Goals and Highlights: Correcaminos 2-2 Tapatio in Liga Expansión MX 2021
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9:38 PMa month ago

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9:37 PMa month ago

Good game in the north

A lively game between two teams in need of points for a place in the playoffs of the Liga Expansión MX.

2 goals for each team, as well as 4 yellow cards for both teams and a red card for the home team.

9:34 PMa month ago


8:57 PMa month ago


The match is over

At the Marte R. Gómez stadium, Correcaminos and Tapatío tie at 2 goals.

8:53 PMa month ago


Central referee Áxel Meza adds 4 minutes to the game
8:51 PMa month ago


Red card for number 11 Costas of Correcaminos after a foul on 47 Campillo.
8:50 PMa month ago


Goooooooooooooooool for Tapatío

Double by Alejandro Organista, who makes a great play on the left and ties the score.

8:46 PMa month ago


The ball belongs to the visitors, who are still trying to find the equalizer without success, so far.
8:40 PMa month ago


Arturo Sanchez, who recently joined the local team, is cautioned.
8:39 PMa month ago


Changes for the visitors

Ángel López left 60 and Diego Campillo entered 47

46 Sebastián Martínez left and 56 Benjamín Sánchez came in.

8:37 PMa month ago


Roadrunners Modifications

Changes out 4 Guerrero and in 12 Arriaga

23 Fonseca goes out and 11 Costas comes in

out 9 Pineda and in comes 19 Sánchez



8:34 PMa month ago


Another caution for Tapatío for fouling Pavel Pérez
8:32 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Mario de Luna for a foul on Luis Márquez.
8:28 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Correcaminos' Pineda
8:26 PMa month ago


First change for the home team

Salinas comes out at number 10 and Junco enters at number 27.

8:21 PMa month ago


Tapatio change

García 49 exits and 42 Márquez enters

8:18 PMa month ago


The visitors continue with the possession of the ball looking for their second goal, while the Correcaminos wait for a counterattack.
8:14 PMa month ago


An incredible save by the Toledo goalkeeper prevents the score from being tied.
8:09 PMa month ago


Action resumes, second half of Correcaminos vs Tapatio begins
7:57 PMa month ago

The goal of the difference

7:56 PMa month ago

The tie score

7:55 PMa month ago

The goal that opened the scoring

7:52 PMa month ago

End of first half

First half ends between Correcaminos and Tapatío, the home team leads by 2 goals to 1
7:51 PMa month ago


The referee will add 2 minutes
7:49 PMa month ago


First change of the match for the visitors

Christian Pinzón enters with the number 45 and Alexander Magaña comes out with the number 48.

7:44 PMa month ago


Magaña of Tapatío cautioned, third caution for the Guadalajara team.
7:40 PMa month ago


Dangerous play and hard clash of heads between Juan Pineda and Carlos Zamora.
7:38 PMa month ago


Goooooooooooooooooooool for Correcaminos

Diego Pineda gets his brace after a play on the left and beating goalkeeper Rangel

7:35 PMa month ago


The team from the north came close with a play by Mosquera that did not end in a goal. The locals begin to dominate the match
7:32 PMa month ago


Goooooooooooool for Correcaminos scored by Pineda

The home team tied the game with a great penalty kick.

7:31 PMa month ago


Penalty and yellow for goalkeeper Rangel

Foul by the goalkeeper on Fonseca

7:28 PMa month ago


Free kick and header by Salinas that ends up being controlled by goalkeeper Rangel.
7:25 PMa month ago


Tapatío's post

Orozco's right wing play ends in a deflected shot against the crossbar, the visitors continue to win.

7:22 PMa month ago


Yellow card for the home team, Schmutz is cautioned for a foul on Aguayo.
7:17 PMa month ago


First yellow card for Juan Aguayo of Tapatío for a foul on Mosquera.
7:13 PMa month ago


Dangerous foul very close to the Correcaminos' area, free kick for El Tapatío.
7:10 PMa month ago


Gooooooooooal for Tapatío

In the first dangerous play for the visitors, Alejandro Organista scored with a shot from outside the area.

7:05 PMa month ago

Initial whistle

The duel begins, the match between Correcaminos and Tapatío kicks off!
7:00 PMa month ago

Don't go away, we are about to start!

