Highlights and goals: France 2(6)-2(5) Portugal in UEFA Euro U17 2022
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12:03 PM2 years ago


Our coverage of the France vs Portugal match of the U17 European Championship semifinals comes to an end.

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11:40 AM2 years ago

GOOOOL for France! 6-5 and into the final

El-Chadaille Bitshiabu shot down the middle and deceived the goalkeeper to give France the victory and a place in the final of the U17 European Championship.
11:39 AM2 years ago

Olmeta saves! 5-5

Manuel Mendonça shot at the right post and the French goalkeeper saved the ball.
11:38 AM2 years ago

France GOAL, 5-5

Mathys Tel scores the equalizer. 10 shots, 10 goals. "Sudden death" is coming in the series.
11:37 AM2 years ago

Portugal GOAL, 4-5

Ussumane Djaló scores for Portugal. Perfect series.
11:36 AM2 years ago

France GOAL, 4-4

Naim Byar scores the equalizer.
11:34 AM2 years ago

Portugal GOAL, 3-4

With power, Dário Essugo scores for Portugal.
11:33 AM2 years ago

France GOAL, 3-3

What a thriller! Alexis Kabamba scores for the French.
11:33 AM2 years ago

Portugal GOAL, 2-3

José Rodrigues scores.
11:32 AM2 years ago

France GOAL, 2-2

Zoumana Diallo scores the equalizer.
11:31 AM2 years ago

Portugal GOAL, 1-2

João Muniz converts the penalty for Portugal.
11:30 AM2 years ago

France GOAL! 1-1

Axel Gueguin shot to the left and the goalkeeper went wide.
11:29 AM2 years ago

Portugal GOAL, 0-1

João Gonçalves scores the first goal of the series for Portugal.
11:28 AM2 years ago

Penalties are coming

It will start by charging Portugal.
11:23 AM2 years ago

90+5' End of the match

The match is over. Tie 2-2 between France and Portugal, so we go to penalties.
11:21 AM2 years ago

90' Additonal time

Five more minutes will be played in the match.
11:14 AM2 years ago

86' Double change in France

Zoumana Diallo and Alexis Kabamba replace Désiré Doué and Tom Saettel.
11:13 AM2 years ago

85' Double change in Portugal

João Gonçalves and Martim Fernandes come in place of João Conceição and João Veloso.
11:10 AM2 years ago

80' France substitution

Axel Gueguin replaces Valentin Atangana.
11:02 AM2 years ago

73' Diogo Fenandes saves!

Saettel attempted a cross from the left, but the ball went straight into the goal and the Portuguese goalkeeper was able to get his hands to keep out the French goal.
10:59 AM2 years ago

68' Double change in Portugal

Manuel Mendonça and José Rodrigues replace Ivan Lima and Rodrigo Ribeiro.
10:58 AM2 years ago

67' France substitution

Christian Mawissa replaces Mamadou Sarr.
10:57 AM2 years ago

61' France came closer

Doué's shot was well saved by Diogo Fernandes.
10:44 AM2 years ago

56' Portugal substitution

Vivaldo Semedo replaces Alfonso Moreira.
10:42 AM2 years ago

54' France missed it!

Mathys Tel had a chance after a cross from the left, but Diogo Fernandes was able to tap the ball away. Corner kick.
10:38 AM2 years ago

50' Portugal came closer

Ivan Lima's shot went over the goal.
10:33 AM2 years ago

Second half begins

The second half gets underway between France and Portugal.
10:19 AM2 years ago

45+2' End of the first half

The first half is over. Two-goal draw between France and Portugal.
10:18 AM2 years ago

45+1' GOOOOAL for France!

An own goal by João Muniz, after a cross from Atangana on the right. The game is tied again.
10:17 AM2 years ago

45' Additonal time

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.
10:15 AM2 years ago

40' Last five minutes

The end of the first half is near. Portugal continues to win.
10:09 AM2 years ago

37' BALL TO THE POST! Portugal was saved

Mathys Tel had it! A shot from below and the ball hit the left post.
10:02 AM2 years ago

31' BALL TO THE POST! France was saved

Moreira took a free kick, but the crossbar prevented Portugal from scoring the third goal.
10:01 AM2 years ago

30' Yellow card

Sael Kumbedi was cautioned in France.
9:57 AM2 years ago

25' The nerves continue to show

We have seen a lot of mistakes from the teams so far in the match, especially when they try to come out with the ball under control.
9:52 AM2 years ago


INCREDIBLE SHOT BY DÁRIO ESSUGO! INCREDIBLE GOAL JUST SCORED BY THE PORTUGUESE! A bomb from more than 40 meters out to hit it into the left corner of the left post and Portugal takes the lead!

9:50 AM2 years ago

14' France came closer!

Another mistake by the Portuguese defense ended with a shot by Tom Saettel that was saved by Diogo Fernandes.
9:44 AM2 years ago

12' GOOOOOAL for Portugal

After Mamadou Sarr made a mistake, Ussumane Djaló recovered the ball and set up Alfonso Moreira, who shot a cross-shot to the right post for a quick equalizer.
9:40 AM2 years ago

8' GOOOOOAL for France

Ivan Lima lost it, Warren Emery took the ball and shot from half distance to the left post, uncatchable for Diogo Fernandes.
9:36 AM2 years ago

5' First minutes

Not much happened in the beginning of the match, which had almost no approaches to the areas.
9:31 AM2 years ago

Match starts

The game between France and Portugal is underway.
9:29 AM2 years ago

Teams on the field

The players of France and Portugal take the field.
9:28 AM2 years ago

Match officials

Referee: Dario Bel - Croatia

Assistant No.1: Luka Pušic - Croatia

Assistant No.2: Daniel Vasilevski - North Macedonia

Fourth official: Igor Stojchevski - North Macedonia

9:21 AM2 years ago

Substitutes - Portugal

01. Francisco Silva (GK), 06. Rafael Luis, 09. José Rodrigues, 13. Martim Fernandes, 14. Luis Gomes, 15. Manuel Mendonça, 18. Tiago Andrade, 19. Vivaldo Semedo, 20. João Gonçalves.

