Goals and Highlights: Suriname 2-1 Nicaragua in Friendly game 2022
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2:56 PM5 days ago


4:00 PM13 days ago

End of match

The match ends with a 2-1 victory for Suriname over Nicaragua in the Netherlands.
3:57 PM13 days ago


Goooooool for Suriname

They quickly regained their lead with a goal by Jeredy Hilterman and it looks like they will win the match. 

3:56 PM13 days ago


Goooooooool for Nicaragua

Josué Quijano tied it

3:39 PM13 days ago


It looks like the two teams have neutralized each other and that great shot by Te Vrede will be the difference.
3:33 PM13 days ago


The match is hotly contested in the midfield but the score remains unchanged.
3:23 PM13 days ago


Suriname controls the game and Nicaragua is unable to reach the opponent's goal.
3:12 PM13 days ago


Action resumes between Suriname and Nicaragua in the Netherlands
2:49 PM13 days ago


First half ends and Suriname beats Nicaragua 1-0 in the Netherlands
2:44 PM13 days ago


Last moments of an evenly matched first half, but still a narrow victory for Suriname.
2:35 PM13 days ago


Suriname established itself on the field and now dominates the actions with this partial victory.
2:28 PM13 days ago


Goooooooool Suriname

The team in white opened the scoring in the 25th minute with a great shot by Te Vrede. 

2:27 PM13 days ago


The match remains scoreless but Suriname only waits in defense
2:11 PM13 days ago


First minutes of the match and Nicaragua is the one in control of the ball.
2:01 PM13 days ago

The match begins
1:45 PM13 days ago

Nicaragua is already heating up

Nicaragua is ready for the match
1:26 PM13 days ago

Concacaf can grow in membership

CONCACAF is in negotiations to allow Greenland to join as an additional member, but it is not yet official.
1:19 PM13 days ago

The stadium this afternoon

The Mitsubishi Forklift-Stadion has a capacity of 3,000 spectators and is located in the Netherlands.
1:15 PM13 days ago

Nicaragua with its sights set on the Gold Cup

Nicaragua wants to return to the Gold Cup and look for a good result, as a project to qualify for the 2026 World Cup.
1:10 PM13 days ago

Suriname seeks a miracle

Suriname does not want to be relegated to series B of the Concacaf Nations League, so it will have to find a good result against Jamaica.
1:05 PM13 days ago

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What time is Surinam vs Nicaragua match for friendly game?

This is the start time of the game Surinam vs Nicaragua of 22th September in several countries:


Argentina: 15:00 PM

Bolivia: 02:00 PM

Brazil: 15:00 PM

Chile: 02:00 PM

Colombia: 14:00 PM

Ecuador: 14:00 PM

USA (ET): 14:00 PM

Spain: 20:00 PM

Mexico: 13:00 PM

Paraguay: 15:00 PM

Peru: 14:00 PM

Uruguay: 15:00 PM

12:55 PM13 days ago

Watch out for this player from Nicaragua

The Venezuelan nationalized Nicaraguan is playing in the league of his new country with Diriangén since 2021, however he has had good results in friendly matches and in the CONCACAF Nations League where Nicaragua is looking to move up the division under the guidance of Jaime Moreno.
12:50 PM13 days ago

Watch out for this Suriname player

Yanic Wildschut has the opportunity to stand out in his national team and continue to have a good performance with Oxford United of England, so the 30-year-old player will look for a good performance in the league and in the national team to sign for a better team. 
12:45 PM13 days ago

Last XI of Nicaragua

23 Douglas Forvis, 20 Christian Reyes, 6 Cristian Gutierrez, 3 Óscar Acevedo, 2 Josué Quijano, 17 Matias Belli Moldskred, 14 Jason Coronel, 11 Juan Barrera, 22 Brayan López, 10 Byron Bonilla, 9 Jaime Moreno.
12:40 PM13 days ago

Last XI of Suriname

1 Warner Hahn, 18 Kelvin Leerdam, 12 Myenty Abena, 19 Shaquille Pinas, 3 Calvin Mac-Intosh, 15 Ryan Donk, 17 Roscello Vlijter, 4 Dion Malone, 21 Diego Biseswar, 11 Leandro Kappel, 14 Yanic Wildschut.
12:35 PM13 days ago

Qatar 2022 is just around the corner

The Qatar World Cup is very close and in less than two months the biggest party in world soccer begins, so some teams are closing their preparation in order to be the world champion.
CONCACAF will have a tough test with its 4 representatives and will seek to have the best experience when North America hosts the next World Cup in 2026.
12:30 PM13 days ago

Concacaf seeks to improve its structure of selections and teams.

The Confederation of North, Central America and the Caribbean is one of the poorest and most unequal soccer zones in the world, because although you have big money investments like the United States, Mexico and now even Canada, you have good teams with medium budgets like Costa Rica, Honduras and Jamaica, and also with little like the Caribbean and some parts of Central America.
CONCACAF seeks to distribute more money and support the smaller teams so that they can compete against the major powers in the area.
12:25 PM13 days ago

Suriname is facing the possibility of relegation from the CONCACAF Nations League.

The Suriname national team has a complicated path in the CONCACAF Nations League, as in the last few rounds they drew and lost against Jamaica, and suffered a 3-0 drubbing by Mexico, which puts them on the verge of relegation to the B league.
Suriname is a team that also suffers a lot because of its financial instability and little support for soccer, however, it always wants more and fights for a place that sometimes no one sees it can get.
12:20 PM13 days ago

Nicaragua, an eternal promise

The Central American national team has always had enormous potential to stand out in the region's soccer, however the instability in their league, administrative offices and players has caused them to lack further growth.
The Nicaraguan team will be looking to prepare in the best way possible to advance in the CONCACAF Nations League and face the toughest rivals in the region, which are located in the north with Mexico, the United States and Canada.
12:15 PM13 days ago

The last FIFA date of the year comes with friendlies

The last national team break came in 2022, which is about to celebrate its best moment in terms of soccer, since the World Cup in Qatar is the maximum celebration at a global level.
Suriname and Nicaragua will try to take advantage of this FIFA date to prepare their way for next year's official competitions such as the CONCACAF Nations League and possible qualification to the Gold Cup.
12:10 PM13 days ago

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