5:01 PM3 months ago


We'll stop here with our broadcast
5:00 PM3 months ago


5:00 PM3 months ago

99' Substitutions at Benfica

In: Chiquinho and Tiago Gouveia

Out: João Mário and Rafa Silva

4:57 PM3 months ago


Morato crosses, but the ball ends up in Audero's hands
4:52 PM3 months ago


4:52 PM3 months ago

89' Substitution at Benfica

In: Araújo

Out: Di María

4:51 PM3 months ago

86' Red card for Benfica

António Silva is sent off for a foul in Barella
4:44 PM3 months ago

80' Substitution at Inter

In:  Lautaro Martínez 

Out: Sánchez 

4:43 PM3 months ago

79' Substitutions at Benfica

In: Musa and Kokçu

Out: Tengstedt and Florentino

4:39 PM3 months ago

78' Yellow card for Benfica

4:38 PM3 months ago

77' Substitution at Inter

In: Dimarco

Out: Vrij

4:37 PM3 months ago

76' Yellow card for Inter

4:37 PM3 months ago


Thuram takes a free kick. Sánchez catches Trubin on the counter foot to leave everything the same
4:29 PM3 months ago

68' Substitutions at Inter

In: Thuram, Cuadrado and Barella

Out: Arnautovic, Darmian  and Klaassen

4:25 PM3 months ago


Di María takes a risk from the edge of the area. Audero makes the save
4:23 PM3 months ago


Acerbi crosses and Frattesi hits it first time inside the area
4:20 PM3 months ago


Arnautovic finishes after a corner. Trubin palms it, but the player props up the rebound
4:17 PM3 months ago


Sánchez finds space to finish and Trubin defends
4:09 PM3 months ago


Play resumes
3:51 PM3 months ago


First half ends
3:46 PM3 months ago


3:39 PM3 months ago


HAT-TRICK! Rafa Silva passes to Tengstedt, who raises it in the area. The number 27 himself misses the time, but João Mário scores the goal
3:34 PM3 months ago

26' WOW

Arnautovic passes through the defense and finishes. Trubin reacts quickly to prevent the goal
3:27 PM3 months ago


João Neves tries to launch Rafa Silva at speed, but Audero arrives first
3:26 PM3 months ago


Rafa Silva receives medical attention
3:18 PM3 months ago


Tengstedt disarms Asllani and crosses. Rafa Silva can't arrive, but João Mário appears to expand
3:15 PM3 months ago


Aouchiche takes a risk from outside the box and puts Maxwell to work
3:10 PM3 months ago

7' VAR

VAR analyzed whether there was an offside, but the goal was legal
3:10 PM3 months ago


Tengstedt heads the ball to João Mário, who shoots low with his left-hander, giving Audero no chance
3:01 PM3 months ago


The ball rolls at the Estádio da Luz
2:56 PM3 months ago


Players lined up for the competition anthem
2:51 PM3 months ago

Adjusting your aim

2:46 PM3 months ago

Inter's dressing room

2:41 PM3 months ago

Inter lineup

2:36 PM3 months ago

Benfica lineup

2:31 PM3 months ago

Video refereeing

VAR: Ivan Bebek

AVAR: Bastian Dankert 

2:26 PM3 months ago

Field refereeing

Referee: Andris Treimanis

Assistant 1: Haralds Gudermanis

Assistant 2: Aleksejs Spasennikovs

Fourth official: Aleksandrs Golubevs

2:21 PM3 months ago

How and where to watch the Benfica vs Inter Milan match live?

If you want to directly stream it: ViX, Paramount+

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

2:16 PM3 months ago

What time is Benfica vs Inter Milan match for Champions League?

This is the start time of the game Benfica vs Inter Milan of 29th November 2023 in several countries:

Argentina 5 pm: Star+

Bolivia 4 pm: Star+

Brazil 5 pm: HBO Max

Chile 4 pm: Star+

Colombia 3 pm: Star+

Ecuador 3  pm: Star+

USA 4 pm ET: ViX, Paramount+

Spain 8 pm: Movistar+, Movistar Liga de Campeones

Mexico 3 pm: HBO Max

Paraguay 3 pm: Star+

Peru 3 pm: Star+

Uruguay 5 pm: Star+

Venezuela 4 pm: Star+

2:11 PM3 months ago

Speak, Simone Inzaghi!

