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Tronstad got a card.
4:49 PM19 days ago


Let's go until 94 minutes.
4:37 PM19 days ago


Dembelé got a card.
4:31 PM19 days ago


Birmingham remains in the offensive sector and in search of the second goal.
4:30 PM19 days ago


IT'S THE FIRST! Andre Dozzell had the ball inside the area and sent it into the back of the goal to open the scoring for the home team in the final stretch of the match.
4:29 PM19 days ago


The game has many stops in the final stretch of the confrontation. Match remains goalless.
4:18 PM19 days ago


Laird took the card.
4:05 PM19 days ago


Blackburn tries to get out of the defensive field at the start of the second half.
3:58 PM19 days ago


Garrett got carded.
3:57 PM19 days ago


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3:35 PM19 days ago


Let's go until 47 minutes.
3:30 PM20 days ago


The game approaches the final stretch of the first half and Birmingham continues to have more offensive volume.
3:24 PM20 days ago


Birmingham remains in the offensive sector and in search of the first goal. Blackburn defended in the final stretch of the first half.
3:11 PM20 days ago


WHAT PRESSURE! Birmingham occupies Blackburn's offensive sector and presses for the first goal of the game.
3:07 PM20 days ago


Birmingham grows in production, begins to present more danger in the offensive sector and finishes more.
3:03 PM20 days ago


Birmingham have more possession at the start of the match, but contain the same number of shots as Blackburn.
3:02 PM20 days ago


Equipes seguem tendo espaços e os dois times já conseguiram finalizar, mas ainda sem grandes momentos.
3:01 PM20 days ago


The game starts with both teams looking for the offensive sector.
2:46 PM20 days ago


2:04 PM20 days ago


Both teams are at the bottom of the table. Blackburn are 17th, while Birmingham are 19th.
1:59 PM20 days ago


The afternoon party clash involves two teams from England's second division. The tournament reaches the final stage and each confrontation has important weight.
1:54 PM20 days ago


Good afternoon everybody. We will start broadcasting from Birmingham and Blackburn.
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Photo: Disclosure/Blackburn Rovers
Photo: Disclosure/Blackburn Rovers
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In recent games, Blackburn Rovers have had a mixed run of performances, with three draws, four defeats and three wins in their last ten Championship matches. The team faced difficulties in maintaining a consistent sequence of positive results, highlighted by defeats to West Bromwich, Hull and Southampton, where they conceded an average of three goals per game. However, there were some positives, such as convincing victories over Stoke, Norwich and QPR, demonstrating their ability to score goals and win important games. 

In addition, the exciting draw against Bahia in a friendly game shows that the team can compete at international levels. The series also included draws and close wins, such as against Huddersfield, Ipswich and Millwall. Of particular note is the impressive 8-0 victory over Harrogate in the EFL Cup, showing the team's offensive potential.

In short, Blackburn have had ups and downs in their recent form, showing flashes of quality but also struggling in certain games. The team needs to find greater consistency and defensive solidity to achieve better results in the Championship.

1:34 PM20 days ago


In recent games, Birmingham have had a mixed performance, with results reflecting a series of ups and downs. In the last five Championship matches, the team won one victory, two draws and two defeats. The victory was against Hull, in the FA Cup, with a score of 2-1. There were then two draws, against Swansea and Bristol City, both 2-2 and 0-0 respectively. The defeats were against Stoke and Leicester, with scores of 3-1 and 3-2 respectively. Before that, Birmingham had more positive results, with convincing victories over the likes of Sheffield Wednesday and West Bromwich. Overall, the team's performance has been uneven, with moments of brilliance followed by difficulties. The ability to maintain consistency will be important. This is crucial for Birmingham to achieve their season goals. The next game will be an opportunity for the team to demonstrate its ability to bounce back and get back on track.
1:29 PM20 days ago


St. Andrew's Stadium is a great location. the home ground of Birmingham City Football Club, located in Birmingham, England. This iconic stadium has a capacity of approximately 30,000 spectators and has been the site of many memorable moments over the years. Built in 1906, the stadium has undergone several renovations and updates to meet modern standards while maintaining its traditional atmosphere and historic charm.

St. Andrew's is more than just a football stadium; is a focal point for the local community and Birmingham City's passionate fans. In addition to football games, the stadium is also a football stadium. It is used for a variety of events and activities, including concerts, corporate events and even private events. even weddings.

The atmosphere on match days at St. Andrew's is great. electrifying, with fans pushing their team and creating a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. The stadium’s rich history and tradition add an extra layer of meaning to every game played there.

In short, St. Andrew's Stadium is great. much more than just a venue for football games; is It is a symbol of pride for Birmingham City fans and a place where lasting memories are created.

1:24 PM20 days ago


In recent head-to-head clashes between Blackburn and Birmingham, the balance has been evident, with both teams claiming important victories. In their last five Championship games, Blackburn have won 4-2, whilst Birmingham have won 1-0. In the FA Cup, Blackburn won 1-0, whilst in another encounter they drew 2-2. Looking at the broader history, matchups between these two teams have been competitive over the years, with varying results. Blackburn demonstrated superiority in some games, such as the 4-0 and 5-2 victories, while Birmingham also achieved important victories, such as the 2-1 victory in the FA Cup. Overall, these clashes have were marked by disputed matches and unpredictable results, showing the rivalry between the two clubs. The next meeting will certainly be Another exciting chapter in this story of direct confrontations.
1:19 PM20 days ago


In recent games, Blackburn Rovers have had an irregular run, with three wins, four draws and three defeats in their last ten Championship matches. The team showed some consistency, but also faced difficulties in ensuring consistent positive results. The victories against Stoke, Wrexham and Cambridge United stand out, demonstrating the ability to score goals and overcome opponents. However, the draws against QPR, Huddersfield and Rotherham, along with the defeats to West Bromwich, Hull and Bahia, highlight a certain defensive inconsistency and difficulties in maintaining advantages on the scoreboard. Despite this, the team appears capable of competing competitively in the Championship, but needs to work to improve its consistency and defensive performance to achieve better results in the future.
1:14 PM20 days ago


In the last few matches, Birmingham had a varied performance. In the last five Championship games, the team recorded one victory, two draws and two defeats. The team faced challenges against opponents such as Sheffield Wednesday, West Bromwich and Stoke, resulting in two defeats of 2-0 and 1-0 respectively. However, they also achieved important victories against teams like Stoke and Hull, with scores of 2-1 and 2-0 respectively. The performance in the FA Cup was not so positive, with a 3-0 defeat to Leicester. Despite the fluctuations, Birmingham showed the ability to compete against challenging opponents and win important victories. The next challenge will be consolidate consistency and seek more solid results to continue advancing in the season.
1:09 PM20 days ago

The game will be played at St Andrew's Stadium

The Birmingham vs Blackburn game will be played at St Andrew's Stadium, with a capacity at 29.409 people.
1:04 PM20 days ago

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