The Fourth Mock Playoff

Playoff Semi-Finals

Mississippi State (#1) - Oregon (#4): Despite the big name QBs, this game comes down to the Oregon defense chasing Josh Robinson around the field. They might get to Prescott more than anyone is expecting, but they don’t have an answer for Robinson. Miss State 34-Oregon 28

Florida State (#2) - Alabama (#3): Florida State just doesn’t have the horses to compete with Alabama and with Winston now becoming an interception machine, this would not be close. Alabama 44-FSU 17.

National Championship Game

Mississippi State - Alabama. Alabama rolls big, but this could change based on this saturday game. Alabama 45-Miss State 20.

The rest of the Playoff system bowls(note: this is based on the voting of who is the appropriate team at this moment):

Rose Bowl: Arizona State (Pac-12 rep) -  Ohio State (Big Ten rep). Somehow Ohio State is back in the playoff discussion despite only beating one decent team this year (Michigan State). They’ll find a way to blow it however. ASU 30-OSU 20.

Sugar Bowl: Ole Miss (SEC rep) - TCU (Big 12 rep). TCU only missed out on a playoff spot because they were two votes behind Oregon. Ole Miss is here thanks to narrowly passing Auburn in the rankings. Ole Miss 30-TCU 28.

Orange Bowl: Duke (ACC rep) - Auburn (at large). Notre Dame’s loss is Auburn’s gain. They move ahead of the fighting Irish and embarrass Duke on national TV. Auburn 55-Duke 17.

Cotton: Marshall (Group of 5 rep) - Baylor (at large). This will get ugly and fast. Marshall (and the rest of the Group of 5 contenders) are showing how little that they belong in this system. Baylor lives for bad teams like this. Baylor 63-Marshall 13.

Fiesta Bowl: UCLA (at large) - Michigan State (at large). The Spartans aren’t out of playoff or Rose Bowl contention but they need a lot of help. UCLA has righted the ship to some extent and has to be taken seriously. Michigan State 24-UCLA 17.

Peach Bowl: Arizona (at large) - Kansas State (at large). The Wildcats’ dream of a playoff spot probably died against TCU, but they’re still in it enough to make a major bowl. KState 42-Arizona 20.