Goals and Summary of Ivory Coast 2-1 Togo in Friendly Match
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8:18 PM10 days ago


1:59 PM11 days ago


The match Côte d'Ivoire 2-1 Togo is over.
1:49 PM11 days ago


Last minutes of the match Ivory Coast is taking the victory in this friendly match.
1:39 PM11 days ago


Côte d'Ivoire makes changes to control the match.
1:33 PM11 days ago


Goal by the Ivory Coast to increase the score.
1:30 PM11 days ago


Togo tries to tie the score.
1:24 PM11 days ago


Ivory Coast's goal opens the scoring.
1:22 PM11 days ago


There are still no changes in the match, the teams do not move their roster.
1:17 PM11 days ago


Togo is also looking to generate danger.
1:11 PM11 days ago


Côte d'Ivoire continues to attack dangerously.
12:58 PM11 days ago


End of first half Ivory Coast 0-0 Togo.
12:44 PM11 days ago


In the last minutes of the first half, everything seems to indicate that we will go to the break with a draw.
12:39 PM11 days ago


Côte d'Ivoire looks to open the scoring before halftime.
12:36 PM11 days ago


A hard-fought match in midfield, with both teams struggling to generate dangerous plays.
12:28 PM11 days ago


Togo defends very well and prevents any arrival of Ivory Coast.
12:24 PM11 days ago


The game does not change pace and the teams do not attack.
12:23 PM11 days ago


The match drops a little in intensity as the teams try to find each other on the field.
12:15 PM11 days ago


Togo is unable to come out calmly in the face of pressure from the Ivory Coast team.
12:11 PM11 days ago


Côte d'Ivoire dominates in these first minutes of the match.
12:07 PM11 days ago


The game kicks off
11:50 AM11 days ago

All ready

Everything is ready for the start of the match, the teams take the field for the national anthems and the start of the match.
11:45 AM11 days ago

End of warm-up

The teams finish warming up and prepare in the locker room with final words before taking the field for the national anthems.
11:40 AM11 days ago

Great Entrance

The Stade Robert Diochon is expected to be a great venue for this friendly match, two teams that will be looking to prepare for the next World Cup in 2026.
11:35 AM11 days ago

Other Match

Today in European matches, Spain vs Switzerland, Czech Republic vs Portugal, Slovenia vs Norway and Scotland vs Ireland will play.
11:30 AM11 days ago

Already warming up

The two teams are warming up and beginning their preparations for the start of the match, and there is a great atmosphere around the stadium.
11:25 AM11 days ago

The teams are already at the stadium

The two teams are already at the stadium and are getting ready to warm up, while others are checking out the field of play.
11:20 AM11 days ago


Gradually the fans of both teams are beginning to arrive at the stadium, a large entry is expected for this international friendly match.
11:15 AM11 days ago

Other Africa friendly

Tomorrow will also see South Africa vs Sierra Leone, Tanzania vs Uganda, Senegal vs Bolivia and Laos vs Maldives, other matches with African teams.
11:10 AM11 days ago

Last match between them

The last time these two teams met was in 2018 in another international friendly, the two teams were intense and the score was tied at 2 goals, the goals came from Nicolas Pepe with a brace for Ivory Coast and Floyd Aite with a brace for the Togo national team, this was the last match between these two African teams.
11:05 AM11 days ago

Stay tuned to follow Ivory Coast vs Togo live on TV

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Ivory Coast vs Togo live match, as well as the latest information from the Stade Robert Diochon. Don't miss a single detail of the Saudi Arabia vs Ecuador match live with VAVEL's comments.
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How to watch Ivory Coast vs Togo live?

If you want to watch the match Ivory Coast vs Togo live on TV, your option is Marca Claro.
If you want to watch it on streaming, your option is: Marca Claro on Youtube.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
10:55 AM11 days ago

Stade Robert Diochon

It is a very small stadium located in France, it has a capacity for 12 thousand spectators and was inaugurated in 1917, it will be the field where this friendly match between Ivory Coast and Togo will be played.
10:50 AM11 days ago


Both African teams will have their star players and no injured players, so they will have a full complement of players for a match that is expected to be very exciting and full of goals.
10:45 AM11 days ago


In the background, it favors a little more to Ivory Coast with 1 win, 2 draws and Togo has never been able to defeat the national team of Ivory Coast, so tomorrow will be the favorite to win this friendly match.
10:40 AM11 days ago

Key Player Togo

Emmanuel Adebayor:

Togo striker who plays for Olimpia of Paraguay, is the most outstanding striker of Togo, he has 66 games played and 29 goals scored, undoubtedly an important striker for the African team that likewise will not be in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but has gradually put together a team that can compete in the next World Cup qualifiers.

10:35 AM11 days ago

Key Player Ivory Coast

Sebastien Haller:

Forward of Ivory Coast and also of Borussia Dortmund of the Bundesliga is a very complete striker and undoubtedly the future of the African team, with the selection has 15 games played and 4 goals scored, unfortunately did not qualify his team to the World Cup, but will seek to have a good preparation to seek the ticket to the World Cup in Mexico, USA , Canada 2026.

10:30 AM11 days ago

Good afternoon VAVEL friends!

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the Ivory Coast vs Togo live stream, which is a friendly match. The match will take place at the Stade Robert Diochon, at 11:00.