Highlights and goal: Equatorial Guinea 1-0 Tunisia in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers


1:06 PM2 months ago


Our coverage of the match between Equatorial Guinea and Tunisia on matchday 5 of group B in the second round of the African qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup comes to an end.

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12:57 PM2 months ago

90+4' End of match!

The match ends at the Malabo Stadium. ECUADORIAN GUINEA WON! Great victory for the team coached by Juan Micha, which revives in the group and has great options to qualify to the third round.
12:51 PM2 months ago

90+2' Yellow card

Wajdi Kechrida is cautioned for Tunisia.
12:51 PM2 months ago

90' Additional time

Last moments of the match. Three more minutes will be played.
12:50 PM2 months ago

88' Double substitution in Tunisia

Saif-Eddine Khagui and Ghaylen Chaaleli come in for Aissa Laidouni and Anis Ben Slimane.

12:42 PM2 months ago

83' GOOOOOOOOOAL for Equatorial Guinea

Federico Bikoro crossed from the left, Ivan Salvador appeared on the other flank to set up Pablo Ganet, who shot powerfully past Farouk Ben Mustpha.
12:39 PM2 months ago

80' Equatorial Guinea double substitution

Emilio Nsue and Luis Nlavo replaced Oscar Siafa and Ruben Belima.
12:35 PM2 months ago

74' Substitution in Tunisia

Mohamed Ali Ben Romdhane replaces Ferjani Sassi
12:31 PM2 months ago

72' Equatorial Guinea had it!

Ivan Salvador stole the ball in a bad giveaway by the Tunisian team, entered the box and shot, but goalkeeper Ben Mustpha managed to touch the ball to send it to the corner kick.
12:29 PM2 months ago

70' 20 minutes left to the end of the match

Not much happened in the match, apart from the fact that it was frictional all the time. A lot of physical demands, although the referee managed to pull the game off.
12:21 PM2 months ago

62' Machín almost scores!

José Machín took a free kick, but the ball went over the goal.
12:14 PM2 months ago


Good deep ball to find Naim Sliti, who entered the area and shot, but the ball went just wide of the right post.
12:09 PM2 months ago

50' Tunisia tries to take the initiative

The visiting team controls the ball at the start of the second half, although it does not generate many options yet.
12:05 PM2 months ago

46' Yellow card

Miguel Ángel Mayé was cautioned in Equatorial Guinea.
12:05 PM2 months ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match gets underway. There were no changes in the teams.
11:48 AM2 months ago

45+2' End of first half

End of the first half of the match. Partial draw between Equatorial Guinea and Tunisia without goals. The teams left their chances for the last moments and gave some interesting minutes.
11:48 AM2 months ago

45+2' Tunisia came closer

Ferjani Sassi's shot was headed in by Dylan Bronn, but the ball went just over the crossbar.
11:48 AM2 months ago

45+2' Yellow card

Saul Coco cautioned for Equatorial Guinea.
11:46 AM2 months ago

45' Additional time

One more minute will be played in the first half.
11:45 AM2 months ago


Pablo Ganet took a free kick in favor of the home team and the ball went very close to the left post.
11:41 AM2 months ago

40' Tunisia came closer

The goalkeeper Owono was rushing out, but managed to get back to goal just as Ferjani Sassi shot, but the ball went wide.
11:36 AM2 months ago

35' Yellow card

Oscar Siafa is cautioned for Equatorial Guinea.

11:33 AM2 months ago

32' Equatorial Guinea tries

Iván Salvador's shot went wide.
11:32 AM2 months ago

30' Half hour of match

The match is still tied at this point. Very hard fought match, a lot of friction between the teams and few arrivals to the areas.
11:29 AM2 months ago

28' Yellow card

Ferjani Sassi cautioned in Tunisia... First of the match.
11:23 AM2 months ago

22' Equatorial Guinea came close

Pablo Ganet's shot went wide.
11:18 AM2 months ago

17' Very complicated match for the referee

Equatorial Guinea can't find a way to reach the opponent's goal and when they decide to defend, they do it by cutting the game with fouls and they start to be reiterative with them.
9:17 AM2 months ago

13' Tunisia came close

Naim Sliti's shot went just wide of the right post.
11:12 AM2 months ago

11' Substitution in Equatorial Guinea

Unfortunately Basilio Ndong has to leave the game due to an injury. He is replaced by Miguel Ángel Mayé.

11:11 AM2 months ago

10' Very slow game

The game is still not at a good pace. The game is very short due to fouls.
11:08 AM2 months ago

5' First minutes

Tunisia had more of the ball in these first few minutes, although Guinea also came out to contest the game.
11:01 AM2 months ago

Match starts

The game between Equatorial Guinea and Tunisia is underway.
10:59 AM2 months ago

Referee Team

Referee: Boubou Traore - Mali

Assistant No.1: Modibo Samake - Mali

Assistant No.2: Baba Yomboliba - Mali

Fourth Official: Sori Ibrahima Keita - Mali

10:58 AM2 months ago

Teams take the field

The players of Equatorial Guinea and Tunisia take the field.
10:54 AM2 months ago

Substitutes - Tunisia

16. Bechir Said (GK), 22. Mouez Hassen (GK), 03. Montassar Omar Talbi, 05. Oussama Haddadi, 07. Mootaz Zemzemi, 08. Saif-Eddine Khagui, 09. Sebastian Tounekti, 15. Mohamed Ali Ben Romdhane, 17. Hamza Mathlouthi, 18. Ghaylen Chaaleli, 20. Mohamed Dräger, 21. Ali El Abdi.

