Highlights and goals: Netherlands 2(5)-2(3) Serbia in UEFA Euro U17 2022
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4:19 PMa month ago


Our coverage of the Netherlands vs Serbia match of the U17 European Championship semifinals comes to an end.

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4:07 PMa month ago

GOOOOAL for Netherlands! 5-3 and into the final!

Isaac Babadi's Panenka-like shot sent the Dutch through to the final of the European Under-17 Championship.
4:06 PMa month ago

GOAL for Serbia, 4-3

Vojin Serafimović scores for Serbia. However, if the Netherlands scores, they advance to the final.
4:05 PMa month ago

GOAL for Netherlands, 4-2

Mike Kleijn scores for the Dutch.
4:04 PMa month ago

GOAL for Serbia, 3-2

Jovan Šljivić scores to keep Serbia alive.
4:03 PMa month ago

GOAL for Netherlands, 3-1

Oualid Agougil scores. Two goals up for the Dutch.
4:02 PMa month ago


Mateja Radonjić shot and the Dutch goalkeeper saved.
4:01 PMa month ago

GOAL for Netherlands, 2-1

Tim Van Den Heuvel shot down the middle and the opposing goalkeeper played to his left.
4:00 PMa month ago

GOAL for Serbia, 1-1

Aleksandar Stanković shot low to the right post and the Dutch goalkeeper was unable to stop it.
3:59 PMa month ago

GOAL for Netherlands, 1-0

Dean Huijsen scores with a shot down the middle.
3:59 PMa month ago

Penalty shootout begins

The Dutch will start by cashing in.
3:54 PMa month ago

90+5' End of the match

Match ends. A 2-2 draw between the Netherlands and Serbia, so the winner of this series will be decided on penalties.
3:51 PMa month ago

90+3' Serbia substitution

Enter Mateja Radonjić in place of Stefan Bukinac.
3:49 PMa month ago

90' Additional time

Five more minutes will be played in the match.
3:46 PMa month ago

86' Serbia substitution

Milan Kovačev en lugar de Jovan Mijatović.
3:45 PMa month ago

86' Netherlands substitution

Enter Fabiano Rust in place of Jaden Slory.
3:44 PMa month ago

84' Netherlands came closer

Good shot by Silvano Vos that went just wide of the left post.
3:40 PMa month ago

81' Netherlands substitution

Tim Van Den Heuvel replaces Gabriel Misehouy.
3:35 PMa month ago

77' Serbia substitution

Enter Miodrag Pivaš in place of Stefan Džodić.
3:34 PMa month ago

76' Double change in Netherlands

Yoram Boerhout and Oualida Agougil replace Bram Rovers and Rainey Breinburg.
3:33 PMa month ago

73' GOOOOOAL for Netherlands

JADEN SLORY! The striker finally scores the equalizer for the Dutch team after a good pass from Kleijn, who had run down the left side.
3:30 PMa month ago

70' 20 minutes left

Serbia is protecting its advantage in its field of play, defending with everything it has.
3:27 PMa month ago

65' Netherlands tries to get the equalizer

The Dutch team is looking to get closer to their opponents' goal, but has made poor decisions when it comes to finishing.

3:18 PMa month ago

60' Yellow card

Stefan Džodi was cautioned for Serbia.
3:14 PMa month ago


JOVAN MIJATOVIC! The striker scores the comeback goal after Milošević had attempted a scissor kick and was left with the rebound.
3:11 PMa month ago

52' Netherlands came closer

Silvano Vos' shot went wide of the left post.
3:09 PMa month ago


JOVAN MILOSEVIC! The striker scores the equalizer quickly with a header after Stakovic's cross from a corner kick from the left.
3:07 PMa month ago


JASON VAN DUIVEN! The striker scores after a very good individual play by Jaden Slory on the right.
3:05 PMa month ago

Second half begins

The match restarts. There was a substitution for the Netherlands with the entry of Mike Kleijn in place of Antoni Milambo.
2:49 PMa month ago

