Goals and Highlights: Saudi Arabia 1-3 Brazil in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
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Next opponent

With two goals, Richarlison is the top scorer of the Olympic Games. Brazil faces Australia or Argentina in the quarterfinals.
5:07 AM2 years ago


Ball Possession: 49% x 51

Passes: 461 x 480

Passing accuracy: 88% x 86% 

Shots: 5 x 22

Definite shots: 2 x 8

Corner kicks: 3 x 11

Fouls: 16 x 9

Yellow Cards: 1 x 1

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4:57 AM2 years ago

97' Yellow card for Brazil

Daniel Alves
4:56 AM2 years ago

93'Saudi Arabia yellow card

Al Bukhari
4:55 AM2 years ago


Now we're talking! Malcom speeds away with Reinier, who crosses low on the edge of the field. Richarlison has only the job of adding to it.
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Malcom receives a great pass on the right side, goes to the back line and plays it back to Richarlison, who shoots first time and sends it into the net. However, there was offside at the beginning of the play. The goal was disallowed.
4:52 AM2 years ago

89' Substitution in Brazil

Out: Arana

In: Abner Vinícius

4:51 AM2 years ago

89' Substitution in Saudi Arabia

Out: Al Dawsar

In: Al Ghannam

4:50 AM2 years ago

89' Substitution in Saudi Arabia

Out;Al Faraj

In: Al Omran


4:48 AM2 years ago


Al Dawsari forgets the ball and hits Richarlison.
4:45 AM2 years ago

83' Substitution in Brazil

Out: Matheus Cunha

In: Gabriel Martinelli

4:45 AM2 years ago

83' Substitution in Brazil

Out: Bruno Guimarães

In: Gabriel Menino

4:39 AM2 years ago

78' Saudi Arabia yellow card

Al Dawsari
4:37 AM2 years ago


After a free-kick is taken in the area. Bruno Guimarães has a great vision and heads the ball to Richarlison.
4:35 AM2 years ago

75' Substitution in Saudi Arabia

Out: Al Hamddan

In: Al Brikan

4:33 AM2 years ago

72' Saudi Arabia yellow card

4:33 AM2 years ago


Mukhtar hits the leg of Daniel Alves at the right end.
4:32 AM2 years ago


Richarlison finishes strongly. Al Bukhari saves, but burns his glove.
4:31 AM2 years ago

70' Substitution in Brazil

Out: Claudinho

In: Reinier

4:28 AM2 years ago


Ghareeb swings in a free kick towards goal. Santos saves with his fingertips.
4:28 AM2 years ago


Al Faraj is treated after clash with Matheus Henrique
4:26 AM2 years ago


Matheus Henrique finishes with the right side of the box. The ball explodes off the post.
4:22 AM2 years ago

60' Substitution in Saudi Arabia

Out: Al Naji

In: Ghareeb

4:22 AM2 years ago

60' Substitution in Saudi Arabia

Out: Al Hassan

In: Mukhtar

4:17 AM2 years ago


Matheus Cunha is threaded into the box. He speeds up to finish. The goalkeeper comes out and manages to get a touch underneath. Corner kick.
4:12 AM2 years ago


Malcom reverses to Daniel Alves on the right, who rolls to Matheus Cunha. The shirt adjusts, but is blocked by the marking.
4:09 AM2 years ago


Arana looks for Richarlison in the box. Al Naji steps forward to head the ball away
4:06 AM2 years ago


Game restarts
4:06 AM2 years ago

Substitution in Brazil

Out: Antony

In: Malcom

3:58 AM2 years ago


Ball Possession: 49% x 51%

Passes: 230 x 236

Passing Accuracy: 89% x 85% 

Shots: 3 x 11

Definite shots: 1 x 2

Corners: 1 x 7

Fouls: 9 x 7

Yellow Cards: 1 x 1

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3:46 AM2 years ago


Diego Carlos goes in hard on Al Hamddan. The striker receives medical attention
3:43 AM2 years ago


