Goal and Highlights: Atlante 1-0 Tepatitlan in Liga Expansion MX
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3:05 PM2 months ago

Relive the match

3:02 PM2 months ago


Thank you for following the Atlante vs. Tepatitlán game for Date 15 of the Liga de Expansión MX.
2:57 PM2 months ago

Winning again

Atlante has won again, reaching 30 points and almost securing their direct ticket to the quarterfinals.
2:52 PM2 months ago

End game

Atlante 1-0 Tepatitlán.
2:47 PM2 months ago


Tamay's shot goes wide.
2:42 PM2 months ago


Tecpanécatl's shot from outside the box goes just wide.
2:37 PM2 months ago


Atlante Changes

Tamay and Mendoza come in.

Out come Escobar and Domínguez.

2:32 PM2 months ago


Five more minutes are added.
2:27 PM2 months ago


Two Atlantistas are left lying on the field of play.
2:22 PM2 months ago


Edson Rivera has been cautioned for complaining.
2:17 PM2 months ago


Double header inside the area that Gansito sends the ball over the top.
2:12 PM2 months ago


Atlante change

Bermúdez leaves

Soto enters

2:07 PM2 months ago


Juan Domínguez can't make a good drive when he was shaping up to go on frame.
2:02 PM2 months ago


Tepatitlán was offside and the visitors' offense was disarmed.
1:57 PM2 months ago


Atlante's change

Hernández leaves and Tejeda enters.

1:52 PM2 months ago


A service to the near post controlled by Hernández, when Joaquín Hernández is left lying on the field.
1:47 PM2 months ago


Tepatitlán changes

Angulo and Nava leave

Mora and Ariza come in

1:42 PM2 months ago


Both teams were very imprecise when Mosquera was cautioned by the referee.
1:37 PM2 months ago

Goal Atlante 1-0

1:32 PM2 months ago


Yellow card for Julio Nava after bringing down Bermúdez.
1:27 PM2 months ago


Mosquera with the shot and Hernandez again saves his goal.
1:22 PM2 months ago


Double save by Gansito after Angulo's shot hit the crossbar and then he flies to save Mosquera's shot.
1:17 PM2 months ago


Castañeda left and Mosquera entered, a change for Tepatitlán.
1:12 PM2 months ago


The second half begins between Atlante and Tepatitlán.
1:07 PM2 months ago

Half time

Atlante 1-0 Tepatitlán.
1:02 PM2 months ago


Sanchez sweeps and impedes the passage of the ball with his hand and is cautioned.
12:57 PM2 months ago


Elbis Souza's header from a corner kick goes high.
12:52 PM2 months ago


Three more minutes are added.
12:47 PM2 months ago


Atlante Goal

Venegas' long-range shot goes past the goalkeeper to make the score 1-0.

12:42 PM2 months ago


Domínguez failed to get a shot off a filtered pass, but the goalkeeper made a good save to keep the ball out.
12:37 PM2 months ago


Partida was left inside the area and his shot went over the top of the goal.
12:32 PM2 months ago


Medina comes off and Nava enters, Tepatitlán forced to change due to injury.
12:27 PM2 months ago


Partida's forehand comes out very badly broken.
12:22 PM2 months ago


delayed diagonal shot is headed by Joaquín Hernández into the goalkeeper's hands.
12:17 PM2 months ago


Humberto Hernández has been cautioned for complaining.
12:12 PM2 months ago


Rolando González is sent off and Atlante is down to one man.
12:07 PM2 months ago


Venegas' long distance shot from Venegas goes wide.
12:02 PM2 months ago


Juan Angulo's long-range shot goes wide.
11:57 AM2 months ago


Foul in the midfield and Diego García is cautioned.
11:52 AM2 months ago


Medina's cross-shot goes wide.
11:47 AM2 months ago


A powerful shot that covers Luis Robles with his head and he is left lying down for a few seconds.
11:42 AM2 months ago


Domínguez's powerful center shot was saved by Muñoz without rebounding.
11:37 AM2 months ago


The match between Atlante and Tepatitlán kicks off.
11:32 AM2 months ago

Minutes away

In a few minutes, the last match of the 15th round of the MX Expansion League will kick off between Atlante and the champion Tepatitlán.
11:27 AM2 months ago

Finish warming up

Alteños and Potros finish their warm-up and in a few minutes they will return to the field for the start of their match.
11:22 AM2 months ago

Tepatitlan substitutes

12 Juan Lemus, 5 Julio Nava, 34 José Ramírez, 6 Víctor Guajardo, 8 Jorge Mora,14 Cristian Ortega, 25 Alexis Juárez, 13 Alonso Valadez, 15 Edwin Ariza, 21 Duvier Mosquera.
11:17 AM2 months ago

Atlante substitutes

1 José Fernández, 15 Fernando Ramírez, 16 Francisco Reyes, 19 Omar Soto, 7 Duilio Tejeda, 8 Jonathan Martínez, 10 Alfondo Tamay, 11 Brian Figueroa, 30 Bryan Mendoza, 26 Manuel López.
11:12 AM2 months ago

With a lot of attitude

Tepatitlan wants to pull off one of the surprises today and come away with the full booty in its visit to Atlante.
11:07 AM2 months ago

XI Tepatitlan

1 Jared Muñoz, 3 Carlos Villanueva, 4 José Ramírez, 16 Cristian González, 19 Said Castañeda, 7 Ángel Tecpanécatl, 10 Edson Rivera, 18 Luis Robles, 9 Víctor Mañón, 23 Diego Medina, 27 Juan Angulo.

