Points and Highlights: Boston Celtics 109-114 Minnesota Timberwolves in NBA
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11:53 PM5 months ago


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11:53 PM5 months ago


Timberwolves beat Celtic 114-109 in extra time!
11:47 PM5 months ago


The Timberolves are ahead, winning 106-105!
11:47 PM5 months ago


The ball flies into five-minute extra time to determine the winner!
11:45 PM5 months ago


The Celtics went for the equalizer! Regulation time ends and the two teams are tied 101-101! On to extra time!
11:44 PM5 months ago


By four points, the Timberwolves went on to win the game 96-92!
11:43 PM5 months ago


The Timberwolves are still ahead, winning 85-78 and looking to extend their lead!
11:09 PM5 months ago

Last Q Starts!

The Timberwolves now take the lead and start the final quarter leading 79-74!
11:08 PM5 months ago


And it's still a draw, now 70-70, in an extremely tight game!
11:08 PM5 months ago


The game is played point by point and we're currently level on 63 points!
11:07 PM5 months ago


The teams are back on the court and the ball is flying for the third quarter!
11:06 PM5 months ago


The first half is over and the Celtics are ahead 55-52!
10:42 PM5 months ago


The Celtics extend their lead again and go on to win 48-40!
10:40 PM5 months ago


The Celtics are once again ahead on the scoreboard, now winning 32-29!
10:39 PM5 months ago

2nd Q starts!

With the Timberwolves ahead by three points at 29-26, the second quarter begins!
10:38 PM5 months ago


And the Timberwolves go ahead and win 23-21!
9:28 PM5 months ago


The Celtics started the game slightly better than the Timberwolves, winning 17-12.
9:01 PM5 months ago


The players appear on the court and the ball flies into the first quarter of the match!
8:47 PM5 months ago

Celtics' starting five!

8:47 PM5 months ago

Timberwolves' starting five!

8:16 PM5 months ago


We now open the broadcast of the NBA match between the Timberwolves and the Celtics!
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Chris Finch!

Chris Finch on the other side spoke about Karl-Anthony Towns: "He's an NBA player who we asked to change positions, and he's still adapting. All credit to him. It's not easy. He's been very good at it, and I know it's frustrating at times, but he's learning a little more every day, and we're learning a little more every day how we can still use him to the fullest. You're not going to win if you don't protect yourself. Going into this season, we knew that, with our line-up, [our identity] had to be defense. It had to be defense and it had to be big. The pre-game hype line, the hype tunnel, it's not for me".
7:56 PM5 months ago

Joe Mazzulla!

After beating the 76ers, Joe Mazzulla spoke to the press and commented on the match: "I haven't thought much about the next game yet, but he deserves it. He deserved the opportunities he got. Also, as far as I'm concerned, he seems to have done everything we've asked of him and I'm liking the way he's improving on a daily basis. We're excited about the opportunity to help him develop and we want to see if he can continue to improve in the next two pre-season games. My way of getting excited is to get angry and anxious, as if we should be training right now. It's always good to add new characteristics and repertoires to your squad. I'm sure he (Holiday) will be spectacular."

Neemias Queta also spoke about the team's situation: "This year we want to dominate defense from the start and that's what we're managing to do. I try to be as consistent as possible in the post and around the basket. I think I can be alongside the best [in the battle of the boards]. I just want to keep that consistency and help the team as much as I can in the role I've been given to win as many games as possible. Right now, the team feeling is very good, everyone is giving their all, we're playing with each other. We're at the Boston Celtics to win games and also to have fun while we're playing".

7:51 PM5 months ago

Injury Report: Timberwolves

On the other side, the Timberwolves have only one absentee, the injured Jaylen Clark.
7:46 PM5 months ago

Injury Report: Celtics

The Celtics will be without the injured Neemias Queta, as well as Oshae Brissett and Derrick White, both listed as questionable.
7:41 PM5 months ago

Western Conference

With three wins and two losses, the Timberwolves are in fifth place of Western Conference, tied with the Clippers, below the Pelicans, who have four wins and two losses, and above the Lakers, Spurs, Trail Blazers and Thunder, all tied with three wins and three losses.
7:36 PM5 months ago

Eastern Conference

With five wins the Celtics are top of the Eastern Conference, above the 76ers, who have four wins and one loss, and the Hawks and Magic, both with four wins and two losses.
7:31 PM5 months ago

Last Matches: Celtics

The Boston Celtics, on the other hand, are on a five-game winning streak. On Wednesday (25), they beat the Knicks 108-104. On Friday (27), they beat the Heat 119-111. On Monday (30), by 126-107, they beat the Wizards. On Wednesday (01), they beat the Pacers 155-104 and finally, on Saturday (4), they beat the Nets 124-114.
7:26 PM5 months ago

Last Matches: Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves come into this match with two defeats and three wins. On Wednesday (25), they lost 97-94 to the Raptors. On Saturday (28) they won 106-90 against the Heat. On Monday (30), they lost 127-113 to the Hawks. On Wednesday (01), they beat the Nuggets 110-89 and on Saturday (4) they beat the Jazz 123-95.
7:21 PM5 months ago

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