Highlights: Bucks 105-98 Suns in Game 6 NBA Finals 2021


12:51 AM12 days ago


11:42 PM12 days ago

Game over!

Milwaukee defeats Phoenix at Fiserv Forum to become NBA champions

Milwaukee Bucks 105- 98 Phoenix Suns 

11:34 PM12 days ago

4Q 1:15

Middleton hangs in the air, executes big run to bring the Bucks closer to the title
11:32 PM12 days ago

4Q 2:01

Antetokounmpo is on fire and adds another double-double to reach 49
11:27 PM12 days ago

4q 3:33

Giannis reaches 47 personal tallies tonight with big double-double to separate Milwaukee by 4
11:14 PM12 days ago

4Q 8:03

Giannis adds two more to his effectiveness from free throws
11:04 PM12 days ago

4Q 11:13

Portis Jr adds two more to bring the score to 79 for Bucks
11:00 PM12 days ago

3Q Score

Milwaukee and Suns tighten their grip on the finals, tie with a quarter to go
10:42 PM12 days ago

3Q 5:28

Brook Lopez rocks Fiserv Forum and leads the Bucks to 64
10:36 PM12 days ago

3Q 7:27

Antetokounmpo shoulders the team and turns the scoreline around by three.
10:31 PM12 days ago

3Q 9:02

Devin Booker hits 8 personal points with a double-double
10:28 PM12 days ago

3Q 11:40

Block and back-to-back basket by Greek Antetokounmpo
10:11 PM12 days ago

Half Time Score

With the help of Chris Paul the Suns win the second quarter and turn the score around. Phoenix wins it 47-42
10:08 PM12 days ago

2Q 0:46

Giannis again steps in to block Booker and snatches the ball away from him.
10:00 PM12 days ago

2Q 4:00

Chris Paul has scored to turn the score around and Phoenix is up by four on Milwaukee.
9:52 PM12 days ago

2Q 7:30

Portis Jr adds two more to Milwaukee's tally from the free-throw line
9:44 PM12 days ago

2Q 10:00

Antetokounmpo's big block prevents Suns from double-double
9:37 PM12 days ago

1Q Score

Milwaukee Bucks 29- Phoenix Sun 16
9:36 PM12 days ago

1Q 0:45

Giannis scores from the free-throw line to reach 10 singles on the night
9:33 PM12 days ago

1Q 2:58

DeAndre Ayton enters the court
9:25 PM12 days ago

1Q 5:00

Middleton scores seven straight points with two doubles and a three-pointer
9:20 PM12 days ago

1Q 6:51

Chris Paul hits first three-pointer of the night to bring Suns to within one point of lead
9:17 PM12 days ago

1Q 8:30

Milwaukee on the offensive, second touchdown for Bucks
9:14 PM12 days ago

1Q 11:00

Antetokounmpo scores first two points of the game
9:12 PM12 days ago

Game starts!

Jump to the centre, Phoenix keeps the ball at the start.
9:00 PM12 days ago

Kill or be killed

Chris Paul knows they have everything at stake in this Game 6, and he said: "Throughout the playoffs, this is our first elimination game. So it's real. There's no looking back. We have to come out ready to play. And it's win or go home.....

It's very exciting, this situation. Something coach and my teammates have been saying: If you were told at the beginning of the regular season that you'd be in this position, would you accept it? Absolutely and absolutely. And we have a chance to get it," he concluded.

8:51 PM12 days ago

Suns starting five

Chris Paul, Davin Booker, Mikal Bridges, Jae Crowder, DeAndre Ayton
8:46 PM12 days ago
Visiting coach Monty Williams said he was confident of his players "When we got on the plane, the guys had that look of confidence in their eyes. And when I came down this morning to our meeting, they were talking, they were calm, they were having breakfast. It was great to see them (...)Those kinds of defeats are very tough, but if you're going to do something great, you have to overcome those kinds of difficulties along the way."
8:43 PM12 days ago

Milwaukee starting five

8:35 PM12 days ago

Suns arrive

The Arizona squad's arrival at the Bucks' home
8:26 PM12 days ago

Suns update

Dario Sarić will be out for tonight due to a cruciate ligament injury. 
8:21 PM12 days ago

Diamonds on the stave

P.J. Tucker showed off his real diamond-encrusted trainers on his arrival at the Fiserv Forum, the basketball player has distinguished himself as a sneaker lover and has customised a few pairs in luxury.
8:16 PM12 days ago

We are back!

In a few minutes we will start the broadcast of NBA Game 6 between Bucks and Suns. Emotions will be running high with Milwaukee defending the lead and Suns forcing Game 7.
8:11 PM12 days ago

Saty with us!

The joust between Bucks and Suns continues 
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What time is Bucks vs Suns match for {{Copa América}}?

This is the start time of the game Bucks vs Suns of 19th July 2021 in several countries:

USA (ET): 21:00 PM in ESPN
Spain: 1:00 AM in ESPN
Mexico: 20:00 PM in ESPN

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Suns key player

Devin Booker Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges are playing their first preseason because Crowder sent words of encouragement to his teammates as an experienced player: "The message is stay together, fight for every possession and take advantage of where you are right now.
7:46 PM12 days ago

Bucks key player

The Greek has stated that while he can't stop thinking about how close the Bucks are to the championship he prefers to focus on the day-to-day and hopes to be at his best in game six:
"But this is the time when individually we have to be disciplined and we can't worry about plans to celebrate. None of that until it's done and that's the mentality I'm going to have until tomorrow," said the Bucks star.


7:41 PM12 days ago

Last starting 5

Jae Crowder, Mikal Bridges, DeAndre Ayton, Devin Booker, Chris Paul
7:36 PM12 days ago

Last starting 5 Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo, P.J Tucker, Brook López, Khris Middleton, Jrue Holiday
7:31 PM12 days ago

Fiserv Forum

Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center, conocido por motivos de patrocinio como Fiserv Forum, es un pabellón multiusos situado en Milwaukee, Wisconsin, inaugurado el 26 de agosto de 2018.​ Es la sede de los Milwaukee Bucks de la NBA y del equipo de baloncesto de la Universidad Marquette.

Tiene una capacidad aproximada de 17340 asistentes.

7:26 PM12 days ago

Phoenix Suns

The Suns are one game away from tying the series and forcing Milwaukee to play a seventh game, but to get this far they first had to beat the Lakers, winning 4 of the 6 games played. They then faced the Denver Nuggets, whom they dispatched in the first 4 games. Kawhi Leonard's Clippers got the same dose of the same dose as the Los Angeles Nuggets and won 4-2. Now the last step to the title is the Bucks.


7:21 PM12 days ago

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks started their playoff journey against the Miami Heat, whom they beat in game 4 with a perfect record. Their next opponent was the Brooklyn Nets who pushed them to the limit and stretched the battle to game 7. For the next episode they faced the Hawks who represented a bigger challenge with Trae Young but Milwaukee was able to solve it in four games. The last test came against the Phoenix Suns who they have on the ropes with a 1 game lead.


7:16 PM12 days ago

Game 6

Game 5 of the NBA Finals was more than a heartbreaker. Milwaukee took the lead getting their third win over the Suns and put the series 3-2 in their favour, so tomorrow the Suns will want to take this story to the maximum and will look to force game 7.
7:11 PM12 days ago

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