Goals and Highlights: Mexico 2-0 Canada in 2020 Olympic Qualifying
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10:02 PM19 days ago

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Full Time | Mexico 2-0 Canada

A hard-worked victory for Mexico who qualifies for the  Olympic Men's Soccer Tournament. They will now face Honduras for the CONCACAF Championship.
9:55 PM19 days ago


Three minutes of added time.
9:50 PM19 days ago


Mayorga sends a great cross, but Macías is unable to head it in.
9:45 PM19 days ago

83' | Mexico Substitution

On: Cervantes.

Off: Rodríguez.

9:40 PM19 days ago

82' | Canada Substitutions

On: Abzi, Raposo.

Off: Montgomery, Baldisimo.

9:35 PM19 days ago


Yellow card for an ugly sliding tackle from Bassong.
9:30 PM19 days ago

76' | Mexico Substitutions

On: Angulo & Mayorga

Off:  Aguirre & Vega.

9:25 PM19 days ago

This was Vásquez play for the 2-0


9:20 PM19 days ago


Pantemis makes a great save to a shot by Macías.
9:15 PM19 days ago


Rodríguez misses a shot with an empty goal.

Mexico suffocating Canada.

9:10 PM19 days ago

64' | Mexico GOOOOOOOOAL!

On a set-pieces place, Vásquez connects with the ball sending to the post.

On the second chance, he pushes it in for the 2-0.

9:05 PM19 days ago

This was Antuna's goal!

9:00 PM19 days ago

60' | Mexico Substitution

On: Macías

Off: Alvarado

8:55 PM19 days ago

60' | Canada Substitutions

On: Tabla, Bair.

Off: Brym, Dias.

8:50 PM19 days ago

57' | Mexico GOOOOOOOOAL!

Pantemis makes a terrible clearance. The ball is recovered by Rodríguez who then assists Antuna. He finishes it with a powerful shot.
8:45 PM19 days ago


Alvarado shoots, but his attempt is too high.
8:40 PM19 days ago


Norman fouls Antuna who was looking to going one-on-one against the keeper.

The ref shows him a yellow card.

8:35 PM19 days ago


Córdova had some space to create danger, but he's not patient enough and he ends up shooting wide.
8:30 PM19 days ago


Brym shoots from a long distance, but it's off-target.
8:25 PM19 days ago

45' | Second Half Begins

We're underway with the second 45 minutes of the match between Mexico and Canada.
8:20 PM19 days ago

Half Time | Mexico 0-0 Canada

We go to the break with the score unchanged. Mexico has been better, but they've been unable to open up the scoreboard.
8:15 PM19 days ago


A confrontation between Buchanan and Loroña near the corner kick. Both men see a yellow card after their mild scuffle.
8:10 PM19 days ago


Brault-Guillard sees the yellow card after numerous fouls on Córdova.
8:05 PM19 days ago


First shot on target from Canada courtesy of Buchanan. Jurado stops it with no trouble.
8:00 PM19 days ago


Vega tries his luck from a long distance, but Pantemis catches the ball easily.
7:55 PM19 days ago


No major chances in the last few minutes. Despite having possession, Mexico is unable to worry Pantemis and his defense.
7:50 PM19 days ago


Mexico argues for a penalty. Norman apparently pulled on Córdova's arm, but the ref says play on!
7:45 PM19 days ago


Esquivel is having some trouble in midfield. He's had to commit a series of fouls to stop Canada from progressing.
7:40 PM19 days ago


Mexico recovers the ball in Canada's own half but is unable to capitalize on the chance.

Córdova's pass left Antuna in scoring position, but the right winger was unable to finish it.

7:35 PM19 days ago


Header by Esquivel that goes off-target.
7:30 PM19 days ago


Córdova dribbles his way inside the box. He tries to shoot, but Pantemis blocks the ball.
7:25 PM19 days ago


Mexico continues having the ball and now uses the right side to try to open up the scoreboard.

Antuna is currently the man with the most time with the ball during the attacking phase.

7:20 PM19 days ago


First important chance for Mexico!

Through ball for Alvarado who hits to the near post. Pantemis deflects away using his foot.

7:15 PM19 days ago


Canada is making its first efforts to attack. They rely heavily on the right side and look to open up spaces for Buchanan.
7:10 PM19 days ago


Tons of possession for Mexico in the starting minutes. Canada forms a line of 5 defenders when the opponent has the ball in an attempt to close down spaces.
7:05 PM19 days ago

0' | Kick-Off!

