Goals and Highlights Napoli vs Sampdoria (1-0)
SSC Napoli


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Live ended

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Next round

Sampdoria vs Torino - Luigi Ferraris Stadium, in Genova, Italy, 9 AM ET next Saturday

Bologna vs Napoli - Renato Dall'Ara Stadium, in Bologna, Italy, 12:30 PM ET next Sunday

12:31 PM9 days ago


Napoli - 3rd place, 43 points

Sampdoria - 15th place, 20 points

12:25 PM9 days ago

Full time

Game over.
12:23 PM9 days ago

Yellow card

90' Murru, Sampdoria left-back. Petagna is fouled.
12:22 PM9 days ago

Additional time

90' Three minutes to go.
12:21 PM9 days ago

Sampdoria substitution

88' Ferrari out, Yepes in.
12:20 PM9 days ago


86' Politano drives the ball into the right side of the box and gets in a cross. The ball goes close to the goal.
12:17 PM9 days ago

So close!

83' Mertens leads the ball through the middle and takes a dangerous shot. It is close to the goal.
12:14 PM9 days ago

Napoli substitution

80' Demme out, Fabián Ruiz in.
12:13 PM9 days ago

Napoli substitution

80' Ghoulam out, Tuanzebe in.
12:12 PM9 days ago

Falcone makes a save

79' Petagna receives a pass from Elmas on the edge of the box and takes a shot. Falcone sprawls, and Napoli takes a corner.
12:08 PM9 days ago

Over the goal

75' Petagna leads the ball down the middle, tables with Ghoulam, and crosses. Politano rises at the second post and heads the ball over the goal.
12:06 PM9 days ago

Sampdoria substitution

74' Augello out, Murru in.
12:04 PM9 days ago

Sampdoria substitution

71' Ciervo out, Caputo in.
11:58 AM9 days ago

Too strong

64' Diego Demme brings Mertens on at speed but his pass is strong and Falcone is off target.
11:56 AM9 days ago

Far away

62' Augello receives from Quagliarella and crosses towards the penalty area. Rrahmani makes a partial cut and Gabbiadini mends the loose ball, but misses the target.
11:51 AM9 days ago

Napoli pressures

57' Petagna receives a cross from Elmas on the left side of the penalty box. The Neapolitan forward is fouled by the referee.
11:48 AM9 days ago


54' Petagna opens with Elmas on the left side, and the forward crosses low to Mertens. The striker slips at the penalty spot and misses.
11:44 AM9 days ago

Far away

50' Ghoulam crosses from the left, Politano dominates and rolls to Di Lorenzo. The defender hits it first time, but his shot goes wide of the goal.
11:43 AM9 days ago

No success

49' Ciervo goes forward on the left, enters the box and tries a cross. The ball hits Di Lorenzo and the Samp midfielder himself and goes over the line.
11:38 AM9 days ago

Sampdoria substitution

Ekdal out, Rincón in.
11:38 AM9 days ago

Sampdoria substitution

Audero out, Falcone in.
11:20 AM9 days ago


End of the first half.
11:19 AM9 days ago

Additional time

45' Three minutes to halftime.
11:19 AM9 days ago

Yellow card

44' Chabot, Sampdoria defender. Demme is fouled.
11:17 AM9 days ago

Napoli goal

42' Mertens tables with Elmas and falls in the box. Ferrari cuts it off and Petagna finishes from the penalty spot with a fine shot to open the scoring in Naples.
11:16 AM9 days ago

Ospina makes a save

40' Quagliarella receives a pass from Ekdal on the left side of the penalty area, adjusts his position, and hits the ball high into the net. Ospina drops to his left to make his first save of the match.
11:13 AM9 days ago

So close!

39' Politano is brought on in the right wing, he leads the ball down the middle and shoots. The ball goes very close to the goal.
11:11 AM9 days ago


36' Juan Jesus was offside. Goal disallowed.
11:11 AM9 days ago


35' VAR reviews the goal.
11:10 AM9 days ago

Napoli goal

34' Politano takes a free-kick quickly and tables it with Mertens. Mertens' free-kick is met with a cross from the right wing, and Juan Jesus heads the ball home to open the scoring.
11:10 AM9 days ago

So far away

33' Insigne takes a short corner with Elmas on the left and rolls it to Ghoulam. The defender shoots from the edge of the box but misses wide of the goal.
11:10 AM9 days ago

Napoli pressures

32' Ghoulam takes a free-kick close to the penalty area, and the Sampdoria goalkeeper makes a save. Napoli take the corner.
11:03 AM9 days ago

Napoli substitution

29' Insigne out, Politano in.
11:03 AM9 days ago

In the hands of the goalkeeper

28' Ghoulam takes a corner from the left and Diego Demme's shot is blocked by the Sampdoria defense. Insigne gets the ball and shoots low, but Audero saves.
11:03 AM9 days ago


27' Ghoulam takes a corner from the right wing and Quagliarella's head is deflected to clear the danger.
11:02 AM9 days ago

Audero saves again

26' Rrahmani receives from Lobotka, goes free through the middle, and shoots hard. Audero makes a save.
10:55 AM9 days ago

Audero saves

21' Insigne receives from Rrahmani and makes a good pass to Ghoulam on the left side of the area, but Audero comes out of his goal and makes the save.
10:53 AM9 days ago


19' Insigne crosses from the left, Di Lorenzo's header deflects off the ball, and the ball stays alive in the box. Petagna tries to deflect it, but commits an attacking foul on Audero.
10:46 AM9 days ago

Over the goal

12' Gabbiadini receives from Augello on the edge of the box and finishes over the goal.
10:35 AM9 days ago


Game on!
10:30 AM9 days ago


Referee - Marco Di Bello

Assistant referees - Marco Scatragli and Damiano Margani

Fourth official - Francesco Cosso

VAR - Rosario Abisso

AVAR - Alberto Tegoni

10:25 AM9 days ago

Sampdoria substitutes

Ravaglia, Falcone; Torregrossa, Caputo, Vieira, Yepes, Murru, Trimboli, Rincón.