9:21 AM2 years ago

Starting XI - Portugal

16. Noah Raveyre (GK), 03. Luzolo Vangi, 07. Axel Gueguin, 12. Zoumana Diallo, 13. Christian Mawissa, 15. Elyaz Zidane, 18. Ayman Aiki, 19. Junior Ndiaye, 20. Alexis Kabamba.

9:20 AM2 years ago

Substitutes - France

To be confirmed.
9:20 AM2 years ago

Starting XI - France

| 01. Lisandru Olmeta |
| 02. Sael Kumbedi | 04. Mamadou Sarr | 05. El-Chadaile Bitshiabu | 17. Jeanuël Belocian |
| 06. Zaire Emery | 08. Vallentin Atangana |
| 14. Naim Byar | 10. Désiré Doué | 11. Tom Saettel |
| 09. Mathys Tel |

Coach: José Alcocer

9:12 AM2 years ago

Portugal's results in the tournament

May 17 - Group stage: 1-5 vs Scotland (Won)

May 20 - Group stage: 4-2 vs Sweden (Won)

May 23 - Group stage: 1-3 vs Denmark (Lost)

May 26 - Quarterfinals: 1-2 vs Spain (Won)

9:10 AM2 years ago

France results in the tournament

May 16 - Group stage: 6-1 vs Poland (Won)

May 19 - Group stage: 4-0 vs Bulgaria (Won)

May 22 - Group stage: 3-1 vs Netherlands (Lost)

May 25 - Quarterfinals: 1-1 vs Germany (Won 3-4 on penalty kicks)

9:05 AM2 years ago

Statements - Portugal

José Lima (Coach): "Now all teams aspire to be European champions. Our main objective for now is the match against France, knowing that France is a very difficult team, as was Spain. We know it will be difficult but we will do our best to win and be in the final".

João Muniz (Player): "We came here with a goal and in a very short competition, we have to celebrate these steps we are taking, but from tomorrow, we are already preparing the match against France. We will face the match with a clear head and we will put on the field the same dedication and commitment we have shown in today's match".

9:00 AM2 years ago

Statements - France

Jose Alcocer (Coach): "We have seen a very good team from Portugal. They have a solid game plan. It's a semifinal. Anything is possible. It can be tense, it can be totally crazy. But both teams deserve to be there, and I think we're going to go up a gear in terms of intensity. This European Championship is a great success. The favorites are there, there is also an outsider. We're going to try to stay a little longer."

Mathys Tel (Captain): "We are here to win the tournament, so we have to take steps. The finish line is right behind a big wall - are we going to do it? I don't know, but we have the team to do it, the coaching staff to do it. I think we can do something, and we'll try to do it."

8:55 AM2 years ago

Welcome back

We are ready to bring you the action of this match between France and Portugal, in the search for the first finalist of the U17 European Championship.
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Tune in here France vs Portugal Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the France vs Portugal live match, as well as the latest information from Netanya Stadium. Do not miss a detail of the match live updates and commentaries of VAVEL coverage.
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What time is France vs Portugal match for UEFA European U-17?

This is the start time of the game France vs Portugal of May 29th 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 11:30 AM on Star +
Bolivia: 10:30 AM on Star +
Brazil: 11:30 AM on Star +
Chile: 10:30 AM on Star +
Colombia: 9:30 AM on Star +
Ecuador: 9:30 AM on Star +
USA (ET): 10:30 AM on TUDN.com, ESPN3, TUDN USA, TUDN App
Spain: 5:30 PM on fuboTV Spain, TDP, RTVE.es
Mexico: 9:30 AM on Star +
Paraguay: 10:30 AM on Star +
Peru: 9:30 AM on Star +
Uruguay: 11:30 AM on Star +

8:35 AM2 years ago

Key player - Portugal

In Portugal, the presence of João Veloso stands out. The Benfica midfielder has provided both guile and goal threat from midfield. His passing ability and ability to find space in the final third of the field have been invaluable qualities for Portugal.
8:30 AM2 years ago

Key player - France

In France, Mathys Tel stands out. The Rennes striker has played for his club in the UEFA Europa Conference League and Ligue 1 this season, and has brought goals and maturity to his captaincy of the team. In the match against Germany he took the fifth penalty with a cool head.
8:25 AM2 years ago

History - France vs Portugal

At the U17 level, the two teams have met three times in the European Championship, with the French winning all three matches.
8:20 AM2 years ago


The Portuguese team started the tournament on the right foot after two convincing victories over Scotland and Sweden, but lost to Denmark in their last group stage outing. In the quarterfinals, they beat Spain 2-1 to book their place in the semifinals.
8:15 AM2 years ago


José Alcocer's team is through to the semifinals after scoring goals in its first two matches against Poland and Bulgaria. Despite losing in their last outing in the group stage against the Netherlands, they beat Germany on penalties in the quarterfinals.
8:10 AM2 years ago

The match will be played at Netanya Stadium

The France vs Portugal match will be played at Netanya Stadium, located in the city of Netanya, Israel. This venue, inaugurated in 2012, has a capacity for 24,000 spectators.

8:05 AM2 years ago

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