A Possible System To Eliminate The Fan Voted All-Star Game Crisis

A Possible System To Eliminate The Fan Voted All-Star Game Crisis

Fan voting for all-star games has been an issue over the last couple years and especially now. Here's a system to possibly send the players who truly deserve it to play in the All-Star Games.

Jeremy Bowen

All-Star game voting is one of the hot topics in professional sports as of late. Most leagues are strictly fan voting for their respective All-Star Games. Hence why Kobe Bryant was voted to the NBA All-Star Game despite a less than average campaign so far this season. Or John Scott in the NHL, who is known for his tough guy status and not the ability to score goals. Yet he was elected as one of the captains of one of the NHL All-Star Teams. Or Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman being voted to the NFL Pro Bowl despite having only two interceptions this season as other players such as Los Angeles Rams CB Trumaine Johnson have more interceptions, tackles, and passes defended than Sherman but were not voted to the Pro Bowl simply because they're not a household name.

And who can forget when Kansas City Royals fans stuffed the ballots to have four starters in the 2015 MLB All-Star game. Second baseman Omar Infante was almost voted as a starter despite having very poor statistics, well below in the bottom half of the league. All-Star Game voting right now is nothing more than a popularity contest. Here's a simple fix to fan voting without eliminating fan voting itself. 
Here's the system, and it can be used in any league.

  1. Only allow fan voting for All-Star games at stadiums during games only.
  2. Have fans register into a computer system monitored by a worker by providing personal info and show worker drivers license to validate registration. For those not eligible for license yet, just have parents of individual enter personal info in. This is done so no one can register more than once and fill out more than the allotted number of ballots. 

  3. Fans get to fill out 5 total ballots, voting for whomever, however many times they choose in the five ballots they fill out. 

  4. After the game fans attended that day is over with and all fans have left the stadium/arena, the computer system is wiped clean and reset for whenever the next game is. 

By doing this, the true fans who go to games and know what players truly deserve the vote to the all-star game, will get that vote from the fans. Yes, it's understood that some fans can't afford tickets to games or they don't have the time or whatever else. It's unfortunate but it allows for fan voting to not be a laughing stock and popularity contest. This way, All-Star voting would be more legit and not just a ballot box stuffing contest.