Women's Handball in Olympics Tokyo 2020:  Goals and Resume France vs Netherlands (32-22)
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Saturday 6th
3 am ET - France-Sweden
8 am ET - Norway-Russian Olympic Committee

Sunday 8th
10 pm ET - Bronze medal match

Monday 9th
2 am ET - gold medal match

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Match Statistics

Goals/shots - France: 32/52, Netherlands: 22/51
Goals/fast breaks - France: 5/7, Netherlands: 2/2
Goals/7m shots - France: 4/4, Netherlands: 4/4
Saves/shots - France: 22/44, Netherlands: 13/45
Turnovers - France: 14, Netherlands: 17
2-minute Suspensions - France: 1, Netherlands: 4
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30' End of the game. Holland is eliminated and France already knows when and against whom to return to the court - they face Sweden on Saturday 6th, at 8am ET. Whoever wins keeps their dream of Olympic gold alive against Norway or the Russian Olympic Committee, and the loser will play for bronze.
9:20 AM2 months ago

Last minute

29' Zaadi Deuna and Sercien Ugolin put France back on top 10 goals.
9:20 AM2 months ago


27' The French hold on to their lead but keep score. The Netherlands are down but can't close the gap. Score: 30-22.
9:04 AM2 months ago

Time-out France

22' France's national team coach shows a clipboard to guide the players' positioning. Score: 29-19.
9:00 AM2 months ago

Debbie Bont out

20' Two-minutes suspension. Score: 29-19.
8:56 AM2 months ago


16' Time-out Netherlands
8:53 AM2 months ago


14' Turnovers - France: 10, Netherlands: 15. 
8:52 AM2 months ago


10' Holland plays better in the second half, but France does not slow down the pace and keeps varying the attacking moves
8:44 AM2 months ago


Nycke Groot reduces the lead for the Netherlands
8:38 AM2 months ago


The second half begins. 30 minutes more to know the Sweden's opponent in the Olympics semifinal
8:29 AM2 months ago

First Half Statistics

Goals/shots - France: 19/33, Netherlands: 11/26
Goals/fast breaks - France: 5/6, Netherlands: 2/2
Goals/7m shots - France: 3/3, Netherlands: 1/1
Saves/shots - France: 11/22, Netherlands: 9/28
Turnovers - France: 5, Netherlands: 11
2-min. Suspensions - France: 0, Netherlands: 2
8:25 AM2 months ago

Half time

End of period: France: 19-11 Netherlands.
8:22 AM2 months ago

Debbie Bont out

Two minutes for her for pushing Allison Pineau while she was trying a shot
8:20 AM2 months ago


Van der Heiijden and Groot committed two turnovers for Holland and no one was able to score for three minutes
8:18 AM2 months ago


Netherlands shows power of reaction by scoring four consecutive goals. Efficiency - France 59%, Netherlands 44%.
8:13 AM2 months ago

Save shots

France: 63%, Netherlands: 22%
8:12 AM2 months ago

Time-out France

14-6. At this moment, 64% efficiency for France, 32% for the Netherlands, one of the elements that represents the score with a wide advantage
8:08 AM2 months ago


Turnovers - France: 1, Netherlands: 5
8:07 AM2 months ago

Time-out Netherlands

After 10-3, Emmanuel Mayonnade stops the game again
8:03 AM2 months ago


Snelder receives a 2-minutes suspension for penalty foul in Coatanea, who hit his knee on the ground but remains in the game
7:59 AM2 months ago


Lois Abbingh, from Netherlands, takes the worst of it after a split and leaves with a limp.
7:55 AM2 months ago

Time-out Netherlands

Stop to adjust the team as France opened a four-goal lead.
7:55 AM2 months ago


France starts better, with three goals from Flippes
7:52 AM2 months ago

France attack

Estelle Nze Minko opens the scoring with a 6-mettre shot at 93 km/h
7:49 AM2 months ago


The First Half begins
7:45 AM2 months ago


Mads Hansen, Jesper Madsen, Bohan Lah, David Sok, Bjarne Munk Jensen, Stella Vartanyan, Arijana Vojic
7:42 AM2 months ago

Netherlands squad list

Rinka Duijndam, Tess Wester (goalkeepers), Lois Abbingh, Debbie Bont, Kelly Dulfer, Merel Freriks, Nycke Groot, Laura van der Heijden, Dione Housheer, Angela Malestein, Martine Smeets, Inger Smits, Danick Snelder, Bo van Wetering
7:37 AM2 months ago

France squad list

Goalkeeper: Amandine Leynaud (Györi ETO KC), Cléopatre Darleux (Brest Bretagne Handball)
Winger: Coralie Lassource (Brest Bretagne Handball), Chloe Valentini (Entente Sportive Bisontine Feminin), Pauline Coatanea (Brest Bretagne Handball), Blandine Dancette (Nantes Loire Atlantique Handball)
Backfielder: Estelle Nze-Minko (Györi ETO KC), Allison Pineau (ZRK Buducnost Podgorica), Kalidiatou Niakate (Brest Bretagne Handball), Alexandra Lacrabere (CJF Fleury Loiret Handball), Laura Flippes (Paris 92), Grace Zaadi Deuna (GK Rostow am Don), Méline Nocandy (Metz HB)
Line Player: Beatrice Edwige (Györi ETO KC), Pauletta Foppa (Brest Bretagne Handball)

Coach: Olivier Krumbholz

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By an inch

In the last edition of the Olympics (Rio 2016) France won silver in the final against Russia, which won 22-19. Norway completed the podium with a 36-26 victory over the Netherlands, who lost the medal.
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Hey! It's time to find out who will be Sweden's opponent in the semifinal of the handball tournament at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The match of this time is between France and the Netherlands and there is less than 1 hour to go, so come with us.
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How to watch France vs Netherlands Live Stream on TV and Online?

Handball at Tokyo 2020 - Women's Quarterfinal
Match: France vs Netherlands
Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium (Tokyo, Japan)
Time: 7:45 am EST
Where to watch: SporTV (Brazil), CBS Sports (USA), Marca Claro (Mexico)
Real time: VAVEL Brazil
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Where and how to watch France vs Netherlands online and live Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Representative of Asia in the quarterfinals of the Olympic handball tournament in Tokyo 2020, South Korea returns to court this Wednesday August 4th to try a spot in the semifinals. The competitor is Sweden and you can watch this game on NBC Sports or Marca Claro or Eurosport from 4am ET. If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!
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Referees: Hansen/Madsen (Denmark) 
Reserve Referees: Lah B/Soh D (Slovenia)
IHF Official: Jensen B (Denmark)
IHF Timekeeper: S Vartanyan (Russia)
IHF Scorekeeper: A Vojic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 
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Medal table

France is in eighth place, with 24 achievements (six gold, 10 silver, eight bronze). The Netherlands is right behind with 22 (six gold, eight silver, eight bronze). China, USA, Japan, Australia, Russian Olympic Committee, Great Britain, France, and South Korea round out the top 10.
6:53 AM2 months ago


France was in group B, the same as Brazil, which like Spain did not advance to this stage. They finished in 3rd place with five points (two wins, one draw and two losses). The Netherlands finished in second place in group A, with eight points, behind only Norway. They have four wins (Montenegro, South Korea, Angola and Japan) and one defeat (27-29 to the norwegians).
6:48 AM2 months ago


Norway 26-22 Hungary
Montenegro 26-32 Russian Olympic Committee
France vs Netherlands
Sweden vs South Korea
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Preliminary round: July 24th - August 1st
Quarterfinals: August 3rd
Semifinals: August 6th
Finals: August 8th

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