Highlights: Russia 3-0 Australia in ATP Cup
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7:43 AM23 days ago

Game over

Medvedev and Safuillin beat Peers and Saville by 2 x 1 to end the matchup between Russia x Australia. The russians win in all three games against the australians and retake the Group B lead.
7:28 AM23 days ago

Break and set Australia!

After holding their serve, the australian break the opponent's service again and close the set. Here we go to the set tiebreak.
7:20 AM23 days ago


Australians deliver some good returns and break Russia's serve. Safiullin was on the service. 4/3.
7:16 AM23 days ago

Australia saves itself

With Saville on the serve, australians need to save break point to hold the service game. 3/3
7:10 AM23 days ago

Game Russia

With Medvedev on the serve, the russians guarantee another service game. 3/2
7:08 AM23 days ago

Both confirm

Australia saves two break points on their turn, but holds, just like Russia. 2/2
7:00 AM23 days ago

Australia also holds

All tied for now. Peers was on the serve. 1/1
6:58 AM23 days ago

Russia confirms

Russians start the set holding the serve. 1/0
6:51 AM23 days ago

Set Russia

Russians close the tiebreak by 9-7. 1 set to 0 for them.
6:40 AM23 days ago


Russia holds after a game that a precise ball on the baseline by Safiullin and a hit from Peers over Saville. 6/6
6:32 AM23 days ago

Both confirm

Australia with Peers on serve and Russia with Medvedev hold their serve. 5/5
6:26 AM23 days ago

All tied up

Russia ties the board of the set with Safiullin on the serve. 4/4
6:24 AM23 days ago

Break returned!

The Russians use a lot of the paralell shots, difficult the australians' job and earn the break back. 4/3
6:19 AM23 days ago

Medvedev holds

World nº 2 confirms his serve this time. 4/2 Australia.
6:16 AM23 days ago

With a little suffering

Australia opens 40-0, loses two points in a row, but closes the service game. Peers had the serve. 4/1
6:13 AM23 days ago

Russians first game

Safiullin serves and Russia gets their first game. 3/1 Australia
6:07 AM23 days ago

Advantage kept

Saville serves and Australia holds on to the serve, and the break ahead. 3/0
6:04 AM23 days ago


Australian are already ahead, after breaking Medvedev's serve! 2/0
6:02 AM23 days ago

Australia holds

Peers on the serve and game won. 1/0
5:58 AM23 days ago

The game begins

Australia on the serve
5:52 AM23 days ago

Players on the court

Warm ups in session
5:33 AM23 days ago

Next game

To close the matchup, we have the doubles match coming in just a few moments:

Daniil Medvedev/Roman Safiullin (RUS) x John Peers/Luke Saville (AUS)

5:20 AM23 days ago

Game over

Medvedev closes second set by 6/2 and the game by 2 x 0.

Russia wins the matchup against Australia. 2 x 0. The doubles match will still happen, up next.

5:15 AM23 days ago

Medvedev serves for the match again

De Minaur holds. 5/2.
5:08 AM23 days ago

Can't close it!

Medvedev loses the game when serving for the match! 5/1.
5:03 AM23 days ago

Break again!

Medvedev will serve for the sweep in the second set and the match! 5/0
5:00 AM23 days ago

Medvedev holds

The russian opens wide in the second set. 4/0
4:56 AM23 days ago

Another break!

After confirming his serve, Medvedev earns another win on the oponnent's service. 3/0
4:46 AM23 days ago


De Minaur commits a few unforced errors and loses all points on his serve. Medvedev begins the set again with a break. 1/0
4:41 AM23 days ago

Set Medvedev

World nº 2 closes the first set by 6/4
4:37 AM23 days ago

With difficulty

De Minaur saves two break points and holds his serve. Medvedev will serve for the set at 5/4.
4:33 AM23 days ago

One game away

De Minaur and Medvedev hold their serves, and the russian is now one game away from the victory in the first set. 5/3.
4:26 AM23 days ago

Russian holds

Medvedev remains putting out a lot of deep shots to prepare to go for the winners. He confirms his serve. 4/2.
4:21 AM23 days ago

Australian saves himself

De Minaur saves break point to hold the serve. Medvedev still has one break ahead. 3/2.
4:15 AM23 days ago

De Minaur gets one back

The russian commits a few errors and loses one of the breaks ahead that he had. 3/1.
4:10 AM23 days ago

Another break!

