Highlights: Georgia 33-18 Alabama in NCAAF Final
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12:03 AM9 days ago

Georgia Champion!

The Georgia Bulldogs are the new NCAA champion, third championship in the history of their university:
12:02 AM9 days ago

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The game is over!

Game over at Lucas Oil Stadium, Georgia is the new NCAA champion.
11:58 PM9 days ago

Historic victory for Stetson and Georgia

Deserved title for Stetson Beneett, the celebration begins on the Georgia bench:
11:57 PM9 days ago

4Q | 0:28

Bryce Young captured, last gasps of the game.
11:53 PM9 days ago

Interception and touchdown!

Keele Ringo's interception, who cuts Bryce Young's pass and escapes to the end zone:
11:51 PM9 days ago

Georgia, new champion!

Georgia will win the national title for the third time in its history and break the 41-year NCAA championshipless streak.
11:49 PM9 days ago

4Q | 0:54

Georgia interception and touchdown, Keele Ringo catches a pass from Bryce Young and runs away to score. The extra is good.
11:46 PM9 days ago

4Q | 1:19

Cross Alabama midfield, last chances.
11:44 PM9 days ago

Big play!

Great play with Bennett's deception and Bowers scoring:
11:42 PM9 days ago

4Q | 3:33

Stetson Bennett's deception and with a float pass he finds Brock Bowers and escapes to the end zone. Jack Podlesny's extra is good, 8 lead for the Bulldogs.
11:38 PM9 days ago

4Q | 4:05

Georgia gets into Alabama's 15th.
11:35 PM9 days ago

4Q | 5:16

The Bulldogs run into Alabama territory.
11:34 PM9 days ago

4Q | 5:58

Only running plays for Georgia, looking to consume the clock.
11:30 PM9 days ago

2nd one for Georgia!

Stetson Bennett connects with Adonai Mitchell and returns the advantage to Georgia:
11:29 PM9 days ago

4Q | 7:17

Get back to dominating Georgia's defense and force Alabama to ditch the ball.
11:28 PM9 days ago

4Q | 8:03

Bryce Young returns to offense and Alabama in search of retaking the advantage.
11:25 PM9 days ago

Alabama responds!

Bryce Young's pass to find Cameron Latu and retake the lead on the scoreboard:
11:23 PM9 days ago

4Q | 8:09

Touchdown, 40-yard pass to Adonai Mitchell and Georgia goes back to the front. The conversion is not good, advantage of 1 for the Bulldogs.
11:20 PM9 days ago

4Q | 9:24

Stetson Bennett and his offense cross midfield and look to get in front again.
11:14 PM9 days ago

4Q | 10:14

Cameron Latu receives the touchdown pass and Alabama goes back to the front. The conversion is not good.
11:10 PM9 days ago

4Q | 11:35

The decision is maintained, Fumble is marked and Alabama will begin its offense at the 16 yard of its rival.
11:07 PM9 days ago

4Q | 12:18

Fumble's play is under review.
11:06 PM9 days ago

4Q | 12:18

Georgia Fumble, recovered by Alabama.
11:00 PM9 days ago

4Q | 12:59

Georgia's defense slows Alabama down and only concedes Will Reichard's field goal.
10:57 PM9 days ago

4Q | 13:50

Pass to Agiye Hall and it's 1st -goal for Alabama.
10:56 PM9 days ago

4Q | 14:36

Bryce Young's offense crosses midfield.
10:55 PM9 days ago

First Touchdown of the night!

Zamir White gets between the lines of each team and scores the first touchdown of the game:
10:52 PM9 days ago

End of the 3rd

The third quarter ends, a 4-point lead for Georgia.
10:51 PM9 days ago

3Q | 0:44

Alabama is looking to get into rival territory before ending the third quarter.
10:49 PM9 days ago

3Q | 1:20

Georgia touchdown, Zamir White carries the ball gets 6 points. Jack Podlesny's extra is good, Georgia cartwheel.
10:46 PM9 days ago

3Q | 3:07

67-yard play, James Cook escapes and Georgia enters the red zone.
10:42 PM9 days ago

3Q | 3:23

The field goal attempt is blocked by the Georgia defense, the score remains the same.
10:39 PM9 days ago

