Goals and Highlights: Ghana 2-3 Comoros in African Cup of Nations 2022
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4:57 PM2 years ago

Goals and Highlights

3:56 PM2 years ago


It's over! Comoros surprises and beats Ghana.
3:55 PM2 years ago


Kyereh tries a free kick, but the ball goes wide.
3:46 PM2 years ago


Goal, goal, goal by Camoras! Mogni is present again inside the box to push the ball and put his team ahead.
3:41 PM2 years ago


Change of Ghana. Yiadom replaces Owusu
3:38 PM2 years ago


Goal, goal, goal, goal for Ghana! It's tied! Djiku popped up after a cross and pushed the ball in to level the score.
3:34 PM2 years ago


Ahamada's handball to the ball that looked dangerously close to his goal.
3:25 PM2 years ago


Goal, goal, goal for Ghana! The locals appeared and after a lethal header by Boakye, the ball ends up going into the goal without the defense being able to do anything.
3:23 PM2 years ago


Goal, goal, goal for Comoros! Mogni drove, dominated inside the area and sent a shot to extend the score.
3:22 PM2 years ago


Change due to injury. Youssouf replaces Mattoir.
3:21 PM2 years ago


Ghana change. Paintsil and Boakye are replaced by Issahaku and Sulemana.
3:19 PM2 years ago


Youssof is stretchered off after being pulled inside the area.
3:12 PM2 years ago


Mogni tries to reach the rival goal, but fails to control the ball and the possibility vanishes.
3:12 PM2 years ago


Action resumes for the second half of the game


3:04 PM2 years ago


Change of Ghana. Rahman comes off for Addo
2:50 PM2 years ago


At the end of the first half, the Comoros surprise and momentarily beat Ghana by the minimum.
2:49 PM2 years ago


Attempt by M'Changama, but he fails to hit the ball well.
2:45 PM2 years ago


Issahaku takes a free kick, but the ball goes wide.
2:42 PM2 years ago


Ghana tries, but the defense prevents the white team from taking the lead.
2:37 PM2 years ago


Change of goalkeeper for Comoros. Ben Boina replaces Ali Ahamada
2:32 PM2 years ago


They are down to 10! André Ayew receives a red card, leaving Ghana down to ten men.
2:27 PM2 years ago


Comoros dominates the match, despite some attempts by the Ghanaians, they do not generate much danger.
2:22 PM2 years ago


Comoros tries to generate danger but Wollacott is well stopped at the back avoiding the onslaught.
2:17 PM2 years ago


Goal, goal, goal for Comores! Nabouhane arrived in the box, received the ball and sent his shot into the back of the net.
2:12 PM2 years ago


The action starts at Roumde Adjia
2:07 PM2 years ago

Comores: LineUp

Ben Boina; Ben Djaloud, Zahary, M’Dahoma, Said; Bachirou, M’Changama; Mogni, Selemani, Ibroihim; Ben Fardou
2:02 PM2 years ago

Ghana: LineUp

Wollacot; Yiadom, Amartey, Djiku, Baba Rahman; Kyereh, Issahaku, Partey; Sulemana, Jordan Ayew, André Ayew
1:57 PM2 years ago

To the court

Both teams take the field for warm-ups prior to kickoff.
1:52 PM2 years ago

Present are

The Ghanaian national team is already at the stadium, this afternoon they will be looking for three points and hope to qualify to the next stage.
1:47 PM2 years ago

They arrived

The Comorian players are already in Roumde Adjia, ready to play the last match of this phase and close their participation in a good way.

1:42 PM2 years ago

Comoros statement

Amir Abdou, coach of Comoros, spoke ahead of the match: "The goal for us is not to have any regrets. And so, simply, to go and get a win. We know that Ghana has no right to make a mistake either."
1:37 PM2 years ago

One more injury!

Adam Baba will also miss the Comoros game after suffering from hamstring edema.
1:32 PM2 years ago

Tough loss!

The player David Abagna caused low of the Cameroon National Team, this after suffering an injury in one of the toes of the left foot.
1:27 PM2 years ago

For all

Ghana urgently needs a win for this match, in addition to waiting for the result between Morocco and Gabon, if they lose, they would have no hope of advancing to the next stage.
1:22 PM2 years ago

Watch out for this player

Andre Ayew is the one Comoros needs to pay special attention to; the player is the one who scored Ghana's only goal and will be looking to create danger to put his side on the back foot.
1:17 PM2 years ago

We begin

Good afternoon, welcome to the match between Ghana and Comoros for the last day of the group stage. We will shortly share with you the confirmed lineups as well as the most relevant information of the match.
1:12 PM2 years ago

Stay tuned for the Ghana vs Comoros Islands live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the Ghana vs Comoros Islands live starting lineups, as well as the latest information from the Roumde Adjia Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL. 
1:07 PM2 years ago

How to watch Ghana vs Comoros Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Ghana vs Comoros live on TV, your options is: beIN Sports.

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services and Star + app.

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What time is the Ghana vs Comoros Islands Africa Cup of Nations match?

This is the kickoff time for the Ghana vs Comoros Islands match on January 18, 2022 in various countries:


United States - 11.00 a.m. Los Angeles time.

Mexico - 1.00 p. m.

United States - 1.00 p.m. Texas time

Peru - 2.00 p. m. Star +

Ecuador - 2:00 p. m. on Star +

Colombia - 2.00 p. m. on Star+

United States - 2:00 p.m. Miami time

Bolivia - 3.00 p. m. on Star + 

Venezuela - 3.00 p. m. on Bet365, YouTube

Uruguay - 4.00 p. m. on Bet365, YouTube

Paraguay - 4.00 p. m. on Star +

Argentina - 4.00 p. m. on Star +

Brazil - 4.00 p. m. on Bet365, YouTube

Chile - 4.00 p. m. on Star +

England - 7.00 p. m. on Bet365, YouTube

Spain - 8.00 p. m. on Bet365, YouTube

Italy - 8.00 p. m. on Bet365, YouTube

12:57 PM2 years ago

Latest Comoros lineup

Ali Ahamada; Kassim Abdallah, Kassim M'Dahoma, Younn Zahary, Saïd Bakari; Rafidine Abdullah; Mohamed Youssouf, Youssouf M'Changama, Fouad Bachirou, Faïz Selemani and El Fardou Ben Nabouhane.
12:52 PM2 years ago

Ghana's final lineup

Joseph Wollacott; Andy Yiadom, Daniel Amartey, Alexander Djiku, Abdul Rahman Baba; Thomas Partey, Iddrisu Baba; Joseph Paintsil, André Ayew, Kamaldeen Sulemana and Jordan Ayew.
12:47 PM2 years ago

No head or tail

The Comoros Islands have not been able to give a good performance in this Cup, despite showing strength, the team coached by Amir Abdou has lost to Gabon and Morocco, a situation that places them in last place with no chance to continue in the next stage.

12:42 PM2 years ago

Urgent need for points

Ghana has not been able to make itself noticed with its stars for this Cup, in the first match they lost against Morocco, for the second day; they could not keep the advantage and ended up tying against Gabon, thus placing them in the third position of Group C with 1 point. If they win, they will also have to wait to see what happens in the match between Morocco and Gabon.

12:37 PM2 years ago

The match will be played at the Roumdé Adjia Stadium.

Ghana vs Comoros Islands will be played at the Roumdé Adjia Stadium, located in Garoua, Cameroon. The stadium has a capacity of 30,000 people.