Matt Jones Wins VAVEL USA Honors For Rookie Of Week Ten

Matt Jones Wins VAVEL USA Honors For Rookie Of Week Ten

The NFL writers of VAVEL USA did their weekly player of the week votes and gave Matt Jones the honor of having the best game of any rookie in week ten.

Caleb Wahlgren

Matt Jones did not even lead his team in rushing during the week ten game. But he did something even more impressive. As a rookie running back, he led the team in receiving yards with a total of 131. With his 56 rushing yards he got to a total of 187 yards of offense, and then he had a touchdown for a nice little bonus as well. What might be the most impressive thing though, is that he was able to get the 131 receiving yards on a mere three receptions. 

Another nice thing for Jones is this is not the first time he has won this award this season. He took home the honors back in week two, with 151 rushing yards, which was still second to his lead back in Alfred Morris. But Matt Jones is a star backup in Jay Gruden's offense. Plus, if the Washington Redskins have any issues getting Morris to re-sign a contract, they can always plug Jones into the role as a starter in the future. 

For those of you who would like a visual aid, here is some of the highlights for Jones in this big win to get the Redskins to 4-5. 

On his big 78 yard touchdown reception, you can see that one of the linebackers tried to take him down in the open field with an arm tackle. That is not the way that you are going to be able to take Matt Jones down effectively. 

With his great game this week, he was part of the Washington Redskins effort to knock off the New Orleans Saints, who fired their Defensive Coordinator in Rob Ryan on Monday.

But instead of going up against the Saints rather pedestrian defense in week eleven, Morris will have to go on the road and face strong linebackers like Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis as the Redskins will face the undefeated Carolina Panthers.