Highlights and Best Moments: Bournemouth 0-0 Middlesbrough in Championship
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11:55 AMa month ago

Nothing for nobody

11:54 AMa month ago


Thank you for following the broadcast of the English Championship game between Bournemouth and Middlesbrough. See you next time.
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End game

Bournemouth 0-0 Middlesbrough.
11:44 AMa month ago


McGree comes on and Tavernier goes off, Middlesbrough change.
11:39 AMa month ago


Isaiah Jones, of the visiting team, is cautioned.
11:34 AMa month ago


Add 3 more minutes.
11:29 AMa month ago


Balogun in and Canolly out, Middlesbrough change.
11:24 AMa month ago


Lowe's header goes wide of the opponent's goal.
11:19 AMa month ago


Lowe comes on and Billing goes off, Bournemouth change.
11:14 AMa month ago


Sporar comes on and Watmore goes off, Middlesbrough change.
11:09 AMa month ago


Anthony comes on and Cantwell goes off, Bournemouth change.
11:04 AMa month ago


Philip Billing has been cautioned.
10:59 AMa month ago


Close. Jefferson Lerma rises from a corner kick and hits the ball straight onto the crossbar for the most dangerous of the match.
10:54 AMa month ago


Marcus Tavernier anticipates inside the area and heads the ball wide.
10:49 AMa month ago


Second half kicks off between Bournemouth and Middlesbrough.
10:44 AMa month ago

Half time

Bournemouth 0-0 Middlesbrough.
10:39 AMa month ago


A couple more minutes are added to the game.
10:34 AMa month ago


Duncan Watmore with the shot inside the box that the goalkeeper saves with a great save.
10:29 AMa month ago


From Cooks to Jones and the latter is unable to define at the far post.
10:24 AMa month ago


Now it is Billing who takes the direct free kick that goes over the goal.
10:19 AMa month ago


A counter-attack by the visiting team that does not give more because of the good defensive intervention.
10:14 AMa month ago


Half an hour of action and the emotions have not reached the Dean Court Stadium so the tie prevails.
10:09 AMa month ago


Tim Robinson is encouraged by the shot that goes slightly wide.
10:04 AMa month ago


Tim Robinson's direct free kick goes just over the crossbar.
9:59 AMa month ago


The visitor Paddy McNair is left lying on the field and medical assistance has been called in to assist him.
9:54 AMa month ago


The game between Bournemouth and Middlesbrough kicks off.
9:49 AMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Bournemouth and Middlesbrough in the English Championship.
9:44 AMa month ago

Last details

Both Bournemouth and Middlesbrough (pictured) have finished their warm-up stage and have returned to the dressing room to get ready for this game:

9:39 AMa month ago

Middlesbrough substitutes

37 Josh Coburn

14 Lee Peltier

11 Andraz Sporar

4 Grant Hall

48 Riley McGree

47 Folarin Balogun

1 Joe Lumley

9:34 AMa month ago

AFC Bournemouth substitutes

24 Gary Cahill

22 Ben Pearson

32 Jaidon Anthony

37 Siriki Dembele

18 Jamal Lowe

12 Robbie Brady

1 Freddie Woodman

9:29 AMa month ago

XI Middlesbrough

28 Luke Daniels, 22 Sol Bamba, 17 Paddy McNair, 2 Anfernee Dijksteel, 7 Marcus Tavernier, 25 Matt Crooks, 16 Jonathan Howson, 27 Marc Bola, 35 Isaiah Jones, 18 Duncan Watmore, 26 Aaron Connolly.
9:24 AMa month ago

XI AFC Bournemouth

42 Mark Travers, 5 Lloyd Kelly, 2 Nathaniel Phillips, 3 Ethan Laird, 15 Adam Smith, 29 Phillip Biling, 4 Lewis Cook, 8 Jefferson Lerma, 9 Dominic Solanke, 14 Todd Cantwell, 10 Ryan Christie.
9:19 AMa month ago

To add

After two straight defeats at home, Middlesbrough's intention is to put the bad streak behind them and still maintain their hopes of a possible promotion, although it seems very complicated:

9:14 AMa month ago

They have arrived

The home team has already arrived with the mission of winning to be one of the teams that can move up to the Premier League:
9:09 AMa month ago

With the urgency to win

Bournemouth, who have won two of their last five games, will have to win because partly in the second half Luton are narrowly beating Nottingham and thereby tightening the fight for second place.
9:04 AMa month ago

Key day

This Friday, the 43rd day of the Championship will be played and with it, only three complete rounds will remain to define promotions and relegations in the second division.
8:59 AMa month ago


Key game at the top of the Championship when Bournemouth hosts the struggling Middlesbrough. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
8:54 AMa month ago

Tune in here Bournemouth vs Middlesbrough Live Score in EFL Championship 2022

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What time is Bournemouth vs Middlesbrough match for EFL Championship 2022?

This is the start time of the game Bournemouth vs Middlesbrough of April 15th in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Bolivia: 10:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Brazil: 11:00 AM

Chile: 11:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 9:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 9:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

United States (ET): 10:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Spain: 4:00 PM

Mexico: 9:00 AM on SKY Sports

Paraguay: 11:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Peru: 9:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 11:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

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Last games

Bournemouth has taken the lead in the last five games with three wins to one draw and one loss, with those wins coming at home.

Middlesbrough 1-0 Bournemouth, 2021

Bournemouth 3-1 Middlesbrough, 2021

Middlesbrough 1-1 Bournemouth, 2020

Bournemouth 3-1 Middlesbrough, 2017 EFL Cup

Bournemouth 4-0 Middlesbrough, 2017 Premier League

8:39 AMa month ago

Key player Middlesbrough

Matt Crooks is the balance in midfield, but he is also a player who specializes in going forward and causing danger, so his team will need him after going blank in the most recent two games.

8:34 AMa month ago

Key player Bournemouth

Last week goalkeeper Mark Travers was the hero of the match to rescue a point at home to Sheffield United, highlighting the fact that he has kept several clean sheets.

8:29 AMa month ago

Last lineup Middlesbrough

1 Joe Lumley, 6 Dael Fry, 17 Paddy McNair, 2 Anfernee Dijksteel, 48 Riley McGree, 25 Matt Crooks, 16 Jonathan Howson, 27 Marc Bola, 7 Marcus Tavernier, 47 Folarin Balogun, 26 Aaron Connolly.
8:24 AMa month ago

Last lineup Bournemouth

42 Mark Travers, 5 Lloyd Kelly, 2 Nathaniel Phillips, 33 Jordan Zemura, 15 Adam Smith, 29 Phillip Biling, 4 Lewis Cook, 8 Jefferson Lerma, 9 Dominic Solanke, 37 Siriki Dembele, 10 Ryan Christie.
8:19 AMa month ago

Middlesbrough: with the candle lit

With two defeats in a row and at home against Fulham and Hull City, Middlesbrough moved away from the possibility of promotion and, although they dropped to eighth place in the standings, they are seven points behind third place and could still catch up with a combination of results.
8:14 AMa month ago

Bournemouth: not to slacken the pace

Bournemouth is close to achieving the long-awaited return to the Premier League, but there are several teams that are close behind, which is why they must not slacken their pace, especially at home, where they cannot afford to drop points.
8:09 AMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Bournemouth vs Middlesbrough match will be played at the Dean Court Stadium, in Bournemouth, England. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 am ET.
8:04 AMa month ago

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