VAVEL USA's Top 25 Poll: Week 4
CBS Sports

1. Oregon 121 points (4 first place votes). Bowl Projection: Rose. Even being the #1 team in this poll, they look shaky and liable to fall at some point.

2. Oklahoma 115 points. Bowl Projection: Playoff. They tore apart an underrated West Virginia team in their house on Saturday, they have to be the favorite until further notice.

3. Alabama 110 points. Bowl Projection: Sugar Bowl. They’re a good team this year, but just not good enough for that division.

4. Florida State 108 points (1 first place vote). Bowl Projection: Orange. Winston just is too volatile for them. And the supporting cast isn’t there.

5(tie). Auburn 100 points. Bowl Projection: Capital One Bowl. They really shouldn’t have beaten K-State and should see 3-5 losses.

5(tie). Baylor 100 points. Bowl Projection: Playoff. They should be a 1 loss team when its all said and done.

7. Texas A&M 99 points. Bowl Projection: Playoff. They should be the current favorite to win the SEC.

8. Notre Dame 83 points. Bowl Projection: Orange. If they beat FSU, they should be almost a lock for a playoff spot, but they probably won’t.

9. UCLA 78 points. Bowl Projection: Playoff. They should be the favorite to win the Pac-12 with how Oregon and Southern Cal are looking.

10. Ole Miss 72 points. Bowl Projection: Outback Bowl. It’s hard to see a scenario where they don’t have 3-5 losses.

11. Michigan State 68 points. Bowl Projection: Rose Bowl. They should win the Big 10 easily.

12(tie). South Carolina 62 points. Bowl Projection: Fiesta Bowl. If they win out (beating Missouri and Auburn), they could sneak into the playoffs with 1 loss outside of the SEC Championship Game.

12(tie). Mississippi State 62 points. Bowl Projection: Music City Bowl. They’re not going to surprise anyone anymore.

14. Arizona State 56 points. Bowl Projection: Cotton Bowl. They get an at-large spot thanks to the crash of the Big 12 and Big 10.

15. Georgia 52 points. Bowl Projection: Cotton Bowl. If the SEC east is down to them or South Carolina, the winner of the division gets the Fiesta, the loser gets the Cotton.

16. BYU 51 points. Bowl Projection: Fiesta Bowl. They play too many cream puffs to make the playoff, but the Fiesta bowl is a nice prize.

17. Stanford 36 points. Bowl Projection: Alamo Bowl. If they knock off Oregon, they will do better but right now, they’re going to be disappointed.

18. Nebraska 32 points. Bowl Projection: Taxslayer Bowl. They’re the 2nd or 3rd team in the Big 10 and you will not look them come Christmas time.

19. LSU 30 points. Bowl Projection: Texas Bowl. They’ll be dangerous next year, but they’re too young for the SEC west.

20. Duke 29 points. Bowl Projection: Belk Bowl. If Clemson loses two more, Duke could sneak into the Capitol One bowl.

21. Penn State 23 points. Bowl Projection: Outback Bowl. The under/over on inappropriate signs at the game?

22. Utah 22 points. Bowl Projection: Sun Bowl. They’re an interesting spoiler team, but as Douglas Adams wrote “Mostly Harmless.”

23. Wisconsin 19 points. Bowl Projection: Fight Hunger Bowl. It shouldn’t be a surprise if they oust Gary Anderson.

24. Southern Cal 17 points. Bowl Projection: Cactus Bowl. If they ever get a running quarterback, look out. Until then, they’ll disappoint.

25. Oklahoma State 16 points. Bowl Projection: Alamo Bowl. Put Gundy on the hot seat list also.

Also receiving votes: Ohio State 14, ECU 11, Arizona 9, Arkansas 8, TCU 6,  Ga Tech 5, Washington 5, Kansas State 3, Marshall 2, Oregon State

Zeroed out: Clemson, Missouri, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and Virginia Tech