"It's the fourth time we've met them in six months. They're a great team, they're playing at home and we know how strong the fans will be. We saw what they did in the derby. At 90' they were losing. They're a fantastic team and the coach took us to the quarter-finals of the Champions League without defeat up to that stage last season. Our work isn't over: there's first place to be won. Benfica will want to play a great game to stay in Europe. I know Florentino well. I liked him a lot last season. Now they have João Neves, so we've seen less of Florentino. Audero plays. He works very well and I wanted to start him against Frosinone. We're in Portugal to play an important match, even though we're pleased to have qualified with two games to play. The work isn't done, there's first place to be won and we have an important game, because we know that at the top of the table there's an important team like Real Sociedad".
2:06 PM3 months ago

Probable lineup for Inter

Sommer; Darmian, De Vrij, Acerbi; Dumfries, Frattesi, Hakan Çalhanoglu, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco; Thuram, Lautaro Martínez.
2:01 PM3 months ago

Speak, Roger Schmid!

"We don't know what Inter's approach is, but for them, even though they've qualified for the knockout stage, there's a big difference between being 1st or 2nd in the group. They still have ambitions and goals in the Champions League, but in the end we try to focus completely on ourselves. We're not happy with where we are in the group stage and, of course, we have an opportunity to win a big game against Inter. For me, they're one of the best teams in Europe at the moment. They were already that last season and this season they've shown the same performance, physical soccer and tactical intelligence. They're undoubtedly a team that can go far in the Champions League. It's a good opportunity to build on the last two games. We had a good game at home against Sporting, in a big game in the Portuguese league, and in the Cup we also did well. We've gained confidence and [Wednesday] we want to take another step. Play a good game of soccer and try to win the game. I've explained it a few times. We lost Grimaldo, [Gonçalo] Ramos and Enzo Fernández, don't forget him. Our new players needed some time to settle in, we had a few injuries and, in our first Champions League game, we had a sending off and a penalty after eight minutes. It wasn't the perfect start to the competition and then each game had its own story. But that's in the past now. We don't have to think about that anymore, because at the highest level, small mistakes can be decisive and in six group games a situation like the one we're in right now can happen. Now we have to focus on the game and on playing well and winning. We don't have to think too much about our situation in the group. Of course we want to qualify for the Europa League. If we can't play in the Champions League, the second option is to play in the Europa League. The previous four games are history. We played Florentino and João Neves because they were very good. I also liked Morato at full-back. This arrangement gave us stability in difficult moments. The team's tactical behavior in recent games has been good and reliable. We've shown a lot of the same things as last season and now we have to keep going. We have more players in better shape. Orkun [Kökcü] is back, not 100 percent, but he's played a few minutes. Now we have to use every game to move forward, develop and work on the relationship between the players on the pitch. We haven't had that much time so far this season to get used to each other in a perfect way. We're developing and the players have been doing well. The tactical approach to the game is clear. We have to believe in ourselves and play our soccer, even against a very strong Inter team. Without belief, we have no chance. It was an even first half at Inter's place, with few chances for either side. Perhaps the best chances were on our side. After the break, they played with more intensity and we were a bit unlucky. We had to make three injury substitutions, with Bah, Angel [Di María] and Kökcü. Of course, it wasn't the perfect game. They showed, at home, their quality to decide these games 1-0. Sometimes you have to accept that, in their best form, an opponent can win against you, it's not a shame. Now it's a different game, in our stadium, and we have another opportunity to play against them. In a short period, we've already done it three times. Our aim is to learn from games, do better and win the game. Of course, it's always difficult to beat Inter, just look at the results they've achieved. At the moment, it's difficult to score against them because they're very compact and disciplined. They have a defense of five, with three midfielders and two forwards, all of whom are physically strong, experienced and capable of winning duels. Every team that faces Inter has to fight for victory, and it's the same for us, but we've already played these games last season and this season. Our aim is to use each game to evolve and use our experience to become stronger in the details, because at this level they are decisive. It was like that in the game against Inter in Milan and this one will be exactly the same."
1:56 PM3 months ago

Probable lineup for Benfica

Trubin; Aursnes, Otamendi, António Silva, Morato; João Neves, Florentino; Di María, Kökçü, Rafa; Tengstedt.
1:51 PM3 months ago


1:46 PM3 months ago


Inter Milan are in second place, with the same 10 points as leaders Real Sociedad, but they lose on goal difference. The Nerazzurri have an 83% record and have won three and drawn one.
1:41 PM3 months ago


Benfica have the worst record in Group D. The Reds haven't picked up a single win and are in last place, without a single point.
1:36 PM3 months ago

Stadium of Light

Estádio da Luz is the home of Benfica, one of Portugal's most prominent soccer clubs. Located in Lisbon, it was inaugurated in 2003, replacing the old Estádio da Luz. With a capacity of around 65,000, it is one of the largest stadiums in Portugal. Construction cost around 100 million euros.
1:31 PM3 months ago

Eye on the game

Benfica vs Internazionale live this Wednesday (29), at the Stadium of Light at 3 pm ET, for the Champions League. The match is valid for the 5th round of the competition.
1:26 PM3 months ago

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