Medvedev wins again on the oponnent's serve and open a good advantage in the first set. 3/0 and service for gim.
4:04 AM23 days ago

And the advantage remains

Medvedev holds his serve. 2/0.
4:02 AM23 days ago


The world nº 2 begins the game at high level, winning all points on the oponnent's serve. 1/0.
3:58 AM23 days ago

The game begins

De Minaur on the serve
3:54 AM23 days ago

Players on the court

Medvedev and De Minaur are warming up
3:42 AM23 days ago

Next game

In a few moments, the world number two Daniil Medvedev (RUS) and Alex De Minaur (AUS) will be on the court for the second game of the matchup. Stay tuned.
3:31 AM23 days ago

Both hold the serve

Safiullin and Duckworth close their service games with no problem. No break yet. 5/4.
3:29 AM23 days ago

Pretty even match

The players switch a lot of shots and take turns winning the points
3:23 AM23 days ago

And the serves remain intact

No breaks yet. Safiullin confirms. 4/3.
3:20 AM23 days ago

With struggle

Duckworth saves break point to hold his serve. 3/3.
3:12 AM23 days ago

Both hold the serve

The russian and the australian both close their service games fast. No breaks yet in the second set. 3/2.
3:05 AM23 days ago

Safiullin confirms

The russian close the service game with no trouble. 2/1.
3:03 AM23 days ago

Duckworth saves himself

The australian saves two break points by being agressive and going to the net. 1/1.
2:58 AM23 days ago

Safiullin holds

The russian begins the second set on serve and does his part. 1/0
2:51 AM23 days ago

Set Safiullin

The russian wins the tiebreak by 8 to 6. 1-0 on the board.
2:41 AM23 days ago


Safiullin also can't close the set on his serve and the decision goes to the tiebreak!
2:36 AM23 days ago


Safiullin wins four games in a row, gets a break ahead and now is the one to serve for the set, in 6/5.
2:32 AM23 days ago

All tied up

The russian confirms the serve. 5/5 in the first set.
2:28 AM23 days ago

Não fechou!

Duckworth has his service broken again, when serving for the set! 5/4
2:22 AM23 days ago

Safiullin confirms

5/3. Duckworth serves for the set.
2:18 AM23 days ago

One game away

The australian holds his serve and is now one away from winning the first set. 5/2.
2:13 AM23 days ago


Duckworth uses deep and wide open shots to stay regular from the baseline, and ends up breaking the opponent's serve. 4/2.
2:08 AM23 days ago

Duckworth confirms

Australian faces a few 40-40 situations, but holds the serve in the end. 3/2. No break advantages.
2:07 AM23 days ago

Long games

Both players have difficulties to hold their serves and take to long to close the games, also given he opponent's good returns
2:00 AM23 days ago

All tied within the set

Safiullin holds the serve. 2/2.
1:57 AM23 days ago

Break returned!

After more than tem minutes in the game, Safiullin break the opponent's serve and removes the advantage the other had. 2/1 and service for him.
1:46 AM23 days ago


Safiullin saves two break points, but can't in the third one. Duckworth ahead. 2/0.
1:39 AM23 days ago

Serve hold

Duckworth loses just one point and closes the service game with an ace. 1/0
1:36 AM23 days ago

The game begins

Duckworth on the serve
1:31 AM23 days ago

Players on the court

Safiullin and Duckworth are warming up
1:19 AM23 days ago


The current leaders of group B celebrate after the 3-0 victory over France. Who do you think will surpass them, Russia or Australia?


1:01 AM23 days ago

On the other matchup

Between the other two teams of Group B, the Italy x France matchup saw the first ones take the victory, with wins in all three disputed games.

So, the italians assume temporarily the lead in the group, with one win, one defeat, four games won and two lost.

The winner of Russia x Australia will surpass them by the end of the day (with two victories in general).

