Goal and Highlights Getafe vs Elche (0-1)
Photo by Elche CF


4:31 PM11 days ago

That's all folks

Thank you to those of you who joined us. We hope you enjoyed this game of the LaLiga. This was Elche's first win in this edition of La Liga, and it came at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, home of Getafe in the Madrid area. . Visit the VAVEL portal to keep up to date with all the information, upcoming games, interviews, latest news an that comes up throughout the day.
4:24 PM11 days ago

Coming soon

Getafe and Elche are back on the field on Saturday 18th, in the fifth round of LaLiga. The Azulones face newly promoted Rayo Vallecano away from home, while the Franjiverdes host Levante.
4:18 PM11 days ago

Match stats Getafe 0-1 Elche

Possession - Getafe: 56,3%, Elche: 43,7%
Total shots: 10-8
Shots on target: 1-3
Corner kicks: 8-2
Offsides: 4-5
Touches: 508-405
Passes: 420-316
Tackles: 21-7
Interceptions: 10-6
Fouls: 6-14
Yellow cards: 2-3
4:15 PM11 days ago


50' Mario Melero Lopez signals the end of the second half in Getafe. Elche get their first away win of the 2021-22 LaLiga season.
4:15 PM11 days ago


49' Elche value the possession, Getafe try the pressure in the final moments to see if they can avoid the fourth consecutive defeat.
4:15 PM11 days ago


49' Sandro receives Timor's ball and shoots with his right foot from the edge of the box, but is stopped when he can finish.
4:15 PM11 days ago


46' Jankto takes off down the left but gets too far forward and the ball goes out the back line. Tcheco falls to the ground with cramps and strains his left leg, but he stays in the game because Getafe have already exceeded the limit of substitutions.
4:00 PM11 days ago

Added time

45' Five minutes to end the second half at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez
3:59 PM11 days ago


43' Sandro takes a fierce corner from the left, at the first post, Maksimovic heads back and the goalkeeper deflects to avoid the equalizer
3:56 PM11 days ago

SUB Elche

42' Ivan Marcone (MID) replaces Fidel (FWD)
3:54 PM11 days ago

Yellow card

40' Sandro Ramirez, from Getafe, for bringing down a foul from behind
3:52 PM11 days ago

Hit the bar!

37' Mojica makes a good move down the left, invades the area, and saves a left-footed shot that hits David Soria's right post.
3:46 PM11 days ago

Chance for Elche

31' Carrillo threads the ball to Lucas Perez in the attack, but he was offside
3:42 PM11 days ago

SUB Elche

28' Darío Poveda (FWD) and Jonathan Silva (DEF) in, Olivera (DEF) and Alena (MID) out
3:38 PM11 days ago

SUB Getafe

28' Gerard Gumbau (MID) and Guido Carrillo (FWD) in place of Mascarell (MID) and Benedetto (FWD)
3:33 PM11 days ago


24' LUCAS PEREZ! He receives from Mojica, clears the marking of Cuenca and leaves Olivera lying on the ground before shooting with his right foot to open the scoring in Getafe.
3:33 PM11 days ago

Chance for Getafe

21' Mascarell slides on the field and fouls Sandro in the midfield. The shot is low, but no one can complete the play.
3:32 PM11 days ago

Over the goal

19' Timo takes a free-kick from the left wing, manages to deflect it away from the barrier, but he shoots too hard and the ball goes wide of Kiko Casilla's goal.
3:27 PM11 days ago

Yellow card

18' Helibelton Palacios, from Elche, for making a tackle and hitting Jankto's left foot
3:25 PM11 days ago

SUB Getafe

15' Vitolo (FWD) e Sandro Ramirez (FWD) in, Jaime Mata (FWD) e Enes Unal (FWD) out
3:20 PM11 days ago

SUB Elche

13' Enzo Roco (DEF) e Lucas Perez (FWD) in, Pedro Bigas (DEF) e Lucas Boyé (FWD) out
3:17 PM11 days ago


11' Pedro Bigas collapses on the pitch after a ball dispute with Verdú and Mata, of Getafe, receives assistance and leaves the field walking slowly, supported by two members of the coaching staff of Elche.
3:14 PM11 days ago


8' Long ball from Bigas to Benedetto in the middle of the defense and he dominates on the intermediate to complete the play, but the assistant raises the flag and stops the Elche attack
3:11 PM11 days ago

Yellow card

6' Damián Suárez, from Getafe, who opened his arm too wide and hit Mojica's chest. Elche's player put his hand to his face, but was hit lower.
3:09 PM11 days ago

Chance for Elche

3' Benedetto receives the ball on the left side, tries to shoot almost without angle, but Kiko Casilla follows the play and saves safely
3:05 PM11 days ago


00' The second half begins
3:04 PM11 days ago

No change

Teams return with the same 11 players that finished the first half
3:01 PM11 days ago


