Goals and Highlights: San Marino 1-7 Poland in FIFA 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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4:50 PM11 days ago

Goal Robert Lewandokski

4:42 PM11 days ago


The seventh goal for Poland! Buksa appears inside the box to close the pincer and already has hat-trick.
4:40 PM11 days ago


Poland's goal! Buksa rises inside the box and heads in to extend the lead.
4:36 PM11 days ago


Buksa shoots at goal for the sixth, but Conti avoids the ball.
4:33 PM11 days ago


The visitors' service, but Grandoni sweeps in and avoids the dangerous play.
4:30 PM11 days ago


Swiderski misses the sixth after not giving good direction to his shot.


4:27 PM11 days ago


Poland substitution. It was all for Linetty and Frankowski takes his place.
4:26 PM11 days ago


There is none! The referee after a silent VAR review signals that there is no penalty.
4:25 PM11 days ago


Another penalty! Zalewsi is fouled by D'addario and the penalty is awarded.
4:24 PM11 days ago


Tomassini arrives to press in Poland's area, but does not reach the ball.
4:23 PM11 days ago


Nicola Nanni comes out to applause and Mirko Palazzi takes his place for San Marino.
4:21 PM11 days ago


San Marino looks for the second without success.
4:15 PM11 days ago


Goal, goal Poland! Adam Buksa shoots at goal and beats Benedettini
4:14 PM11 days ago


Change of Poland. Nicola Zalweki engages for Puchacz.

Change from San Marino. Engaged Giacomo Conti por Fabbri

4:09 PM11 days ago


Goal disallowed for Poland! The visitors scored the fifth, but it was ruled offside.
4:07 PM11 days ago


Slisz cross that Hirsch sends out of the field.
4:01 PM11 days ago


San Marino goal! Nicola Nanni sends a shot to the goal after stealing the ball, taking advantage of a defensive mistake and scores.
4:01 PM11 days ago


The second half kicks off between San Marino and Poland.
4:00 PM11 days ago


Poland's triple substitution. Skorupski, Bartosz Slisz and Adam Buksa replace Szczezny, Moder and Lewandowksi.
3:57 PM11 days ago


San Marino changes. Michele Cevoli and Adolfo Hirsch are substituted by Cristian Brolli and Matteo Vitaioli.
3:39 PM11 days ago


First half ends, Poland leads at halftime.
3:38 PM11 days ago


Puchacz sends a shot at the home goal, but ends up hitting the post.
3:36 PM11 days ago


Swiderski did not finish in a good way and Benedettini appeared to avoid the fifth.
3:35 PM11 days ago


D'addario's sweep prevents him from creating an opportunity to score the fifth.
3:32 PM11 days ago


Poland's goal! Linetty's fourth goal of the game comes when she appears in the box after receiving the ball and Poland adds one more.
3:26 PM11 days ago


Change of San Marino. Ingresa Fabio Tomassini por Dante Rossi.
3:25 PM11 days ago


Dante Rossi is stretchered out of the match, waiting to see if he can continue.
3:19 PM11 days ago


Golinucci shoots at goal, but Benedettini holds the ball without problems.
3:14 PM11 days ago


Close to the fourth but Piatwoski misses the target and the shot goes wide.
3:10 PM11 days ago


Poland's goal! Lewandoski appears inside the box and shoots, Benedettini dives but fails to hold the ball and Robert embeds the ball in the back of the net.
3:05 PM11 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Poland! Swiderski receives the ball from Puchacz, and pushes it into the back of the net.
3:01 PM11 days ago


Muder appeared inside the box and ended up robbing Vitaioli of the chance to shoot at goal.
3:00 PM11 days ago


Grandoni fought well for the ball and won a valuable corner kick for the home team.
2:56 PM11 days ago


Good defensive play by D'addario that ends up taking the ball away from Lewandoski and averting the danger.
2:53 PM11 days ago


Poland's goal! Lewandowski controls a cross inside the box and shoots into the goal, beating Benedettini.
2:48 PM11 days ago


The match kicks off in Serravalle, San Marino will be looking for a victory.
2:40 PM11 days ago

Poland: LineUp

W. Szczęsny; T. Kędziora, M. Helik, K. Piątkowski, T. Puchacz; J. Kamiński, D. Szymański, K. Linetty, J. Moder; K. Świderski, R. Lewandowski.
2:36 PM11 days ago

They're here!

Both teams are already at the Serravilla, ready to play one more game of these qualifiers, San Marino will be looking for their first victory of this tournament.
2:28 PM11 days ago

The goalkeeper spoke

Wojciech Szczęsny told the media about the match vs San Marino: "It is definitely different before such a game, there is no need to cheat. Of course, we realize that we have to win this game. We don't see any other option. Play, win, get three points and go home. Add, of course, only after the final whistle of the referee, not the day before."
2:19 PM11 days ago

Several records!

In 2009, the Polish national team made two records in the same match, the first one was the fastest goal of the team, where Rafal Boguski scored the first goal in the first minute, and also the biggest goal in history with a score of 10-0, and it happened against San Marino.
2:01 PM11 days ago

Last duel!

The last occasion when San Marino and Poland met was in 2013, Poland won with a score of 5: 1 and Piotr Zieliński scored two goals.
1:56 PM11 days ago

Top scorer

Robert Lewandoski is the top scorer for the Polish national team this year with 42 goals, a figure he will be looking to increase further.
1:51 PM11 days ago

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What time is the San Marino vs Poland World Cup Qualifiers match?

This is the kickoff time for the San Marino vs Poland match on September 5, 2021 in several countries:


12:45hs Mexico City time, Mexico City

13:45hs Colombia Time, Bogota

15:45hs Argentina Time, Buenos Aires

15:45hs Paraguay time, Asunción

15:45hs Brazil time, Saõ Paulo

15:45 Chile time, Santiago

13:45 Peruvian time, Lima

14:45hs U.S. time

19:45 Spanish time, Madrid

13:45 Panama time, Panama

14:15hs Venezuela time, Caracas

1:36 PM11 days ago

New players?

Poland continues to give continuity to its selected players, this time only Zalewski stands out, who is the new face for this FIFA date. In addition, Robert Lewandoski could see action in this match, as he is one of the names that attracts the most attention.
1:31 PM11 days ago

What a fact!

San Marino have gone more than 110 consecutive matches without a win, a situation that has coach Franco Varrella very worried.
1:26 PM11 days ago

With absentees!

San Marino comes to this match with the absence of Filippo Berardi, Davide Simoncini and Cristian Brolli, players who could not be called up for these three matches due to injury. On the other hand, Davide Colonna received his first call-up to the national team.
1:21 PM11 days ago

On the right track

Poland's situation is completely different from their similar, the team coached by Carvalho de Souza beat Albania in their last match with goals from Lewandoski, Buksa, Krychowiak and Linetty. They also recorded two wins, a draw and a loss, placing them in second place in the group.

1:16 PM11 days ago

What a mess!

San Marino has not managed to win any of its first four matches and is in the last position of the Group I table, in addition; it has twelve goals against, so a possible qualification is quite complicated.

1:11 PM11 days ago

The match will be played at the Serravalle Olympic Stadium.

The match of San Marino vs Poland will be played at the Olympic Stadium of Serravalle located in Serravalle, San Marino; with capacity for 6,664 people. 


1:06 PM11 days ago

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