College Football Playoff Week Three Prediction

Well, here we are folks. College sports continue to prove why they are the best. Tonight, #2 Clemson, #3 Michigan and #4 Washington all lost games. The Tigers and Huskies both lost at home for their first losses of the season. While the Wolverines went on the road and lost to (5-4) Iowa. Alabama still looked like the most impressive team in the country, Ohio State won 62-3 AGAIN and Louisville scored 44 unanswered to beat Wake Forest. So what are the rankings going to look like on Tuesday now that three of the top four teams lost?

Could be 1. Alabama 2. Alabama’s Offense 3. Alabama’s Defense 4. Alabama’s Special Teams. Just kidding, that won't happen, so here are the four teams who should be in the playoffs come Tuesday night.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Is there any question who the best team in the country has been all year? The Tide are destroying everyone in their path and have already locked down the SEC. Jalen Hurts has been stellar as a freshman while playing Chattanooga and Auburn to finish the regular season. Is anyone going to be the Crimson Tide? Of course not, so the top spot is already a guarantee.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes shot up three spots from being in fifth because of so many losses. They already have wins over Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. OSU still has to host Michigan which could be a winner goes to the CFB game. If Ohio State wins out, despite Penn State having the chance to play in the Big Ten title game because of the loss, they would for sure be in after three impressive victories and a not so bad loss on the road to the Nittany Lions.

3. Clemson Tigers

Yeah, they lost to Pittsburgh at home. Yeah, they’ve had a lot of close games to decent opponents. But, they still have quite a bit of quality wins under their belt. They’ve won at Auburn, - Louisville and at Florida State. Pitt is unranked but they’ve beaten Penn State. They don't look like a playoff team but as of right now, they are one. The Tigers still hold their destiny in the ACC but if they lose next week at Wake Forest, Louisville will be in the ACC title game and Clemson will fall out of the playoffs race completely.

4. Louisville Cardinals

You could have a coin flip of either UofL or Michigan in this spot. As of now, the Cardinals get the advantage because they do have the best loss. Their only loss comes at Clemson by a single score and they still looked impressive in that loss. Lamar Jackson is the Heisman front runner by far and they have a cake walk schedule remaining. If Clemson loses at Wake Forest, the Cardinals will be in the ACC title game and in great position to lock up a playoff spot.

You could easily make an argument for Michigan to still be in the top four but Washington has no chance of making the playoff now with the one loss. My four will probably be wrong but the committee is more than likely freaking out right now. There is so many different combinations there could be and there is still so much more football to be played. Don't forget, Ohio State and Michigan still play each other. At least we all know for a fact, the committee will only drop Texas A&M four spots for losing to another unranked team.