Getafe:  Ruben Yanez, Florentino, Chema Rodriuez, Vitolo, Macías, Sandro, Jonathan Silva, Dario, Iglesias, Stefan Mitrovic, Conde.
Elche: Edgar Badia, Gumbau, Enzo Roco, Carrillo, Pere Milla, Tete Morente, Lucas Pérez, Josan, Antonio Barragan, Ivan Marcone, Josema.
2:56 PM11 days ago

First half stats

Possession - Getafe: 55,3%, Elche: 44,7%
Total shots: 6-2
Shots on target: 0-0
Corner kicks: 6-2
Offsides: 2-1
Touches: 248-207
Passes: 248-207
Tackles: 7-4
Interceptions: 6-1
Fouls: 1-6
Yellow cards: 0-2
2:52 PM11 days ago

Half time

48' The referee blows his whistle! End of the first half at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez.
2:51 PM11 days ago


46' Following a cross in the middle of the box, Benedetto heads the ball and it touches Djene before going out over the goal line
2:48 PM11 days ago

Added time

45' Three minutes to end the first half
2:47 PM11 days ago

Getafe again

44' Alena takes a corner from the left, the defense cuts it off, the ball goes back to him, who crosses to Olivera at the second post, but before the ball reaches him Palacios cuts it off
2:44 PM11 days ago

On time!

40' Jankto receives the ball on the left and sends it towards the goal, Diego Gonzalez slides on the pitch and takes a corner. Timor takes the ball very close, at the first post, and the ball again goes out of bounds.
2:42 PM11 days ago


38' Getafe continues to be more present in the attack field, while Elche is positioned further back and bets on balls to Lucas Boyé and Benedetto, but so far has not been able to bother goalkeeper David Soria
2:37 PM11 days ago


33' Kiko Casilla makes the throw-in to Lucas Boye, who was in an irregular position.
2:36 PM11 days ago

SUB Getafe

32' David Timor (MID) in place of Mauro Arambarri (MID)
2:34 PM11 days ago


29' Arambarri advances on the right, Mascarell arrives at the marking, the Uruguayan stops and pulls his leg as if he felt a muscular discomfort, falls on the field and asks for substitution
2:32 PM11 days ago

Not yet

27' Palacios takes a corner kick, after a shot from the left, Fidel heads it away
2:31 PM11 days ago


25' Carles Aleñá receives from Jankto and shoots from outside the area, but too much force and the ball goes too high
2:28 PM11 days ago

Yellow card

24' Omar Mascarell, from Elche, for committing a foul on Enes Ünal
2:27 PM11 days ago

By an inch

22' Long ball to Lucas Boyé, he heads it to Benedetto, who is face to face with David Soria but shoots straight at the post
2:24 PM11 days ago


20' Damian takes a free-kick straight to the goal, seeking the left corner, and the ball grazes the post of goalkeeper Kiko Casilla
2:21 PM11 days ago

Yellow card

19' Gonzalo Verdú, from Elche, for handling the ball during a midfield challenge
2:19 PM11 days ago

Ball possession

14' Getafe: 63%, Elche: 37%
2:18 PM11 days ago

Penalty appeal

12' Mata receives on the right, near the back line, invades the area and falls after dividing with Mojica. The Getafe player complains, but the referee does not see a foul and VAR also does not interfere
2:15 PM11 days ago

Getafe again

8' Jankto steals the ball in the attack field and tries a shot from outside the area, but is stopped by Raúl Guti when finishing and falls to the ground
2:13 PM11 days ago


6' Raúl Guti throws the ball in Benedetto's direction, but Jorge Cuenca arrives to clear the danger
2:08 PM11 days ago

Getafe attacks

2' Jankto sofre a falta na lateral, Arambarri cobra rasteiro, perto da linha de fundo, e Gonzalo Verdú corta para escanteio
2:04 PM11 days ago


00' Referee blows the whistle to authorize the start of the first half in Getafe
2:04 PM11 days ago


Getafe is all blue, with white numbers, goalkeeper David Soria in yellow, Elche wears a white shirt, shorts and socks with green details, goalkeeper Kiko Casilla in orange. 
1:58 PM11 days ago


Players take to the pitch at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez. Referees are also ready for the start of the match between Getafe and Elche.
1:51 PM11 days ago

Elche warm up

1:44 PM11 days ago


So far, 11 clubs are still in search of their first win in the 2021-22 LaLiga season. Getafe and Elche make up that list, as do Betis and Granada, who meet later in the day. Real Madrid, Valencia and Atlético de Madrid share the lead with 10 points while the relegation zone features Celta, who have only one point from four rounds, Getafe and Alavés, who have lost all three games played.
1:34 PM11 days ago


Kiko Casilla; Gonzalo Verdu, Bigas e Diego Gonzalez; H. Palacios, Mascarell, J. Mojica, Raúl Guti e Fidel; Benedetto e Lucas Boye.
Coach: Francisco Escriba Segura.

Substitutes: Edgar Badia, Gumbau, Enzo Roco, Carrillo, Pere Milla, T. Morente, Lucas Perez, Josan, A. Barragan, Ivan Marcone, Josema.

