MLS Suspension a Blessing in Disguise for Orlando?
Dom Dwyer looks towards the referee to suggest that a foul should have been called (Photo: Last Word on Soccer)

While in no way would I ever suggest that the Coronavirus outbreak is a good thing, there could be some positives that come out of the 30 plus day suspension period for Orlando City. I've always been an advocate of looking on the bright side so that's what I've decided to do here today.

Time to heal

The season came too early for striker Dom Dwyer and defensive midfielder Uri Rosell. Dom was announced as "week-to-week" on Valentine's Day while Uri was recently announced as having "pain in his groin." With the MLS being suspended for a minimum of 30 days, both players will have plenty of time to heal and train (at home) to get back to match fitness. 

Time to negotiate

It's been talked about enough already but Orlando City's main struggle this season has and will be its attack, as long as no reinforcements are brought in. It's clear that the front office has been looking for a high-caliber goalscorer but they have failed with multiple bids to do so. Although the transfer window will still remain open until May 5th, the lack of activity around the club will allow the front office to focus more towards finding and signing the right player to bring Orlando forward.

Time to reflect

While this will go for all of the MLS, it feels necessary for the Orlando City. The team will need to look back at their first two performances and reflect on what they did well and what they didn't. For example, Andres Perea can be really happy with his assist on Chris Mueller's goal but he can also think that he should have done better on Namli's goal. It's the small things such as analyzing past performances that separate the good teams and the bad ones.

Time to... relax?

This one goes for all of us. We all have very busy lives and the Coronavirus outbreak is forcing us to slow down and take a break. I usually struggle to find time to relax and I'm sure the even busier MLS stars struggle as well. This will be a good opportunity for them to relax and spend some quality time with their family's. It never hurts to take a mental break from time to time.

I hope everyone stays healthy throughout the duration of this pandemic and please make the right choice. Don't leave your home unless it is absolutely necessary. Even though you might not be in danger, you may unknowingly spread it to someone who could be. Just make the right choice