3Q | 4:08

Alabama gets into the red zone and looks for the first touchdown of the night.
10:32 PM9 days ago

3Q | 7:43

Alabama manages to get out of the confinement of his 3-yard line and crosses midfield.
10:26 PM9 days ago

3Q | 11:03

Georgia fails to advance after the interception and they clear the ball.
10:23 PM9 days ago

3Q | 12:05

Interception, Bryce Young looks for a deep pass and the ball falls into the hands of Georgia.
10:18 PM9 days ago

3Q | 12:48

Georgia's offense fails to advance and they are forced to ditch the ball.
10:13 PM9 days ago

3Q | 15:00

Start the 3rd quarter, Georgia offense.
9:50 PM9 days ago


We go to halftime with an advantage for Alabama of 3 points, a very even game that has not allowed any touchdowns.
9:48 PM9 days ago

2Q | 1:33

Georgia stopsย Alabama and forces them to punt.
9:40 PM9 days ago

2Q | 3:09

Georgia does not get more than a field goal, Jack Podlesny brings the Bulldogs closer to 3 again.
9:39 PM9 days ago

Great sack!

Bulldogs defense avoiding touchdown and forcing field goal attempt:
9:29 PM9 days ago

2Q | 7:07

Will Reichard does it again and gets the field goal, a 6 lead for Alabama.
9:28 PM9 days ago

2Q | 7:11

Bryce Young is captured and Alabama away to the 22 yard, a field goal attempt is coming.
9:27 PM9 days ago

2Q | 8:26

Bryce Young's 61-yard play with Cameron Latu, Alabama in the red zone.
9:21 PM9 days ago

2Q | 11:12

Kenny McIntosh had managed to return a kick to Alabama's 20-yard line, however, it was canceled by offensive holding.
9:18 PM9 days ago

2Q | 11:12

Will Reichard lands the 45-yard field goal and returns the lead to Alabama.
9:13 PM9 days ago

2Q | 12:28

Time out of Alabama for medical aid to enter the field and check on Jameson Williams.
9:11 PM9 days ago

2Q | 12:28

Bryce Young's 40-yard pass to Jameson Williams, but it appears the receiver ended up injured.
9:08 PM9 days ago

2Q | 12:35

Jack Podlesny ties the game with a field goal.
9:04 PM9 days ago

2Q | 14:14

Georgia gets into the red zone, seeks to get on the scoreboard.
9:00 PM9 days ago

Bye to the 1st!

The first quarter ends, a 3-point lead for Alabama.
8:59 PM9 days ago

1Q | 1:42

52-yard pass from Stetson Bennett to George Pickens and Georgia is placed at Alabama's 20-yard line.
8:57 PM9 days ago

1Q | 1:50

Georgia gets her first 1-10 of the night and begins her way to Alabama territory.
8:55 PM9 days ago

1Q | 3:20

Alabama's second punt, Georgia's defense did not allow any advance.
8:50 PM9 days ago

1Q | 4:12

Once again, Georgia does not get anything and they clear the ball, punishment for not respecting the free reception. Alabama will begin its offensive from 45 of its territory.
8:43 PM9 days ago

1Q | 5:48

Very good Georgia defense, they stop Alabama and give Stetson Bennett the opportunity to return to the field.
8:37 PM9 days ago

1Q | 8:19

Georgia gets nothing and they kick the ball.
8:34 PM9 days ago

1Q | 9:50

First sack of the night Stetson Bennett is sacked by the Alabama defense.
8:28 PM9 days ago

1Q | 9:55

Will Reichard gets the field goal and Alabama adds its first points.
8:24 PM9 days ago

1Q | 12:29

Alabama crosses midfield and approaches the end zone.
8:22 PM9 days ago

1Q | 13:23

After the review, Pass Incomplete is marked and Georgia's score is annulled.
8:21 PM9 days ago

1Q | 14:03

In review of Georgia's scoring, Bryce Young's Fumble who picks up Georgia's defense and escapes to the end zone.
8:16 PM9 days ago

1Q | 15:00

Kick-off is coming, Georgia pater the ball, Alabama's first offense.
8:08 PM9 days ago

Almost there!