We're underway with the match between Mexico and Canada!

High stakes: The winner will go to Tokyo!

7:00 PM19 days ago

A few minutes for the start of the match!

The National Anthems of Canada and Mexico play during the protocolary ceremony ahead of the match.

We're instants away from kick-off!

6:55 PM19 days ago

All set for the start of the match!

Both teams have begun making their way out of the locker rooms and onto the field for the start of the match.
6:50 PM19 days ago

High temperature in Guadalajara

We currently have a temperature of 86º F in Guadalajara.

Both teams will need to keep it in mind as the game will demand intensity and physicality. Hydration will be crucial.

6:45 PM19 days ago

Warm-ups done!

Both Canada and Mexico are finishing their pre-match exercises.

They will now go back to their locker rooms for the final message from the coaches.

6:40 PM19 days ago

Still a final to go

Despite this being the most important match in the tournament since it decides who advances to the Olympic Tournament, the winner will have to face Honduras to crown CONCACAF's U-23 champion.
6:35 PM19 days ago

Support from the Senior Team!

The Canadian Senior National Team sent a video wishing the best of luck to their U23 counterpart for this important match against Mexico.


6:30 PM19 days ago

Ready at Estadio Jalisco!

The U23 Mexico National Team has arrived at Estadio Jalisco. They will begin their warm-up for this crucial match in a few minutes.

6:25 PM19 days ago

No new COVID-19 cases

CONCACAF released a press statement earlier today informing that no new positive COVID-19 cases came up after this last round of testing.

Canada and Mexico are all set for this match.
6:20 PM19 days ago

Canada: Starting XI

Pantemis; Montogmery, Norman, Brault-Guillard, Godinho; Baldisimo, Metcalfe, Bassong, Buchanan;  Dias, Brym.
6:15 PM19 days ago

Mexico: Starting XI

Jurado; Vasquez, Esquivel, Loroña, Angulo; Aguirre, Rodríguez, Antuna, Córdova; Alvarado, Vega.
6:10 PM19 days ago

The line-ups for both sides are ready!

6:05 PM19 days ago

Breaking: Honduras advances to the Men's Soccer Olympic Tournament!

With a 2-1 victory over the USA, Honduras qualifies for the Olympic Tournament. This will be their 4th consecutive appearance.
6:00 PM19 days ago

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5:50 PM19 days ago

Malagón unavailable for Mexico

After suffering an injury in the game against the United States, the Mexican starting goalkeeper will be unavailable for the match against Canada.

The keeper who plays for Necaxa in Liga MX will be replaced by Sebastian Jurado.


5:45 PM19 days ago

Canada: Last Starting XI

Pantemis; Cornelius, Norman, Godinho, Brault-Guillard; Baldisimo, Metcalfe, Bassong, Buchanan; Tabla, Bair.
5:40 PM19 days ago

Mexico: Last Starting XI

Malagón; Sepúlveda, Vázquez, Loroña, Mayorga; Aguirre, Esquivel, Alvarado; Antuna, Vega, Macías.
5:35 PM19 days ago

How to watch Mexico vs Canada Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are TUDN and Fox Sports 1.

If you want to directly stream it: FoxSports.com and TUDN.com

If you want to follow it on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

5:30 PM19 days ago

Canada looking for a historic win

With the disadvantage of being on Mexican soil, Canada will attempt to get a historic result for them. A win today would mean the first appearance for a Canadian Men's Team at the Olympics. 

They had a difficult group stage in which they only managed to best El Salvador (2-1). Their other two games ended in draws against Haiti (0-0) and Honduras (1-1).

5:25 PM19 days ago

Mexico is the favorite for this match

The home team, Mexico, has been labeled as the odds-on favorite for this huge implications match.

"El Tri" had a perfect group stage with 9 out of 9 points thanks to their victories over the Dominican Republic (4-1),  Costa Rica (3-0), and the United States (1-0).

Can they continue the great form and advance to the Olympic Tournament?

5:20 PM19 days ago

High stakes match!

The winner of tonight's match will one of CONCACAF's two qualified teams for the 2020 Olympic Men's Soccer Tournament.

The other team will be decided in the match immediately before this one between Honduras and the United States. Who will make it to Tokyo?
5:15 PM19 days ago

Kick-Off Time!

The Mexico vs Canada match will be played at the Estadio Jalisco, in Guadalajara, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 9:00 pm ET / 6:00 pm PT.


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