Goalkeeper receives care
3:43 AM2 years ago


Arana crosses from the back line. Antony shoots in the small area, but the goalkeeper Al Bukhari comes out to smother and gets the worst of it
3:42 AM2 years ago


After an exchange of passes, Daniel Alves is played on the right. The Brazilian captain raises in the area. Without much option, Claudinho head, which is not his strong suit, to the left of the goal.
3:38 AM2 years ago

36' WOOW

Arana unleashes a rocket. The ball curves around the post.
3:36 AM2 years ago


Abdulhamid gets to the right and crosses well. Nino arrives and makes the cut.
3:30 AM2 years ago

27' Yellow card for Saudi Arabia

Al Shahrani
3:29 AM2 years ago


Al Faraj takes a free-kick into the box. The ball goes past Diego Carlos and Al Amri drags it into the back of the net.
3:27 AM2 years ago

25' Yellow card for Brazil

3:21 AM2 years ago


Arana crosses the ball. Antony head against the crossbar. Claudinho picks up the rebound and shoots over the goalkeeper.
3:16 AM2 years ago


Claudinho charges a corner from the left. Matheus Cunha rises high and deflects it at the first post.
3:15 AM2 years ago


Richarlison fails to get a header after a corner. Claudinho picks up the rebound and stamps the marking.
3:13 AM2 years ago


Al Shahrani crosses from the left side. The ball explodes off Nino.
3:08 AM2 years ago


Richarlison tries to get Antony to play. The Saudi defense anticipates and recovers.
3:06 AM2 years ago


Brazil exchanges passes in search of breaking through the opposing defense.
3:03 AM2 years ago


Daniel Alves takes a free kick into the box. Abdulhamid gets the ball away.
3:00 AM2 years ago


The Game Begins
2:55 AM2 years ago


Teams taking the field
2:51 AM2 years ago


Saudi Arabia in final preparations
2:46 AM2 years ago


Brazilian National Team in the warm-up
2:43 AM2 years ago

Saudi Arabia defined

Bukhari; Abdulhamid, Khalifah Al Dawsari, Al Amrim, Hindi; Al Shahrani, Al Faraj, Al Hassan, Al Naji, Salem Al Dawsari; Al Hamddan
2:30 AM2 years ago

Curiosities about Saitama

The Japanese are also remembered for their cartoons. The famous anime such as Ball Z, Knights of the Zodiac or Pokémon. Interestingly, the stadium also has a cartoon name with the same name Saitama. Turning to soccer, the venue was opened in anticipation of the 2002 World Cup - it hosted four matches.
2:24 AM2 years ago

Next stop

Everything indicates that Brazil will face Australia or Argentina in the quarterfinals. The ball will roll at Saitama Stadium.
2:20 AM2 years ago

Brazil scaled

Santos; Daniel Alves, Nino, Diego Carlos, Guilherme Arana; Bruno Guimarães, Matheus Henrique, Claudinho; Antony, Matheus Cunha, Richarison
2:13 AM2 years ago

Possible next opponent

This will be the last game of the group stage. If Brazil finishes first, it will face the second-placed team in Group C. Currently, it is Australia - but could be overtaken by Argentina. The match will be on Saturday, at 6am ET
2:08 AM2 years ago

Video Arbitration

VAR: Benoit Millot (France)
Assistant VAR: Tiago Martins (Portugal)
2:03 AM2 years ago

Field Arbitration

Referee: Bamlak Tessema (Ethiopia)
Assistant Referee 1: Mohammed Ibrahim (Sudan)
Assistant Referee 2: Gilbert Cheruiyot (Kenya)
Fourth official: Srdjan Jovanovic (Serbia)
1:58 AM2 years ago

What time is Saudi Arabia vs Brazil match for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020?

If you want to watch the game Saudi Arabia vs Brazil live on TV, your options is:  Olympic Channel, NBC Sports, Universo Now,Telemundo Deportes En Vivo 

If you want to directly stream it: NBC Sports, Universo  

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Brazil - Saudi Arabia match for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020?