11:02 AM2 months ago

XI Atlante

20 Humberto Hernández, 3 Diego García, 4 Jonathan Sánchez, 6 Edson Partida, 28 Elbis Souza, 14 Rolando González, 18 Christian Bermúdez, 22 Jesús Venegas, 27 Armando Escobar, 29 Juan Domínguez, 9 Joaquín Hernández.
10:57 AM2 months ago


Prior to Sunday's Formula 1 race, drivers Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher took the time to socialize and play a little match with Atlante players on Saturday night at the Azulgrana Stadium.

10:52 AM2 months ago

Element to follow

Liga de Expansión MX highlights Duilio Tejeda as the player who could make the difference due to his dynamism on the flanks, although he has struggled to get minutes this season, mainly due to injuries that have not left him alone.
10:47 AM2 months ago

Going for the win

Tepatitlán is currently out of the re-qualification zone, in 13th place, so they need a win to climb up the standings, remembering that this is the last time they will have four points as visitors.
10:42 AM2 months ago

Fundamental match

After three games without a win on the road, Atlante will return to its fortress where it has not lost. Should they win, they would reach 30 points and move up to second place, remembering that they could take a six-point lead over fifth place and thus almost secure a direct ticket to the quarterfinals.
10:37 AM2 months ago


Matchday 15 of the Liga de Expansión MX closes between Atlante and Tepatitlán at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium. Coverage of the game begins.
10:32 AM2 months ago

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What time is Atlante vs Tepatitlan match for Liga Expansion MX?

This is the start time of the game Atlante vs Tepatitlan of 7th November in several countries:

Argentina: 3:00 PM

Bolivia: 2:00 PM

Brazil: 3:00 PM

Chile: 2:00 PM

Colombia: 1:00 PM

Ecuador: 11:00 PM

USA (ET): 1:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 7:00 PM

Mexico: 12:00 PM in TVC Deportes and TUDN.

Paraguay: 3:00 PM

Peru: 1:00 PM

Uruguay: 3:00 PM

10:22 AM2 months ago

Last games

They have only played two games in their history in the Expansion League where the locals have won.

Atlante 5-0 Tepatitlán, Clausura 2021

Tepatitlán 2-1 Atlante, Apertura 2020

10:17 AM2 months ago

Key player Tepatitlan

Goalkeeper Jared Muñoz will have a special match, who will be returning to his former home for the first time, since until last season he wore the Azulgranas' colors, and this Sunday he will be looking to keep a clean sheet.

10:12 AM2 months ago

Key player Atlante

Little is said about him, but since his arrival to the Colts this season, Juan Domínguez has become an undisputed starter due to his talent and speed on the flanks, and he has already had the opportunity to score in the Apertura 2021.

10:07 AM2 months ago

Last Team Tepatitlan

1 Jared Muñoz, 3 Carlos Villanueva, 5 Julio Nava, 16 Christian González, 19 Said Castañeda, 34 José Ramírez, 7 Ángel Tecpanécatl, 10 Edson Rivera, 11 Geovani Cortés, 9 Víctor Mañón, 27 Jesús Angulo.
10:02 AM2 months ago

Last Team Atlante

20 Humberto Hernández, 2 Leonardo Vilchis, 3 Diego García, 14 Rolando González, 28 Elbis Souza, 7 Duilio Tejeda, 8 Jonathan Martínez, 22 Jesús Venegas, 27 Armando Escobar, 29 Juan Domínguez, 23 Ramiro Costa.
9:57 AM2 months ago

Tepatitlán: a champion in trouble

The champion Alteños de Tepatitlán have not had the best of campaigns and with 15 points they are barely scratching the re-qualification zone, highlighting that this will be their last chance to add four points as visitors and they should not miss this opportunity.
9:52 AM2 months ago

Atlante: to get out of the bad streak

Atlante's Potros de Hierro, due to their week off and the way in which the calendar was set, had three consecutive visits where they could only obtain two points and were already behind the leadership, however, at the beginning of this date they were in second place and with a win they will reaffirm their position, remembering that the first four advance directly to the quarterfinals and that the azulgranas have not lost at home.
9:47 AM2 months ago

Kick-off time

The Atlante vs Tepatitlan match will be played at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium, in Mexico City, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
9:42 AM2 months ago

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