Superstar In The Making: Sage Northcutt Moves To 2-0 (In UFC) With Submission Victory Over Cody Pfister
Photo courtesy of Josh Hedges and Zuffa LLC.

Superstar In The Making: Sage Northcutt Moves To 2-0 (In UFC) With Submission Victory Over Cody Pfister

Even though it took Sage Northcutt nearly a round longer than his UFC debut, the 19-year old continued to conduct his "hype train" to the next station with tonight's submission victory.

Peyton Wesner

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA---"When he (Cody Pfister) faces Sage Northcutt, he is not just going to be facing a talented, young fighter. He is going to be facing a hype train.
---Joe Rogan

On October 3, "Super" Sage Northcutt had a perfect UFC Debut by finishing veteran Francisco Trevino in 57 seconds. 

Tonight at UFC Fight Night 80, his journey up the Lightweight ranks continued with another victory, this time by a submission (guillotine choke) in the very early stages of Round 2 versus Cody Pfister.

Running out and getting a takedown on Northcutt within the first ten seconds, Pfister immediately worked the fight to his advantage. However, even with the first three minutes on "his turf" (the canvas), "The Fist" was only able to throw a few body shots in addition to a couple of head shots on the 19-year old phenom before the referee intervened to stand back up the two fighters. Can you say, advantage Sage?

Ironically, Northcutt decided to take the fight back to the ground as he dove at the legs of Pfister while recording a takedown of his own. Slowly like a rattlesnake, the dangerous Texas A&M student worked for position against the wrestler, before unloading three monster elbows on his opponent's head. But that's not all! Thanks to the trio of blasts, Northcutt was able to hold a rear naked choke deeply on Pfister with 30 seconds remaining before standing up and hammering on his head until the Round 1 horn sounded. 

After a minute in their respective corners, Cody Pfister was extremely fired up to begin Round 2. Too bad he didn't know what would ensue less a minute into the next round.

Ducking a right hook, "Super Sage" continued to showcase his ground game with a swift takedown. Then, Northcutt wrapped his arms around the body of Pfister in an effort to set up the rear naked choke.

Although the opposition was able to get back to his feet for a moment, the youngster in only his second career UFC fight was able to rip his opponent back down before tightening his grip on the neck. 

Pfister was in deep trouble--there was no doubt about it--as Northcutt trapped him with his legs around the back. Then, executed with excellent technique and precision, the aggressor continued to bend Pfister's neck but at a near 90 degree angle until the tap was made and the victory was his.

He Said It (Part I)

"It went just as planned. And when he shopped for the next takedown, I got the guillotine tight and finished off the guillotine."
---Sage Northcutt (7-0, 2-0 in UFC) on his mentality going into second round.

He Said It (Part II)

"As soon as possible! Next month, two months, whenever the next one is, I'm ready!"
---Sage Northcutt when asked when he would like his next fight to be.