Justin Upton Deserves To Be A Rawlings Gold Glove Finalist

As crazy as it does sound, Justin Upton deserves to be a Rawlings Gold Glove finalist. That doesn't mean he deserves to win it but he deserves to be honored for his big plays he made this year.

There's been the nonsense plays like the ball getting stuck in between the ground and padding. Those are behind him, because after that he was elite in LF. A lot better than any other option the Atlanta Braves had at the moment.

Most people like to get into sabermeterics and then there's the ones that hate sabermeterics. Numbers don't mean anything, how hard the guy plays is what matters. Little brother B.J. Upton plays hard each and every inning.

He deserves every right to be named a Rawlings Gold Glove Finalist and if you have any problem with that approach him with it and he'll change your mind real fast.