Indiana Football Quotes: Hoosiers Can't Get Over The Hump As They Fall To Iowa, 35-27

Indiana Football Quotes: Hoosiers Can't Get Over The Hump As They Fall To Iowa, 35-27

Following the loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes, three Indiana Hoosiers players spoke with the media. VAVEL USA was there on the scene at Memorial Stadium.

Josh Eastern

The Indiana Hoosiers suffered a tough loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes Saturday at home in Bloomington. There were common themes in their postgame answers as the pressure of reaching a bowl game was mounting with just three games left in the season and their record sitting at 4-5. The Hoosiers have lost five straight games (all conference games).

Nate Sudfeld (quarterback):

Offense never found a rhythm: “Yeah. We never got a rhythm, not as balanced as I’d like to be. We were running the ball, just weren’t making enough plays in the passing game. I thought the protection was good. I just need to execute better with the receivers and tight ends.”

Pressure to win: “Not at all. It’s Indiana, nobody really expects much from us. We’re holding each other accountable as brothers and really trying to do a lot of great things to finish out the season.”

Crowd effect: “Yeah, I mean, their fans did a good job traveling. They’re having a good season. I would have liked to have a little bit more from the home fans. It’s up to us to play better to bring them in. The more consistent we are and the better we play that'll take care of itself. We have to play better as a team.”

Hasn’t clicked in fourth quarter: “Just not able to finish games. I loved the way we fought to the end tonight. A few things just didn’t go our way. I mean they’re a good football team, but we should have played a lot better and if we do, I think we come out with a win.”

Closing games and getting a win: “That’s the goal. I mean, we’ve been competitive with the best teams in the nation. I’m tired of being competitive. We’re good enough to win these games. It’s up to us players to execute and take it personal and finish the season strong.”

TD pass record: "I mean I feel like it’s a team record. Sure, you like to break records, but especially in the fashion- I would have liked to win the game. But I’ll probably reflect on it tonight and think about all of the guys I’ve thrown touchdowns to in my career. And it’s meant a lot to me. It’s a team sport and its not me throwing to myself."

Jordan Howard (running back):

“Physically I feel good. I just need to build my stamina back up.”

On fourth quarters: “We don’t approach it any differently. We just have to keep taking it one play at a time. We just have to make plays which is what it all comes down to.”

Rush defense: “I feel like we do take confidence because I feel like we can run on anybody no matter what the numbers say. We just have to come out and execute the game plan.”

Getting wins: “Just have to make plays when the opportunity comes and just have to step up.”

“Just letting some plays slip away, but we just have to get back in practice and refocus.”

Third quarter: “There’s nothing I can really identify, I think we came out a little flat.”

Pressure to win: “I feel like there’s a little pressure, but we just have to take it one game at a time and not look pass anyone.”

Edge of line: “On film we saw we were going to have to cut up, but in the game it opened up so I took it.”

Tight ends: “Very important because they have to seal the edge or kick them out. The tackles do a good job too.”

Healthiest you’ve been? "I feel like I’m very healthy. I don’t think you’ll ever be 100%, but I feel like I’m good enough to go."

Fresher legs down the stretch: “I feel like I will. Kept my body a little fresher – took some of the hits off.”

Zach Shaw (linebacker):

Third down defense: “It starts up front. We have to get after the quarterback and we got our guys in man coverage behind us so if we give them a chance to get open, he’s going to make a good throw. It’s up to us up front to get after the quarterback and make him throw quicker than he normally would.”

After third down conversions: “Momentum I think. If they get that third down play and then they keep that momentum going, we have to get off the field and get our offense back on the field.”

Kevin Wilson (Head Coach):

Opening statement: “Hard fought game despite the outcome. We played a good team that played well. I thought our guys played well. Just not enough plays. The passing game – got behind the chains a few times in the third quarter, a few dropped passes. Could have been a bit cleaner. Defense was better, kicking game improved. Just wasn’t enough against a good team. Just need to keep pushing. Very positive with the guys in the locker room. We’re disappointed, but there is a good group of leaders and a good group of guys. I think there is a team that’s disappointed or frustrated, but this group is confident. We’re going to keep pushing forward for next year. Congrats to Iowa, solid team. They played well, and proud of our guys, but we have to keep pushing for more.”

Can't quite break through: “Is it psychological, is it physiological, is it just one more play, a call or two? We’ve had too much evidence of too good week after week. That there are good players and good football. I think we had a good plan both phases. Thought we played well, but at the end of the day it wasn’t good enough.”

“We need to win for those fifth year seniors who have given us a lot and have given us a lot of energy at a program where we’re trying to create it. As much as they’ve given us, we need them to give a little more. We’ve gotten to where we can compete, but we now need to get to the point where we’re winning and it’s got to get better. We wanted to play this game confidently, without a lot of force. We just tried to put our kids in good position, but Iowa was good enough. I just think we’re right there knocking at it, but we just need to keep knocking until you get through it and that’s how we’re going to do it internally. That’s’ the plan. I don’t like it, but that’s where it is.”

“Today’s issue was the third quarter. They did a nice job sticking it to us in the third quarter. Defensively, we’ve not been good enough to sustain stops. We went a lot slower today - it didn’t matter how fast or slow you went, Iowa was going to play their same structure. Um, tried to run it a lot more today, but if anything, we were worn down and it was our third down defense.”

“Thought our guys battled better today. Thought our defense was better today, not satisfied. Thought we made some strides, just got to keep pushing. Right now the football team is pretty close, and today we played more like a team.”