Who Had The Worst Injury: Kevin Ware, Paul George, Shaun Livingston, or Anderson Silva?

Disclaimer: Before reading this you should be advised there are some graphic videos so please read and look at your own risk.

In dark of night, Team USA was running a scrimmage game preparing for the FIBA World Cup, when Paul George of the Indiana Pacers broke his lower leg. In the middle of the fourth quarter, George tried to chase down James Harden on a fast break. When he landed his right leg was caught underneath the basket, snapping his lower leg.

Warning: this is gruesome and should be looked at your own risk!

ESPN decided to not show the replay more than once during the original broadcast. That was Paul George’s injury. George is expected to miss the entire upcoming season. Yesterday Paul George tweeted out that he is fine.

Thanks everybody for the love and support.. I'll be ok and be back better than ever!!! Love y'all!! #YoungTrece

— Paul George (@Paul_George24) August 2, 2014

Is Paul George’s injury worse than Shaun Livingston’s? Shaun Livingston tore three out of the four ligaments in his left knee during a game in 2007. OUCH! Livingston was out 8-12 months that year and has not been the same. Livingston has had injuries problems in the past but now it looks like his career is taking off. Livingston now plays for the Golden State Warriors. Livingston had some words for Paul George.

"I know people are in shock from Paul George's injury. He will be able to bounce back bc he has a warrior mentality."

— Shaun Livingston (@ShaunLivingston) August 2, 2014

"I said the same about Derrick Rose. They both have youth on their side and sometimes these injuries can make you..."

— Shaun Livingston (@ShaunLivingston) August 2, 2014

"a stronger individual than before. It forces your mind to will the body to a place it hasn't experienced!"

— Shaun Livingston (@ShaunLivingston) August 2, 2014

"I believe in Paul George and his recovery back to the top! 100"

— Shaun Livingston (@ShaunLivingston) August 2, 2014

Here is Shaun Livingston’s injury. Again, Look at your own risk.

Was Shaun Livingston’s injury worse than Kevin Ware’s injury? Kevin Ware, who played for the Louisville Cardinals at the time, suffered a really gruesome injury almost similar to Livingston. Ware suffered the injury when he ran out to the three point line to contest a three by Tyler Thornton during a 2013 Elite Eight game against Duke. After Thornton made the shot, the buzz on the court was that Ware’s leg was planted, turned and what had appeared to be a broken bone. A few words by Ware himself.


— Kevin Ware (@5Juice) August 2, 2014

"Minor setback for a major comeback PG."

— Kevin Ware (@5Juice) August 2, 2014

Here is a link to Ware’s injury. Viewer discretion is advised.

Was Ware’s injury worse than the one that Anderson Silva suffered?

Anderson Silva broke his left leg when he threw a kick at middleweight champion Chris Weidman early in the second round of their match, which was the main event at UFC 168 at MGM Grand Garden. Silva’s bone just snapped snapped off. It did not look like something gruesome had happened to the naked eye, but if you looked in slow motion you would have said something with the lines of “OH MY GOD”. The fight finished at 1:16 of the second round and Weidman retained the title since Silva was unable to compete anymore. Paramedics placed Silva on a stretcher and carted him off.

Here is Silva’s injury

Now, which one was the worst injury?