Everything is ready for the start of the game in Tamaulipas, we are minutes away from the starting whistle.
6:43 PMa month ago

Tapatío XI

51 Rangel

25 Aguayo

43 Zamora

48 Magaña

53 Orozco

54 Gómez

49 García

50 Pérez

60 López

46 Martínez

52 Organista

6:42 PMa month ago

Correcaminos XI

25 Toledo

33 Benítez

6 De Luna

2 Pineda

4 Guerrero

18 Schmutz

23 Fonseca

10 Salinas

7 Chávez

26 Mosquera

9 Pineda

6:35 PMa month ago

Duel on the benches

Ricardo Cadena arrives with the intention of adding points and consolidating the work of the future players of Chivas in the Liga Mx.
For his part, Jorge Urbina will try to win and continue dreaming of a chance to play in the playoffs. 
6:26 PMa month ago

The visitor ready to go for the win

6:22 PMa month ago

The home team arrived at the stadium

6:20 PMa month ago

A young rivalry in the category

These teams have only met twice in the Liga Expansion MX, with a balance of two victories for Tapatio with a 3-0 away win in the Apertura 2020 and a 2-1 home win in the Clausura 2021.
6:15 PMa month ago

Correcaminos goal scorers

Unlike their rival, the northerners have two players as the team's scorers with 4 goals: Arturo Sanchez and Diego Pineda. In total they have 13 goals in the tournament.
6:10 PMa month ago

Tapatío goal scorers

Jesús Gilberto Orozco is the team's top scorer, but only with 2 goals out of the 8 that the red and white squad has scored. The next 6 goals have been scored by a different player.
6:05 PMa month ago

Correcaminos needs to improve at home

The northern squad has earned 8 points at home, with a balance of 2 wins, 2 ties and 2 losses and a negative goal difference.
6:00 PMa month ago

Tapatío, a great visitor

The Jalisco team has earned 10 of its 14 points on the road, with a record of 2 wins, 2 ties and 3 losses.
5:55 PMa month ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Correcaminos vs Tapatío

In a few moments, we'll share with you the starting lineups for Correcaminos vs Tapatío live on Matchday 14 of the Liga Expansión MX, as well as the latest information from the Estadio Marte R. Gómez. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
5:50 PMa month ago

Watch out for this Tapatío player

There is no doubt that Alejandro Organista is the different player of the Guadalajara team, from his boots he can generate the scoring opportunities in the match.

5:45 PMa month ago

Watch out for this Correcaminos player

Diego Pineda accumulates 4 goals in the tournament for his team, along with Arturo Sanchez they are the offensive part for Correcaminos to look for the victory again.

5:40 PMa month ago

Where and how to watch Correcaminos vs Tapatío online and live

The match will be broadcast on ESPN
Correcaminos vs Tapatío can be tuned in from ESPN App live streams. If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL USA is your best option.
5:35 PMa month ago

Tapatío's last lineup

51 José Rangel, 53 Jesús Orozco, 43 Carlos Zamora, 25 Juan Aguayo, 54 Miguel Gómez, 60 Ángel López, 49 Gilberto García, 57 Dylan Guajardo, 50 Pavel Pérez, 46 Sebastián Martínez, 52 Alejandro Organista
5:30 PMa month ago

Correcaminos' last lineup

25 José Toledo, 3 Luis López, 12 César Arriaga, 6 Mario de Luna, 2 Marco Montelongo, 5 Josué Sánchez, 21Juan Torres, 10 Rodolfo Salinas, 11 Matías Costas, 19 Arturo Sánchez, 9 Diego Pineda
5:25 PMa month ago


The central referee for this Correcaminos vs Tapatío will be Áxel Meza; Jair de Jesús Sosa, first line; Jesús Gómez, second line; Simón Estrada, fourth assistant.
5:20 PMa month ago

Correcaminos to get out of the bottom of the table

The team coached by Jorge Urbina continues its fight to avoid being last in the league, although are far from any chance for playoffs, honor is at stake.
5:15 PMa month ago

Tapatío to return to winning ways

After being undefeated in 3 games, Ricardo Cadena's team arrives in Tamaulipas after a 3-1 home loss to Dorados de Sinaloa.
5:10 PMa month ago

Liga Expansión MX

This afternoon, the 14th date of the Apertura 2021 will continue when El Tapatío visits Jorge Urbina's Correcaminos.
5:05 PMa month ago


Good evening to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Correcaminos vs Tapatío match, corresponding to Day 14 of the Apertura 2021 Liga Expansion MX tournament. The match will take place at Estadio Marte Rodolfo Gómez Segura, at 7:05 pm.