott, Tymrak (Ratcliffe, min. 62), LaBonta (Bowen, min. 62), Groom, Leroux (Kelly, min. 80)
Portland Thorns FC: Franch, Reynolds, Sonnett, Menges, Klingenberg, Henry, Horan, Sykes (Weber, min. 72), Raso, Sinclair, Brynjarsdottir (Nadim, min. 63)
SCORE: 0-1, min. 44, Henry, 1-1, min. 65, Averbuch, 2-1, min. 69, Leroux

Week 17 started off with three Wednesday night games. Concluding these matches Portland Thorns and FC Kansas City played each other for one final time this seaaon. Although, there were thunderstorms in the Kansas City area the two teams were able to get onto the field without the game being abandoned after a two hour delay. 

Portland owns the first half 

It took about 10 minutes for the Thorns to find their rhythm but then they were attacking and attacking strong. For most of the first half the game was being played on the Blues half of the field. One of the key players in the Thorns attack was Amandine Henry. Henry created many opportunties for her team and was a major threat to Kansas City's defense. As for the Blues, they played very rushed and couldn't quite find their rhythm. They did in fact beat Portland out on shots for the first half but every shot went wide, which is where they got beat. Although Kansas City did out shoot Portland 7-6 the Blues didn't get a single shot on goal which meant Adrianna Franch didn't have to make a single save the entire half. 

Luckily for Kansas City, Barnhart was able to handle all of Portlands shots to keep the game scoreless. It wasn't until the 44th minute the Thorns were able to get onto the scoreboard. Portland got a few chances then the ball landed at the feet of Christine Sinclair. To keep the Canadian international from scoring, Becca Moros came in at the wrong time, clipped Sinclair in the box and it was a PK for the Thorns. Instead of Sinclair taking it, Amandine Henry had to step up to the spot as Sinclair had to step off the field. Barnhart dives left and Henry strikes the ball into the right side to put the Thorns in the lead.

Amadine Henry, midfielder for the Portland Thorns | Photo: ISI Photos
Amadine Henry, midfielder for the Portland Thorns | Photo: ISI Photos

The Blues had a chance to equalize in the 46th minute as Shea Groom sent the ball into the box but Brittany Taylor's header went just over the goal. 

Comeback time for Kansas City

The teams come back out for the second half and it starts off similar to the first half with Portland possessing most of the game. It was the 65th minute when the game took a turn in the right direction for Kansas City. Becca Moros received the ball and took the space she had and was fouled right outside of the box. Yael Averbunch steps up to take the free kick and nails it right into the net right past Franch, but that wasn't it for the Blues. It was only four minutes later the Blues took the lead. After a quick throw in, substitute Brittany Ratcliffe was able to cross the ball into the box and it landed at the head of Sydney Leroux who sent the ball right over Franch and into the back of the net. 

For the remainder of the game the Thorns had their chances but Kansas City did not back down. After two minutes of stoppage time the whistle blew and Kansas City took their second straight win and handed Portland their first loss in 6 games. 

Portland will head back home and look to bounce back as they take on the Houston Dash. As for Kansas City, they will head to Chicago to look to get their third consecutive win against the Chicago Red Stars