12:47 AM23 days ago

Good morning

Here we go together into the Russia x Australia matchup for the Grou B of the ATP Cup.

First game: Safiullin (RUS) x Duckworth (AUS). AT 1:30 AM (ET).

6:40 PM24 days ago

Tune in here Russia vs Australia Live Score

The matchup is scheduled for 1:30 AM (ET). Do not miss a detail of the match Russia - Australia live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.
6:35 PM24 days ago

How to watch Russia - Australia Live Stream?

If you want to directly stream it: Tennis Channel.

If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

6:30 PM24 days ago

What time is Russia-Australia match for ATP Cup?

This is the start time of the game Russia vs Australia of January 4th, 2021, in several countries:

Argentina: 3:30 AM in ESPN

Australia: 5:30 PM in belN Sports
Bolivia: 2:30 AM in ESPN
Brazil: 3:30 AM in Bandsports
Chile: 3:30 AM in ESPN
Colombia: 1:30 AM in ESPN
Ecuador: 1:30 AM in ESPN

Russia: 9:30 AM in Eurosport

USA (ET): 1:30 AM in Tennis Channel
Spain: 7:30 AM in Telefonica/Movistar
Mexico: 0:30 AM in ESPN
Paraguay: 3:30 AM in ESPN
Peru: 1:30 AM in ESPN
Uruguay: 3:30 AM in ESPN
Venezuela: 2:30 AM in ESPN

6:25 PM24 days ago

Russia x Australia prediction

Russia has the upper hand in this one, at least on paper, given their history in the tournament, their current position in Group B and the fact that the world number 2 is playing for them.

We will how it goes on the court.

6:20 PM24 days ago

About the starting time

It's important to highlight that this matchup between Russia and Australian has an predicted starting time for 1:30am (ET). So it can be delayed, depending on how the previous ones goes.

However, it is difficult to happen given that there is some time between the games from the previous night and the ones of this morning.

6:15 PM24 days ago

Teams history in the tournament

As already mentioned, Russia is the current champions of the ATP Cup. In the previous year, in 2020, they lost to Serbia in the semi-finals by 3 to 0.

Australia also was eliminated in the semis in 2020, by Spain (3 x 0). Last year, the australians didn't advanced through the group stage.

6:10 PM24 days ago

ATP Cup history

The tournament saw Serbia as its champion in 2020 and Russia in 2021. They defeated in the finale, respectvily, Spain and Italy.
6:05 PM24 days ago

Group B

Russia and Australia are going to make today an early match for the spot in the semifinals. Only one team of Group B will advance.

The two teams lead the group with one victory each. In the first round, the australians defeated Italy and the russians, France; both matchups won by two matches to one.

The winner of Italy x France, that is going to happen in the previous night, will still have a chance to rise to the top in the last round, but it will depend on the result of the third round and a series of tiebreak criterias.

Checkout how the standings of Group B are right now:

Standings provided by SofaScore LiveScore
6:00 PM24 days ago

Games of the matchup

This matchup between Russia and Australia will have three games, and we are going to deliver the details of all of them to you, in a row.

So the schedule is:

Not before 1:30am (ET): Roman Safiullin (RUS) x James Duckworth (AUS)

Right after it: World nº 2 Daniil Medvedev (RUS) x Alex de Minaur (AUS)

And then (doubles match): Daniil Medvedev/Roman Safiullin (RUS) x John Peers/Luke Saville (AUS)*

*the countries representants in the doubles match can be changed by the captains until the start of the game

5:55 PM24 days ago


To give some context, the ATP Cup was created in 2020, as an informal concurrent to the Davis Cup, with the players playing for their countries.

The difference between the two tournament is that this one distributes points for the ATP Rankings, and the other doesn't.

5:50 PM24 days ago

The match will be played at the Sydney Super Dome

The Russia vs Australia matchup will be played at the Qudos Bank Arena, with a capacity of 21,000 people.

The stadium is located within the Sydney Super Dome, in Sydney.

5:45 PM24 days ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the ATP Cup match: Russia vs Australia Live Updates!

My name is Gustavo Cipriano and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL…

This game between Russia and Australia happens for Group B of the ATP Cup.