This is the start time of the game Saudi Arabia - Brazil Coast of 28th July 2021in several countries:

Argentina: Marca Claro, Claro Sports

Bolivia: Marca Claro, Claro Sports

Brazil: Globo,  SporTV

Chile: Marca Claro, Claro Sports

Colombia: Marca Claro, Claro Sports

Ecuador: Marca Claro, Claro Sports

USA (ET): Telemundo Deportes En Vivo, UNIVERSO NOW, Olympic Channel, NBC Sports App, UNIVERSO, NBCOlympics.com

Spain: Eurosport Player Spain

Mexico: Marca Claro, Claro Sports

Paraguay: Marca Claro, Claro Sports

Peru: Marca Claro, Claro Sports

Uruguay: Marca Claro, Claro Sports

Venezuela: Marca Claro, Claro Sports

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Squads of Brazil

GOALKEEPERS: Santos (Athletico), Brenno (Grêmio), Lucão (Vasco)

DEFENSERS: Diego Carlos (Sevilla), Daniel Alves (São Paulo), Ricardo Graça (Vasco), Gabriel Menino (Palmeiras), Guilherme Arana (Atlético-MG), Bruno Fuchs (CSKA), Abner (Athletico), Nino (Fluminense)

MIDFIELDERS: Douglas Luiz (Aston Villa), Bruno Guimarães (Lyon), Matheus Henrique (Grêmio), Reinier ( Borussia Dortmund), Claudinho (Red Bull Bragantino)

FORWARD: Paulinho (Bayer Leverkusen), Matheus Cunha (Hertha Berlin), Malcom (Zenit), Gabriel Martinelli (Arsenal), Richarlison (Everton)

1:43 AM2 years ago

Missing in Brazil

Douglas Luiz will miss the Brazilian national team. The Aston Villa midfielder was red carded against Ivory Coast. Matheus Henrique, from Grêmio, is expected to be his replacement.
1:38 AM2 years ago

Squads of Saudi Arabia

GOALKEEPERS: Amin Bukhari (Al-Ain), Mohammed Al Rubaie (Al-Hilal),  Zaid Al-Bawardi (Al-Shabab)

DEFENSERS: Saud Abdulhamid (Al-Ittihad), Hamad Al-Yami (Al-Qadsiah), Abdulbasit Hindi (Al-Ahli), Abdulelah Al-Amri (Al-Nassr), Yasser Al-Shahrani (Al-Hilal), Khalifah Al-Dawsari (Al-Qadsiah), Abdullah Hassoun (Al-Ahli)

MIDFIELDERS: Sami Al-Najei (Al-Nassr), Salman Al-Faraj (Al-Hilal), Nasser Al-Omran (Al-Shabab), Salem Al-Dawsari (Al-Hilal), Khalid Al-Ghannam (Al-Nassr), Ali Al-Hassan (Al-Nassr), Ayman Yahya (Al-Nassr), Ayman Al-Khulaif (Al-Wehda), Abdulrahman Ghareeb (Al-Ahli), Firas Al-Buraikan (Al-Nassr)

FORWARD: Abdullah Al-Hamdan(Al-Hilal), Firas Al-Buraikan (Al-Fateh)

1:33 AM2 years ago

Canarinho classified

With 66% success rate, Brazil comes from a win and a scoreless draw. The Brazilian team is in first place with four points. It is the same number as Ivory Coast, but has an advantage on goal difference.
1:28 AM2 years ago

Farewell to the Green Eagles

In fourth place, Saudi Arabia has yet to win in the competition. With two defeats, it is the team that has conceded the most goals in Group D, five.
1:23 AM2 years ago

The match will be played at the Miyagi Stadium

The Saudi Arabia vs Brazil game will be played at Miyagi Stadium on the  in of Miyagi, no Japan, seating 49.133 people. It is the home of the Yokohama F. Vegalta Sendai team, which competes in the J-League. Interestingly, this stadium also hosted games in the 2002 World Cup
1:18 AM2 years ago

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