Foto: Divulgação/Elche CF
Foto: Divulgação/Elche CF
1:30 PM11 days ago


Davd Soria; Damian, Cuenca, Djene e Mathias Olivera; Maksimovic, Arambarri, Aleñá e Jankto; Enes Unal e Mata.
Coach: Michel.

Substitutes: R. Yanez, Florentino, Chema R., Vitolo, Macías, Sandro, J. Silva, Darío, Iglesias, S. Mitrovic, Timor S.V., Conde.

Foto: Divulgação/Getafe FC
Foto: Divulgação/Getafe FC
1:22 PM11 days ago

Time travel

Getafe and Elche finished the last edition of LaLiga at the bottom of the table. The Valencian team was in 17th place with 36 points, just two more than Huesca, which dropped to the second division. There were eight wins, 12 draws and 18 defeats. The team from Madrid won nine matches, so they finished 15th, with 38 points, drew 11 and also lost 18 times.
1:17 PM11 days ago


Hey! We're back with the latest news, behind-the-scenes information, and everything you need to know about Getafe and Elche, who face each other in a few minutes. I invite you to stay tuned for this match in the Matchweek #4 of LaLiga. There is less than 1 hour to go until kick-off!
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Tune in here Getafe vs Elche Live Score

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Getafe vs Elche match.
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How to watch Getafe vs Elche Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: Getafe vs Elche
Competition: LaLiga Santander
Matchweek: #4
Date: September 13rd
Kickoff: 2:00pm ET
Venue: Estadio Jose Alvalade (Lisbon, Portugal)
Where to watch: GOL TV (Mexico/USA), Sport TV (Portugal)
Real time: VAVEL
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Where and how to watch Getafe vs Elche live online

This match between Getafe and Elche is scheduled to start at 2pm ET and will be broadcast by Sky Sports (Mexico), Movistar (Spain), ESPN (USA). In addition, you can check all the details in real time here on VAVEL.com's minute by minute.
12:57 PM11 days ago

Match officials

Referee: Mario Melero Lopez
Assistant Referee 1: José Luis Martínez Serrato
Assistant Referee 2: Joan Mendez Mateo
Fourth official: Abraham Dominguez Cervantes
Video Referee (VAR): Cesar Soto Grado
Assistant Video Referee (AVAR): Iker De Francisco Grijalba
12:52 PM11 days ago

Francisco Escriba Segura, head coach from Elche

"The squad is better than last year's and possibly the best I have ever had here, I am very satisfied. Having a team with more quality doesn't change our main goal, which is to fight for a stay in a more comfortable way. Getafe has a very good base and they also signed well during the transfer window. They have many solutions in the attack and an excellent coach."
12:47 PM11 days ago

Elche possible lineup

Casilla; Enzo Roco, Gonzalo Verdu e Bigas; Josan, Raul Guti, Marcone, Fidel e Mojica; Benedetto e Lucas Boye.
Coach: Francisco Escriba Segura.
Foto: Divulgação/Elche CF
Photo by Elche CF
12:42 PM11 days ago

Michel, head coach from Getafe

"It won't be easy to beat them. We don't think it's a final, but it's good that we play each game as if it is. This team is the best I've had here, with many alternatives. With Escribá, Elche has achieved stability, solidity, has settled in very well, and has a coach who knows the championship and the opponents very well. The feeling is that the fans know that the team will improve, we are sure that we will be higher up".
Photo by Getafe CF SAD
Photo by Getafe CF SAD
12:37 PM11 days ago

Getafe possible lineup

David Soria; Damian Suarez, Djene, Mitrovic and Mathias Olivera; Alena, Nemanja Maksimoci, Arambarri and Jakub Jankto; Enes Unal and Sandro.
Coach: Michel.
Foto: Divulgação/Getafe CF
Photo by Getafe CF
12:32 PM11 days ago

Last matches

Elche have won only one of their last 10 encounters against Getafe. That was on April 6, 2014, when Richmond Boakye scored the only goal at the Manuel Martinez Valero Stadium. Since then there have been three wins for the Azulones and three draws, including the last one, which took place in March this year at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum and ended 1-1. Pere Milla opened the scoring, Eres Unal prevented the defeat of the hosts.
12:27 PM11 days ago

Teams information

Getafe lost their first three games, to Valencia, Sevilla and Barcelona, and are therefore second-bottom of the competition, ahead only of Alavés. Both are the only two of the 20 top-flight clubs who have yet to pick up a point this 2021-22 season. Elche are also looking for their first win, but are out of the relegation zone because they drew with Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla and lost to Atletico Madrid 1-0.
12:22 PM11 days ago

Matchweek 4

Levante 1-1 Rayo Vallecano
Athletic Bilbao 2-0 Mallorca
Espanyol 1-2 Atlético de Madrid
Osasuna 1-4 Valencia
Cádiz 0-2 Real Sociedad
Real Madrid 5-2 Celta de Vigo
12:17 PM11 days ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s LIVE coverage at LaLiga: Getafe vs Elche!

Hi everyone! The 2021-22 LaLiga season is rolling and the fourth round ends this Monday (13) with two matches, among them Getafe and Elche, who take the field at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez. My name is Bia Palumbo and I will be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.