Houston Texans vs New England Patriots Live Updates and Results of 2017 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round (16-34)

Houston Texans vs New England Patriots Live Updates and Results of 2017 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round (16-34)

Follow Houston Texans vs New England Patriots in the NFL Live, the 2017 NFL Divisional Round Playoffs. The game begins at 8:15 ET Saturday night, January 14th at Gillette Stadium in Foxbourgh, MA. Follow here for live stream, commentary and result on VAVEL NFL.

Aidan Thomas

This is Aidan Thomas, signing off! Thanks for joining me for this livetoday! Check back for the recap soon! 

MVP of the Game goes to Dion Lewis, who completed the touchdown cycle with a kickoff return TD, rush TD, and receiving TD

The Patriots set the record for most conference championship appearances in a row with six. 

The Texans end at 10-8, falling to 0-3 in their divisional round history. 

The Patriots move to 15-2 with an 8th straight win, riding a dominating performance in the second half, outscoring the Texans 17-3 to claim the victory. New England will host either Pittsburgh or Kansas City next weekend

And the Patriots will kneel down until the clock runs out. 

Patriots running the ball to the two-minute warning, as Blount picks up 18 yards, across midfield. 

Osweiler started 13-20 with a TD and no picks. The second half, he has tossed three INTS. 

And that does seal it. Osweiler throws another pick at the goal line, Harmon on the INT for New England

Dumps it to Grimes, who makes something out of nothing, gains fifteen yards. 

Holding backs Houston up to a first and twenty 

Osweiler connects with Grimes for 11 yards

Osweiler finds Fiedorwicz for 17 yards! Texans in business, at the NE 42

Grimes plows ahead for five yards to the 41 yard line

Incomplete, stops the clock at 6:01 to go, 2nd down

Osweiler completes a pass for a first down - Grimes on the catch


Gostkowski drills it, and nearly ices this one. Up 3 scores with 6:37 left

Lewis fumbles, but the Pats recover, and Gostkowski is on to attempt a 43-yarder

Incomplete, and the Patriots are just content to run it on third down

Brady goes for the touchdown but overthrows his target. 2nd down

Bennett was able to jog off on his own power

Martellus Bennett is shaken up...looks like his knee gave out on him

Lewis goes nine yard on first down, then cuts back on second down for a first down

Amendola takes a double reverse and goes 15 yards, with the help of a big block from Brady

Going for the home run once more, Edelman couldn't quite haul it in

Reverse end-around to Edelman, who picks up 13 yards and a first down

Blount gains four on first down

Fun factoid of the day: There are 2 players playing today from the 2000 NFL draft: A fifth-round pick and sixth round pick. Houston's punter Shane Lechler (5th round). Oh, and some guy named Tom Brady

Osweiler completes to Hopkins for about 12 yards. Still not enough for the first down and Houston punts it. 

Loss of eight yards, 3rd and 18

Osweiler taken down by Malcolm Brown for a big sack!

Miller stuffed on first down...12 minutes left as Houston goes into a hurry-up offense

Lewis gets it this time! Denied on his first effort, his second-effort plunge for a New England touchdown, and it's 31-16

Lewis breaks a tackle off of a pitch, but he is denied his third touchdown, getting smacked at the one

So much for that idea. Hopkins elevates for a pass, deflects it, and Logan Ryan makes the diving interception and returns it back to the Houston 5

Ryan Allen pins the Texans at the 10. Houston is 90 yards plus a 2-point conversion from tying this one. 

Edelman has had a big game, but he couldn't come up with a big play there, dropping a pass at the first down marker. 

Edelman grabs a short pass but slips for just a 3-yard gain

Brady was crunched on that play, and his high pass falls incomplete. 2nd down

Brady dumps it to the speedy Lewis who converts the first down. Clowney's roughing the passer penalty tacks on fifteen more

Blount takes a toss for about 2 yards. He only has 8 yards on just five carries

Novak, dealing with some injury issues flushes it through the uprights to make it a one-score game. 24-16 Pats

Badly overthrown pass leads to a 46-yard field goal attempt by Novak

Final play of the third quarter and Hopkins picks up four yards off a short slanting route. 24-13, but the Texans are driving heading into the fourth

Alfred Blue picks up three yards on a pitch for the Texans

Brady matches his season total for interceptions, with the second of the game. Houston ball at the New England 35

Incomplete, as Martellus Bennett bobbles it out of bounds

Receiver Chris Hogan is out with a thigh injury currently for the Pats

Floyd breaks a tackle to pick up a first down after catching a screen pass

Lewis jukes one defender, trucks another, to get 4 yards

2 minutes left in the quarter. A touchdown drive here would essentially be the last nail in the coffin for the Texans, barring a big comeback. 

Rookie Jitters for Will fuller out of Notre Dame who drops a perfect pass in the end zone for Osweiler. Houston punts to the 10

Call overturned, penalty waved off, and the only result is an incomplete pass. 3rd and 8

Ruled a fumble on the field but an illegal substition on the Pats side brings the return back...play is under review

Osweiler hit as he throws. Texans think it's incomplete. Pats think its a fumble, and run it back. Decision still to be made

Miller gets a couple on first down

Defensive penalty gives the Texans a free first down in New England territory

Osweiler shows his wheels, scrambling for 18 yards

Houston timeout. 3:51 to go in the third

Miller snags an underneath pass, but he is hit hard by Dontae Hightower for just a 5-yard gain. 3rd down

Miller popped at the line of scrimmage for no gain, maybe half a yard

Hopkins elevates for a great catch just past the New England 20 and a great completion. Clock ticking down to just over 5 minutes remaining in the third

Texans would have had a first down, but Fiedorwicz drops a pass. 2nd down at the 2

What a punt! Allen pins it at the two, where Matthew Slater catches it in the air to pin the Texans deep

And another incompletion forces a punt

Brady throws incomplete to Edelman...3rd and long at Houston's 40

Michael Floyd is flagged for offensive pass interference. Still 2nd down, but now it's 2nd and 20

Incomplete on 2nd down but a flag on the play...