10:51 AM2 months ago

Starting XI - Tunisia

| 01. Farouk Ben Mustpha |
| 02. Wajdi Kechrida | 06. Dylan Bronn | 04. Yassine Meriah | 12. Ali Maaloul |
| 23. Anis Ben Slimene | 13. Ferjani Sassi | 14. Aissa Laidouni |
| 23. Naim Sliti | 11. Seifeddine Jaziri | 10. Whbi Khazri |

Coach: Mondher Kebaier

10:50 AM2 months ago

Substitutes - Equatorial Guinea

12. Mariano Magno Mba (GK), 13. Manuel Sapunga (GK), 02. Miguel Ángel Mayé, 03. Marvin Anieboh, 05. Cosme Anvene, 10. Emilio Nsue, 14. Alex Balboa, 17. Gael Akogo Esono, 18. Dorian Hanza, 19. Luis Miguel Nlavo, 20. Javier Akapo, 23. Luis Meseguer.

10:50 AM2 months ago

Starting XI - Equatorial Guinea

| 01. Jesús Owono |
| 15. Carlos Akapo | 21. Esteban Orozco | 16. Saúl Coco | 11. Basilio Ndong |
| 08. José Machín | 04. Federico Bikoro |
| 06. Iván Salvador | 22. Pablo Ganet | 07. Ruben Belia |
| 09. Juan José Siafa  |

Coach: Juan Micha

10:30 AM2 months ago

Last five matches of Tunisia

October 10, 2021 - WC Qualifiers: 0-0 vs Mauritania

October 7, 2021 - WC Qualifiers: 3-0 vs Mauritania (Won)

September 7, 2021 - WC Qualifiers: 0-2 vs Zambia (Won)

September 3, 2021 - WC Qualifiers: 3-0 vs Equatorial Guinea (Won)

June 15, 2021 - Friendly: 1-0 vs Mali (Won)

10:25 AM2 months ago

Last five matches of Equatorial Guinea

October 10, 2021 - WC Qualifiers: 1-1 vs. Zambia

October 7, 2021 - WC Qualifiers: 2-0 vs Zambia (Won)

September 7, 2021 - WC Qualifiers: 1-0 vs Mauritania (Won)

September 3, 2021 - WC Qualifiers: 3-0 vs Tunisia (Lost)

March 28, 2021 - WC Qualifiers: 2-1 vs Tunisia (Lost)

10:20 AM2 months ago

Squad List - Tunisia

10:15 AM2 months ago

Squad List - Equatorial Guinea

10:10 AM2 months ago

We start

We are ready to bring you the action of this match between Equatorial Guinea and Tunisia.
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What time is Equatorial Guinea vs Tunisia match for Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Equatorial Guinea vs Tunisia of 13th November 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 1:00 PM on Star +
Bolivia: 12:00 PM on Star +
Brazil: 1:00 PM on Star +
Chile: 1:00 PM on Star +
Colombia: 11:00 AM on Star +
Ecuador: 11:00 AM on Star +
USA (ET): 11:00 AM on ESPN +
Spain: 6:00 PM
Mexico: 10:00 AM
Paraguay: 12:00 PM on Star +
Peru: 11:00 AM on Star +
Uruguay: 1:00 PM on Star +

9:50 AM2 months ago

Key player - Tunisia

In Tunisia, the presence of Wahbi Khazri stands out, who is the team's main attacking option due to his efficiency. The Saint-Ettiene striker has scored three goals in these qualifiers.

9:45 AM2 months ago

Key player - Equatorial Guinea

In Equatorial Guinea the presence of Federico Bikoro stands out, who is one of the main options in the team's attack due to his power and speed, characteristics that he must continue to exploit.

9:40 AM2 months ago


These two teams have met six times. The statistics favor the Tunisians, who have emerged victorious on four occasions, while the Equatoguineans have won once, with the remaining match ending in a draw.
9:35 AM2 months ago


Tunisia comes into this match with some peace of mind as the first team to qualify for the third round in this group. A draw will be enough to secure first place.

9:30 AM2 months ago

Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea has a difficult test, as it is thirsty for revenge for the match of the first date, in which Tunisia won 3-0, and also because it may be the last chance to aspire to qualify.

9:25 AM2 months ago

Group B - Standings

  1. Tunisia (10 pts / 4 GP / 8 GD)
  2. Equatorial Guinea (7 pts / 4 GP / 0 GD)
  3. Zambia (4 pts / 4 GP / -3 GD)
  4. Mauritania (1 pts / 4 GP / -5 GD)
9:20 AM2 months ago

The match will be played at theMalabo Stadium

The match between Equatorial Guinea and Tunisia will be played at the Malabo Stadium, located in the city of Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. This stadium, inaugurated in 2007, has a capacity for 15,250 spectators.

9:15 AM2 months ago

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