45+2' End of the first half

End of the first 45 minutes. 0-0 draw between the Netherlands and Serbia.
2:47 PMa month ago

45' Additional time

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.
2:46 PMa month ago

44' BALL TO THE POST! The Netherlands is saved

Another shot against the crossbar by Mijatović! The Serbian shot on the edge of the area and once again the metal avoids the goal.
2:45 PMa month ago

42' BALL TO THE POST! The Netherlands is saved

A mistake by the Dutch in defense and Mijatović had the chance to open the scoring in front of goal, but the crossbar denied him the chance to celebrate.
2:43 PMa month ago

40' Last five minutes

The end of the first half is approaching, which has not been so attractive despite a couple of chances for the Serbians and an occasional Dutch intervention.
2:37 PMa month ago

33' Netherlands came closer

Kuijsten first blocked a shot from Nedeljković, then Stanković attempted a shot inside the box and an opposing defender crossed to prevent the first goal of the match from arriving.
2:31 PMa month ago

30' Netherlands came closer

Blokzijl's shot caught by Lijeskić.
2:29 PMa month ago

25' The match remains goalless

Nothing to highlight in the match for the moment. Still no chances and therefore no goals.
2:22 PMa month ago

20' Yellow card

Goalkeeper Luka Lijeskić was cautioned for a foul very close to the box.
2:20 PMa month ago


Rainey Breinburg failed to clear the ball, Kosta Nedeljković shot across goal and the Dutch goalkeeper kept out the Serbian goal.
2:18 PMa month ago

15' First quarter of the match

The score remains 0-0. Little to highlight for now in the match.
2:16 PMa month ago

10' Tie continues

The score has not been opened. Nor have there been any scoring chances.
2:15 PMa month ago

5' First minutes

Not much happens in the beginning of the match. Few approaches to the areas.
2:01 PMa month ago

Match starts!

The game between the Netherlands and Serbia is underway.
1:56 PMa month ago

Match officials

Referee: Henrik Nalbandyan - Armenia

Assistant No.1: Khachatur Hovhannisyan - Armenia

Assistant No.2: Isaak Elias Bashevkin - Norway

Fourth official: Snir Levy - Israel

1:51 PMa month ago

Teams on the field

The players of the Netherlands and Serbia take the field.
1:46 PMa month ago

Substitutes - Serbia

23. Vuk Mitrović (GK), 03. Veljko Mirosavić, 05. Milan Majstorović, 09. Mateja Bubanj, 10. Mateja Radonjić, 14. Matija Stojanović, 16. Miodrag Pivaš, 20. Vuk Kovačev.

1:41 PMa month ago

Starting XI - Serbia

| 01. Luka Lijeskić |
| 17. Jan Simic | 06. Vojin Serafimović |
02. Đuro Đekić |                                   | 13. Stefan Bukinac |
| 08. Aleksandar Stanković | 15. Stefan Džodić |
| 18. Kosta Nedeljković | 07. Jovan Šljivić | 11. Jovan Mijatović |
| 19. Jovan Milošević |

Coach: Radovan Krivokapić

1:36 PMa month ago

Substitutes - Netherlands

16. Bernt Klaverboer (GK), 06. Tim Van Den Heuvel, 08. Mike Kleijn, 13. Oualid Agougil, 15. Ilia Splinter, 17. Yoram Boerhout, 19. Fabiano Rust.

1:31 PMa month ago

Starting XI - Netherlands

| 01. Tristan Kuijsten |
| 02. Bram Rovers | 03. Thijmen Blokzijl | 04. Dean Huijsen | 05. Rainey Breinburg |
| 14. Silvano Vos | 10. Gabriel Misahouy | 18. Antoni Milambo |
| 07. Jaden Slory | 09. Jason Van Duiven | 11. Isaac Babadi |

Coach: Mischa Visser

1:26 PMa month ago

Serbia's results in the tournament

May 17 - Group stage: 1-1 vs. Belgium

May 20 - Group stage: 2-1 vs. Turkey (Won)

