LTA Aiming To Create Davis Cup Legacy By Getting More Children Into Tennis

The British Davis Cup team won the Davis Cup for the first time in seventy nine years, and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) plan to use this success to inspire the next generation of tennis players. This is why they have set up the Tennis For Kids initiative, where the aim is to get around ten thousand children playing tennis.

What Is Tennis For Kids?

Tennis For Kids is an initiative that has been set up by the LTA in partnership with Highland Springs, to create a lasting legacy following the recent Davis Cup Success. Tennis For Kids is focused on children aged 5-8 and aims to get these youngsters to pick up a tennis racket, for possibly the first time ever. The initiative will eventually establish more accessibility for the youngsters to get into tennis.

For the children who do want to engage in this initiative, the LTA have organized a range of free six week courses, which are led by over one thousand coaches. All of the coaches who lead the courses, have been trained by people such as Greg Rusedski, Annabel Croft, Leon Smith and Anne Keovathong.

All of the courses will focus on fun, flexibility and being active. There is also an offer for the parents to join in with the final session. The exercises that are carried out during the session will be based on key skills children need such as balance and co-ordination. As well as the active skills, the LTA coaches will teach the children how to work with someone else, become a top team member and also how to keep themselves hydrated.

At the end of the courses, the LTA hope to have given out ten thousand tennis rackets to the children who have participated. The courses start this month (April) and will end in July.

Views On Tennis For Kids

Former British number one, Annabel Croft recently gave her views on the initiative. Croft was quoted by the Wimbledon website as saying that the initiative is very exciting, "As someone who has played tennis for decades, the Tennis For Kids initiative is extremely exciting." She continued to say that this is exciting because it "offers children who are completely new to the sport, an easy way to start getting involved."

Talking about the idea of parents joining in with the last session, the former British number one said “It is also a lovely way to get parents in on the action, as they are actively encouraged to attend the final session." Croft continued talking about the topic, saying that she cannot wait to see everyone getting involved. The 49-year-old wrapped up her thoughts on the initiative by mentioning that she hopes "the initiative truly inspires parents to sign up to get their kids playing more tennis.”

Annabel Croft Is A Keen Supporter Of Getting The Younger Generation Playing Tennis. Photo: Christopher Lee/Getty Images
Annabel Croft Is A Keen Supporter Of Getting The Younger Generation Playing Tennis. Photo: Christopher Lee/Getty Images

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) Chief Executive, Michael Downey also gave his thoughts on the Tennis For Kids initiative. He opened by saying that the LTA are delighted to launch the initiative and that it is a "fantastic way to introduce kids to tennis in a fun engaging environment that all the family can enjoy."

Downey then went on to talk about why the LTA creating a legacy after the Davis Cup success. He said that the LTA wanted to ensure a legacy that focused on the youngsters in the country and that also "inspired them to get involved in a sport that they could continue to enjoy throughout their lives."

Downey ended by saying how the LTA are "really looking forward" to seeing all of the sign-ups across the country and they "cannot wait to get Tennis For Kids off the ground."