Green Bay Packers Travel West For Critical Clash Against Minnesota Vikings

We could all tell that the upcoming matchup between NFC North rivals of the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings was going to be a big game even just a few weeks ago. That was when the Packers were 6-0 and the Vikings were 4-2 and it looked like it was going to be about whether or not the Vikings could come back in the division. But what a difference a few weeks make, as the Packers have slipped and fallen on their face in a three game losing streak, while the Vikings have fought hard and found a way to win three games in a row. Do the Packers have a chance to get a win against the surging Vikings? Anyone can win on any given Sunday, but let's look closer at the teams. 

Quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers - Teddy Bridgewater

Name Comp/Att Passing Yards TD INT Passer Rating
Aaron Rodgers 198/313 2,270 21 3 103.4
Teddy Bridgewater 163/254 1,810 7 6 84.6

One thing that all Packers fans, and perhaps everyone in America needs to settle down on, is the fact that Rodgers is not having a good season. His statistics are quite good, with the main exception being that his passing yards total is rather low for him and is 15th for all quarterbacks. Bridgewater has a third of Rodgers touchdowns, yet with twice as many interceptions. It is clear who has the advantage at the quarterback position in this game. 

Running Backs: James Starks - Adrian Peterson

Name Carries Rushing Yards TD Fumbles
James Starks 93 376 1 0
Adrian Peterson 195 961 5 4

Adrian Peterson has been an absolute beast on the field this year and looks like he will easily take the rushing yards title again this year, as he will likely clear the 1,000 yard barrier in his 10th game of the season. Starks has not been the leading back for the Packers all season, as he had started as the backup to Eddie Lacy. Peterson really in a class of his own though, so to compare Starks to him would just be rather inaccurate. 

Wide Receivers: Randall Cobb - Stefon Diggs

Name Receptions Targets Receiving Yards TD
Randall Cobb 45 78 529 5
Stefon DIggs 30 47 507 2

These are the leading receivers for the two teams, with Cobb having gotten more games played then Diggs, but Diggs almost catching him in receiving yards already, and on a very impressive 15 catches less. But the Packers receivers are under fire in the press for not being able to get open enough for Rodgers to get them the ball. That is perhaps quite undeserved as they have done pretty well, but Cobb needs to have the ball in his hands more so that he can make more plays, and whether it was a poorly thrown ball or a drop, there are 33 more targets then receptions, which means Rodgers and Cobb are not really on the same page. 


When it comes down to it, there simply is not a reason to believe that the Packers have it all together after last weeks loss to the Detroit Lions. But it's tough to know. And after Ty Montgomery looked like he was going to be able to come on earlier in the week, he had a set back in practice with his injury so it is unknown if he'll be able to play this week. But with Adrian Peterson being a strong running back, expect him to be the bright spot for the Vikings offense as this game will not be pretty for either side. The Vikings will be able to maintain this one with a victory for their squad. Expect them to take it by a final score of 24-20.