Totally sold out at Lucas Oil Stadium, 70 thousand fans and the US national anthem sung by Natalie Grant begins.
8:01 PM9 days ago

About to start!

We are minutes away from starting this duel, everything ready at Lucas Oil Stadium. Nothing to start the previous protocols, the presentation of the game and the national anthem of the USA.
7:55 PM9 days ago

Here is Georgia!

The Bulldogs appear, the Georgia team makes its appearance for the final:
7:50 PM9 days ago

Color for today!

The Alabama team, listed as administrative locals, will jump onto the grid in their all-red uniform and helmet. Meanwhile, the Georgia team will come out in their white uniform and red helmet.
7:45 PM9 days ago

Nothing but respect!

About his rival, this is how Nick Saban, coach of Alabama, spoke: "I'd also like to congratulate Kirby and his team at Georgia for having an outstanding team and earning their way into the national championship game as well. They've been one of the most consistent, well-coached teams all year long. And it's certainly going to be a great challenge for us to have the opportunity to play them. "
7:40 PM9 days ago


On his rival tonight, this is how Kirby Smart, Georgia's head coach, spoke: "We've gotten to see them once already and know how good they are. They really do not have weaknesses across the board. They're playing really, really good football right now. And it should be a tremendous challenge for our team tomorrow night ".
7:35 PM9 days ago

25 min!

We are less than half an hour away from the start of this great duel for the NCAA championship:
7:30 PM9 days ago

Last results!

The last 5 duels between both teams favor Alabama:
  • Alabama 41-24 Georgia (December 2021)
  • Alabama 41-24 Georgia (October 2020)
  • Alabama 35-28 Georgia (December 2018)
  • Alabama 26-23 Georgia (January 2018)
  • Alabama 38-10 Georgia (October 2015)

Georgia's last victory dates from September 22, 2007 with a score of 26-23.

7:24 PM9 days ago

Offensive numbers

These are the numbers of the offensive leaders of both teams, they will be in charge of taking the game forward for both squads:
Photo: ESPN
Photo: ESPN
7:19 PM9 days ago

Alabama is here!

Nick Saban and his Crimson Tide are already at Lucas Oil Stadium:
7:16 PM9 days ago

The Crimson Tide washed away the Cotton Bowl!

The Alabama team swept Cincinnati in the Cotton Bowl game. The league's number 1 had no worries to win the national semifinal and show some of the offensive variety that the team has. The offense had great success in its passing game, this because all the annotations were achieved in this way, Bryce Young had a very good game generating 181 passing yards and 3 touchdown passes. With this title and the SEC championship, Alabama is expected to complete the treble and lift the NCAA championship, the third best offense in the league, averaging 41 points per game, it looks great and with the recent victory against Georgia, They will go out to dominate to show why they deserve to be national champions.
Photo: Alabama
Photo: Alabama
7:12 PM9 days ago

The Bulldogs are here!

The Georgia team is already at the Lucas Oil Stadium facilities:
7:10 PM9 days ago

The Bulldogs ate the "orange"

After receiving the first loss of the season, doubts about the Georgia team began to arise, it was doubted if the Bulldogs had had a comfortable season and their defense had not been pressured as it should by not facing strong teams like they are. Alabama and Michigan. However, those led by coach Kirby Smart came out to show why they had finished as the best team in the league and dominated the Wolverines from start to finish to stay with the Orange Bowl with a score of 34 to 11. Stetson Bennett had an excellent participation generating 313 yards through the air and 3 touchdown passes.
Photo: Georgia
Photo: Georgia
7:06 PM9 days ago

The Scene!

Everything ready at Lucas Oil Stadium for the championship game, spectacular images from the headquarters of this great meeting:
7:03 PM9 days ago

Face to face

A good match awaits us between both teams, here we share the statistics of the season of each one.
Photo: ESPN
Photo: ESPN
7:00 PM9 days ago

Let's go!

We're just under an hour away from the Bulldogs vs. Crimson Tide game to kick-off at Lucas Oil Stadium. Both teams will go out in search of victory. Who will do it? Follow our coverage on VAVEL to find out.
12:28 AM10 days ago

Stay with us to follow this game LIVE!

