Points and Highlights: Oklahoma City Thunder 134-91 Portland Trail Blazers in NBA
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By 134-91, with a 43-point lead, the Thunder ease past the Trail Blazers, winning once again this season!
11:23 PM17 days ago


With 118-79, the Thunder go past the Trail Blazers!
10:53 PM17 days ago

Last Q Starts

With a lead of almost FOURTY points, leading 101-66, the final quarter begins with the Thunder running roughshod over the Trail Blazers!
10:52 PM17 days ago


The Thunder continue to lead with ease, winning 88-61!
10:51 PM17 days ago


The players return to the court and the ball flies into the third quarter!
10:19 PM18 days ago


With a 33-point lead, winning 76-43, the Thunder went into halftime with a comfortable victory!
10:14 PM18 days ago


With 55-34 on the scoreboard, the Thunder are 20 points up!
10:11 PM18 days ago


Thunder beat Trail Blazers comfortably 44-23!
10:07 PM18 days ago

2nd Q tarts

The second quarter begins with the Thunder leading 33-21!
9:28 PM18 days ago


With 20-13 on the scoreboard, the Thunder are still ahead, still winning the game!
9:28 PM18 days ago


At 11-2, the Thunder got off to a blistering start, taking a huge lead!
9:26 PM18 days ago


The players are already on the court and the ball is flying for the first quarter of the match!
9:25 PM18 days ago

The Trail Blazers' starting five!

8:53 PM18 days ago

Thunder's starting five!

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We now open the broadcast of the NBA match between the Trail Blazers and the Thunder!
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Tune in here Oklahoma City Thunder vs Portland Trail Blazers Live Score

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Chauncey Billups, coach of the Trail Blazers, spoke about Scoot Henderson: "I'm going to be for Scoot what I needed when I was his age. I needed someone, first and foremost, who knew what I was going through. Someone who could help me learn about the game. Someone who knew how to be patient and, above all, understand the ups and downs of a young man. But there was no one like that at the start of my career. We have to support the kids because you can't just put them on the court and expect them to shine. That's not how it works. You have to have a support system, in short. I feel we're already doing a great job, by the way. He listens to everything we say and shows a lot of competitiveness in training. I'm excited about this kid. I came to the NBA with a lot of pressure, but no support. The team needed to win, so the coach didn't have any patience with me. And, of course, the rookies need that. None of our coaches, for example, were former point guards and were in a position to help me. I wasn't comfortable. My career could have been very different with more support".
8:44 AM18 days ago

Injury Report: Thunder

The Thunder have no injuries for the match, but will have Cason Wallace listed as questionable.
8:39 AM18 days ago

Injury Report: Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers will be without the injured Anfernee Simons, Scoot Henderson, Robert Williams, Ish Wainright and Malcom Brogdon.
8:34 AM18 days ago

Western Conferece: Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers are in 14th place with three wins and nine losses, tied with the Grizzlies, above the Spurs, 3-10, and below the Jazz, 4-8, the Clippers, 4-7, and the Warriors and Suns, both 6-7.
8:29 AM18 days ago

Western Conference: Thunder

The Thunder are in fourth place in the Western Conference, with eight wins and four losses, below the Timberwolves and Nuggets, both 9-3, and the Mavericks, 9-4, and above the Kings, 7-4, the Rockets, 6-4, and the Lakers, 7-6.
8:24 AM18 days ago

Last Matches: Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder have four wins and one loss. On Saturday (11) they lost 105-98 to the Kings. On Sunday (12), by 111-99, the win came against the Suns. On Tuesday (14), by 123-87, the win came against the Spurs. On Friday (17), by 128-109, they beat the Warriors and on Saturday (18), by 130-123, they beat the Warriors once again.
8:19 AM18 days ago

Last Matches: Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers come into the match on the back of five straight defeats. On Thursday (9), by 121-118, the defeat came against the Kings. On Monday (13), by 116-110, the defeat came against the Lakers. On Tuesday (14), by 115-99, the loss came to the Jazz. On Thursday (16), by 109-95, the loss came to the Cavaliers and, on Saturday (18), by 107-95, the loss came to the Lakers.
8:14 AM18 days ago

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