Goals and highlight: South Korea 6-0 Honduras in Olympics Men's Football 
Soyth Korea vs Honduras, Olympic Games // Source: VAVEL


5:31 AM2 years ago


South Korea advances to the next stage along with New Zealand. Honduras and Romania eliminated from the Olympic Games. That's all, until next time, stay tuned to VAVEL.
5:27 AM2 years ago

End of the meeting

The match is over, South Korea beats Honduras by a landslide, 6-0, in a great performance by Ui-Jo- Hwang who has scored a hat trick. Honduras is eliminated from the Olympic Games.
5:24 AM2 years ago

90'| Three minutes of added time

The match at Nissan Stadium will go to the 93rd minute. The 6-0 scoreline remains in the electronic scoreboard.
5:16 AM2 years ago

82'| Goal by Kang-In Lee

The Korean scored from the edge of the area to beat Guity. South Korea increase the score, 6-0.
5:13 AM2 years ago

77'| Rivas had it

Good play now from Honduras who crossed from the right flank, for Rivas to finish but the Korean goalkeeper caught it. It's still 5-0...
5:10 AM2 years ago

75'| The Korean has had it

What a play by South Korea who leaked a pass behind the back of the defense, the winger got into the box and passed it to the Korean striker but it went wide.
5:06 AM2 years ago

64'|Goal by Jin-Ya Kim

South Korea's fifth goal, scored by Jin-Ya Kim in a broken game, the numerical superiority and the superiority in the game is noticeable.
4:54 AM2 years ago

52'| Goal by Ui-Jo Hwang

South Korea's fourth goal comes from a penalty kick. Honduras is tired and the Koreans can do a lot of damage.
4:42 AM2 years ago

The second half begins

The ball is rolling for the second half of the match. Honduras will try to score a quick goal to get into the match.
4:28 AM2 years ago


South Korea practically sentenced the game in this first half, going into the break with 3-0 on the scoreboard, and also with an extra player. Honduras are finding it very difficult.
4:24 AM2 years ago

45'| Doo-Jae Won goal

South Korea's third through Doo-Jae Won. The Honduran goalkeeper made a poor clearance, and the midfielder scored at will. 3-0 on the scoreboard. 
4:19 AM2 years ago

40'| Carlos Mélendez sent off

Another problem for Honduras, Mélendez grabs his opponent and is sent off, it was the last problem. Honduras will have to row against the tide to tie the match. The score is still 2-0.
4:16 AM2 years ago

18'| Second Korean goal

Second goal for the Korean national team, also from the penalty spot, this time scored by Doo-Jae Won. The scoreboard shows 2-0, trouble for Honduras...
4:14 AM2 years ago

12'| South Korea goal

Ui-Jo Hwang scores for Korea on a penalty kick. South Korea takes the lead, 1-0. Honduras will now have to react.
3:31 AM2 years ago

The meeting begins

South Korea vs Honduras kicks off at Nissan Stadium, both will be looking to advance to the next round. The ball is rolling in the last match of the group stage.
3:24 AM2 years ago

South Korea Lineups


3:19 AM2 years ago

Who will advance from this group?

This group (B) could not be tighter and everything is at stake for the four teams, who will be eliminated from the Olympic Games, make your predictions.
3:14 AM2 years ago

The other group match

Both teams will have to be attentive to what happens at the Sapporo Dome Stadium, where the other match of the group will be Romania vs New Zealand.
3:09 AM2 years ago

Photo honduras

Celebración de Honduras en los Juegos Olímpicos // Fuente: Selección de Honduras
Honduras celebration at the Olympic Games // Source: Honduras National Team
3:04 AM2 years ago

Where to watch the meeting?

The match between South Korea and Honduras will be broadcasted on Eurosport Player.
2:59 AM2 years ago

Schedule and venue

The match will be played at 17.30 local time (10.30 Spanish time) at the Nissan Stadium.
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2:49 AM2 years ago


A very evenly matched group where the goal average will be very important. The classification, with one game to go, looks like this:
South Korea, 3 points; +3.
Honduras, 3 points; +0.
New Zealand, 3 points; +0.
Romania, 3 points; -3.
2:44 AM2 years ago

Previous match (Honduras)

An intense match was played between New Zealand and Honduras where the Hondurans won 2-3. Honduras managed to turn around Falero's team's 2-1 lead in the last quarter of an hour of the match. The goals were scored for New Zealand by Cacace and Wood, and for Honduras by Palma, Obregón and Rivas.
2:39 AM2 years ago

Previous meeting (South Korea)

In the previous match, Korea beat Romania 4-0, with the Romanians playing an entire half with one man down due to Gheorghe's dismissal. The goals came from Marin own goal, Dong-Kyeong Lee and a brace from Kang-In Lee.
2:34 AM2 years ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Good morning everyone and welcome to the live broadcast of Korea vs Honduras for the third matchday of the group stage. Follow the broadcast on VAVEL.