May 23 - Group stage: 1-1 vs. Spain

May 26 - Quarterfinals: 1-2 vs. Denmark (Won)

1:21 PMa month ago

Netherlands results in the tournament

May 16 - Group Stage: 1-3 vs Bulgaria (Won)

May 19 - Group stage: 2-1 vs Poland (Won)

May 22 - Group stage: 3-1 vs France (Won)

May 25 - Quarterfinals: 2-1 vs. Italy (Won)

1:16 PMa month ago

Statements - Radovan Krivokapić (Serbia Coach)

"Holland is a great team with a lot of quality. They have a lot of good players, especially up front. On both sides of the field, they are very fast, the movement is good. Their number 10 is good on the ball and in the last pass. They have a strong midfield and they want to play from the back. We will try, we will never give up, and we will give everything we have. Maybe the Netherlands are the favorites, but we'll see after the final whistle."
1:11 PMa month ago

Statements - Mischa Visser (Netherlands Coach)

"In every game we have shown the best version of ourselves. Against Italy, it was the best game of the whole season so far. We are making very good steps in every game. I'm not surprised by Serbia's performance. They have a very strong team, which fights for everything, and individually they have a lot of talent. I imagine a lot of people are surprised that Serbia is in the semifinals, but I'm not."
1:06 PMa month ago

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We are now ready to bring you the actions of this match between the Netherlands and Serbia, to find out the other qualifier to the final of the European Under 17 Championship.
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What time is Netherlands vs Serbia match for UEFA European U-17?

This is the start time of the game Netherlands vs Serbia of May 29th 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 3:00 PM on Star +
Bolivia: 2:00 PM on Star +
Brazil: 3:00 PM on en Star +
Chile: 2:00 PM on Star +
Colombia: 1:00 PM on Star +
Ecuador: 1:00 PM on Star +
USA (ET): 2:00 PM on ESPN 3
Spain: 8:00 PM
Mexico: 1:00 PM on Star +
Paraguay: 2:00 PM on Star +
Peru: 1:00 PM on Star +
Uruguay: 3:00 PM on Star +

12:46 PMa month ago

Key player - Serbia

In Serbia, Aleksandar Stanković stands out, the son of 2009/10 UEFA Champions League winner Dejan Stanković, who has every chance of making a name for himself. His free kick is a threat to any opponent, while his blend of finesse and fight in midfield contributes greatly to his team's performance, making it clear why he wears the captain's armband.
12:41 PMa month ago

Key player - Netherlands

In Netherlands, the presence of Gabriel Misehouy stands out. The Ajax midfielder provides an attacking impetus from midfield. Driving forward with the ball at his feet or assuming dangerous positions after he has dropped to either flank, he generates danger near the box.

12:36 PMa month ago

History - Netherlands vs Serbia

At the U-17 level, these two teams have met six times at the European Championship, with the Dutch winning four times, while the remaining two games went in favor of the Serbs.
12:31 PMa month ago


Radovan Krivokapić's team has specialized in late drama in Israel. Jovan Milošević scored an 88th-minute penalty in the opening-day draw with Belgium and, most notably, in the 1-1 draw with Spain on matchday three, taking his team into the quarterfinals for the first time as an independent nation. He also scored the decisive goal in the 2-1 win over Turkey and in the quarter-final against Denmark. Needless to say, the Vojvodina striker is one of the players to watch.
12:26 PMa month ago


After conceding an early goal against Bulgaria and needing Yoram Boerhout's stoppage-time winner against Poland, Mischa Visser's team (much changed from the second matchday) started off on the wrong foot against France before coming back with three goals in the last 14 minutes. If it comes down to a penalty shootout, look out for the coolness of center-back Dean Huijsen, who has already converted two penalties.
12:21 PMa month ago

The match will be played at Netanya Stadium

The Netherlands vs Serbia match will be played at Netanya Stadium, located in the city of Netanya, Israel. This venue, inaugurated in 2012, has a capacity for 24,000 spectators.
12:16 PMa month ago

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