In a few moments we will share the latest information on the Bulldogs vs Crimson Tide, as well as the events that emerge from Lucas Oil Stadium. Do not miss details of the game with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be broadcast on television by ESPN and streaming through Star +.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.
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The Trophy

Here are some data of the NCAA National Championship Trophy was first introduced in 2015,, it's based on the CFP Logo, it is made of 24 karat gold, bronze and various other metals, it was made by the Master Fine Art Foundry Pollich Tallix, it consists of 2 parts, the trophy and the base, these are removable and weighs a total of 50 pounds.
Photo: NCAA
Photo: NCAA
12:13 AM10 days ago

Last duel!

In its last game, Alabama won the SEC championship at Mercedes Benz Stadium in a game where Georgia dominated the first quarter but the rest of the game would be in favor of the Crimson Tide with a final score of 41 to 24. Bryce Young had a spectacular game dominating the best defense of the year and causing them to receive the most points against of the season. In addition, Stetson Bennett was intercepted a couple of times causing Georgia's offense to not generate many opportunities.
Photo: NCAA
Photo: NCAA
12:08 AM10 days ago

Who will win?

Analysts put Georgia as the favorite as it is ranked # 1 and has the best offense in the NCAA by only allowing 9.6 points per game, however, Alabama is a great candidate for the title as the reigning NCAA champion and current champion. of the SEC. Winning two national titles for Alabama would not be a new thing, as this was the case in 2011-2012, so it would be a surprise if Alabama wins the two-time championship.
12:03 AM10 days ago

Players that you must see!

For the Georgia Bulldogs, the outstanding players are quarterback Stetson Bennett with 2,638 passing yards, 27 touchdown passes and 7 interceptions this season and receiver Brock Bowes with 52 receptions, 846 yards traveled for 12 touchdowns.
While, on the Alabama side we have Bryce Young with 4503 passing yards, 46 touchdown passes and 5 interceptions and receiver Jameson Williams with 75 receptions for 15 touchdowns on the season.
11:58 PM10 days ago

How does the Alabama Crimson Tide arrive?

The Alabama team comes to this duel after finishing the season as first place in the SEC Conference and the NCAA, in addition to winning the conference championship. The Alabama team finished the regular season with a record of 12 wins and 1 loss, their only loss was against Texas A&M in week 6, since then they have marched with 8 consecutive wins, winning the SEC Championship, winning the Cotton Bowl and reaching the final of the NCAA. The Crimson Tide will pursue the two-time championship consecutively and claim their 19th national title.
Photo: Alabama
Photo: Alabama
11:53 PM10 days ago

How does the Georgia Bulldogs get here?

The Georgia team finished the season in third place nationally with a record of 13 wins and 1 loss. They aimed to continue the path to the national title without being confronted by anyone, however, they suffered their first loss to Alabama in the SEC championship game. The Bulldogs are the best defense in the league and the game against Alabama was a severe setback as it was the first game where they allowed more than 20 points against. Georgia is coming off the Orange Bowl against the Michigan Wolverines by a score of 34-11 and hopes to win the national title, which it has not won since 1980.
Photo: Georgia
Photo: Georgia
11:48 PM10 days ago

Historic game number 72!

There is a great rivalry between both squads because they are part of the same NCAA conference. These teams usually meet at least once a year, however between both there are 71 games in their history. Alabama leads the series with 42 wins, Georgia 25 wins and 4 draws. The last time the two teams saw each other was at the SEC championship game in December, a game where Georgia would be defeated for the first time in its season by falling by a score of 41-24.
11:43 PM10 days ago

Where's the game?

The Lucas Oilย Stadium located in the city of Indianapolis will host the game that will define the NCAA champion. This stadium has a capacity for 63,000 fans and was inaugurated in 2008. The Colts' home will host this great duel, it is the first time that the NCAA final will be played at this stadium. However, Lucas Oil Stadium has hosted many great events such as the March Madness Finals, NCAA Final Fours, Super Bowl XLVI, concert numbers, and soccer games.
Photo: NCAA
Photo: NCAA
11:38 PM10 days ago


Good dayย to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the broadcast of the NCAA Final between Georgia Bulldogs vs Alabama Crimson Tide live. The meeting will take place at the Lucas Oil Stadium at 8:00 p.m. (ET).