HC: D'Aversa.

10:20 AM9 days ago

Napoli substitutes

Idasiak, Marfella; Costanzo, Tuanzebe, Zanoli, Fabián Ruiz, Vergara, Cioffi, Politano.

HC: Spalletti.

10:15 AM9 days ago

Sampdoria line-up

Audero; Ferrari, Drăguşin, Chabot, Augello; Ciervo, Ekdal, Askildsen, Thorsby; Gabbiadini, Quagliarella.

HC: D'Aversa.

10:10 AM9 days ago

Napoli line-up

Ospina; Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Juan Jesus, Ghoulam; Demme, Lobotka, Elmas; Mertens, Petagna, Insigne.

HC: Spalletti.

10:05 AM9 days ago


SSC Napoli
SSC Napoli
UC Sampdoria
UC Sampdoria
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What time is Napoli vs Sampdoria match for Serie A?

This is the start time of the Napoli vs Sampdoria in several countries.

Argentina – 12:30 PM in ESPN 2 and Star+

Bolivia – 11:30 AM in ESPN 2 and Star+

Brazil – 12:30 PM in ESPN Brasil and Star+

Canada – 11:30 AM AT, 10:30 AM ET, 9:30 AM CT, 8:30 AM MT, 7:30 AM PT in fuboTV Canada

Chile – 12:30 PM in Star+

Colombia – 10:30 AM in ESPN 2 and Star+

Ecuador – 10:30 AM in ESPN 2 and Star+

Italy – 4:30 PM in DAZN

Mexico – 9:30 AM CT, 8:30 AM MT, 7:30 AM PT in ESPN Mexico and Star+

Paraguay – 11:30 AM in ESPN 2 and Star+

Peru – 10:30 AM in ESPN 2 and Star+

USA – 10:30 AM ET, 9:30 AM CT, 8:30 AM MT, 7:30 AM PT in Paramount+

Uruguay – 12:30 PM in ESPN 2 and Star+

Venezuela – 11:30 AM in ESPN 2 and Star+

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Possible line-up for Sampdoria

Emil Audero; Alex Ferrari, Radu Drăguşin, Julian Chabot, Nicola Murru; Morten Thorsby, Elbin Ekdal, Kristoffer Askildsen, Tommaso Augello; Manolo Gabbiadini, Francesco Caputo.

Head coach: Roberto D’Aversa.

UC Sampdoria
UC Sampdoria
9:40 AM9 days ago

Possible line-up for Napoli

David Ospina; Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Amir Rrahmani, Juan Jesus, Faouzi Ghoulam; Diego Demme, Stanislav Lobotka, Eljif Elmas; Matteo Politano, Dries Mertens, Lorenzo Insigne.

Head coach: Luciano Spalletti.

9:35 AM9 days ago


Napoli – Diego Demme and Zambo Anguissa

Sampdoria – Julian Chabot and Bartosz Bereszyński

9:30 AM9 days ago


Napoli – Alex Meret, Kévin Malcuit, Kalidou Koulibaly, Mário Rui, Zambo Anguissa, Piotr Zieliński, Hirving Lozano, Victor Osimhen

Sampdoria – Omar Colley, Maya Yoshida, Bartosz Bereszyński, Valerio Verre, Mikkel Damsgaard, Antonio Candreva, Mohamed Ihattaren

9:25 AM9 days ago


Napoli - 3rd place, 40 points

Sampdoria - 15th place, 20 points

9:20 AM9 days ago

Sampdoria's roster

Goalkeepers – Emil Audero, Nicola Ravaglia, Ivan Saio, Wladimiro Falconi, Federico Zorzi, Matteo Esposito.

Defenders – Tomasso Augello, Julian Chabot, Omar Colley, Radu Drăguşin, Maya Yoshida, Bartosz Bereszyński, Alex Ferrari, Nicola Murru, Francesco Migliardi.

Midfielders – Morten Thorsby, Albin Ekdal, Valerio Verre, Riccardo Ciervo, Ronaldo Vieira, Kristoffer Askildsen, Gerard Yepes Laut, Mikkel Damsgaard, Simone Trimboli, Antonio Candreva.

Forwards – Ernesto Torregrossa, Francesco Caputo, Mohamed Ihattaren, Manolo Gabbiadini e Fabio Quagliarella.

Head coach – Roberto D’Aversa.

9:15 AM9 days ago

Napoli's roster

Goalkeepers – Alex Meret, Davide Marfella, Hubert Idasiak, David Ospina.

Defenders – Kévin Malcuit, Filippo Costa, Juan Jesus, Mário Rui, Amir Rrahmani, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Kalidou Koulibaly, Faouzi Ghoulam, Moussa Mané, Alessandro Zanoli, Jonathan Spedalieri, Davide Constanzo.

Midfielders – Diego Demme, Eljif Elmas, Fabián Ruiz, Piotr Zieliński, Stanislav Lobotka, Zambo Anguissa.

Forwards – Victor Osimhen, Hirving Lozano, Dries Mertens, Matteo Politano, Lorenzo Insigne, Adam Ounas, Andrea Petagna, Antonio Vergara.

Head coach – Luciano Spalletti.

9:10 AM9 days ago

The match will be played at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium

The Napoli vs Sampdoria match will be played at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, in Naples, Italy. The sports venue has the capacity to receive 54,726 fans.
9:05 AM9 days ago

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