Incomplete on 1st down

26-yard completion

Edelman catches the big 3rd-down pass! 

Good protection, but great coverage by Houston, and Brady throws it away

Brady throws incomplete on first down

New England takes over near midfield, though still in their own territory

Devon McCourty read Osweiler perfectly, hopping in front of DeAndre Hopkins for the pick!


Osweiler completes a 4-yard toss underneath to Miller...3rd and 4

15 carries for 67 yards for Miller

Miller drives ahead for two 

Quick play-action and Osweiler zips a pass to Hopkins for 15 yards

Touchback on the kickoff

9 plays, 90 yards for the Patriots on that drive

TOUCHDOWN! James White comes bolting out of the backfield and hauls in a 19-yard touchdown pass from Brady. 24-13 Pats.

Brady throws incomplete...3rd and 3 with 9:14 to go in the quarter

Edelman with another 7-yard grab. 6 catches for a 108 yards now

Lewis flashes his elusive running skills, gaining four for a first down

Edelman snags a pass for a gain of seven

well, so much for that, the Pats convert the first down anyways, 20-yard completion to Hogan

Holding puts the Pats in a 1st and 18

Quick completions of 26 and 14 yards to Edelman and the Patriots move from the 10 to midfield

Very sorry for our delay! Major connection issues that were being fixed during halftime took a little longer than expected. The two teams exchanged punts to start the half

Clock expires during a short kickoff return. 17-13 at the half! This game is closer than most expected. Patriots fans may be a little worried as the 10-7 Texans are doing far better than they expected. 

Patriots go for a field goal and Gostkowski nails the chip shot for a 17-13 lead. Pats will be receiving the second half kickoff. 7 seconds left

1-yard out with 10 seconds left

Blount is stopped! 4th and Goal

A completed pass to James Devlin is about a foot shy of a touchdown! 3rd and goal with 19 seconds left 

With his options covered, Brady runs it down to the one yard line

Brady finds Hogan on an outside slant, complete inside the five-yard line for a first and goal

Lewis cuts back and gets about 6 yards - 3rd and 2

Lewis pushes ahead to the Houston 16-yard line for a 2-yard gain. 2-minute warning coming up

Another big play! The pass protection gives Brady plenty of time in the pocket for once and the result is a 48-yard completion to Edelman

The pass protection is just not there for New England. Brady takes a shot after an incomplete pass

Lewis picks up just one yard on first down

A return over midfield is negated by a block in the back, and, with 4 minutes to go, the Pats will get the ball near their own 30-yard line

Osweiler incomplete and Patriots should get good field position after this punt

Miller for 4 more

Miller plunges ahead to about the 7-yard line for about 3 yards

The Pats elect not to try a 55-yard attempt and pooch-punt the ball inside the 5-yard line

And Brady is sacked again! Four yard loss

Lewis gains four yards...3rd and 6

Incomplete on first down. 2nd and 10

BIG PLAY BRADY. Brady unleashes a bomb as he gets hit, and Hogan makes the reception for 45 yards to the Houston 38

Lewis can't quite make the back-shoulder catch on 2nd down. 3rd and 10

Brady starts from his 17 and has his first down attempt broken up

Logan Ryan breaks up a third down pass and Houston punts

Miller gets 5 yards on 2nd down

Osweiler tosses incomplete on first down

Texans start near midfield after solid punt return

SACK! Pats will punt as Texans brought some heat and bring down a scrambling Brady for a loss of four. Cushing and Mercilus on the sack

Brady completes to Martellus Bennett for 3 yards

Blount for two yards

New England starts at their 17

Fake reverse handoff leads to a wide open Fiedorwicz in the end zone. 14-13 after Novak's PAT

A little trickery gets Houston a touchdown!

Miller hit hard for just a 2-yard gain

Houston takes over at the NE 13

The Pats fumble the kickoff return and Houston recovers


That's got to be considered a win for the Patriots - the Texans barely moved the ball after an interception deep in New England territory. 

Novak's kick is true from 27 yards. 14-6 Patriots

Akeem Hunt with some great jukes, but he falls 2 yards shy of the first on a screen pass

Osweiler overthrows Fuller in the end zone. Third incomplete pass in the end zone for Osweiler. 

On 1st and 20, Miller gets 4 yards to the New England 22

Devon McCourty almost made a pick for the Patriots, but the pass falls incomplete, and Houston is called for holding. 

Miller for 4 yards

It was A.J. Bouye on the INT for Houston

Fuller snags a 7-yard catch. 2nd and 3

Well there are some turned tables...Brady tosses just his third pick of the year on a deflection. Houston takes over at the New England 27

Play-action backfires. Lamar Miller is caught in the flat for a one-yard loss. Houston punts for a touchback. 

Osweiler, passing again on the last play of the quarter, 7 yards to Keith Mumphrey for a 3rd and 1 as we head to the 2nd quarter

Osweiler-Will Fuller for 2 yards

New England's defense has got to be tired though, but will the wind be out of Houston's sails?

Short kick returned to about the New England 28

14-3 Patriots, 1:00 left in the quarter

TOUCHDOWN and no flags on the return

98-yard kickoff return for the Patriots 


Nick Novak kicks a 33-yard field goal. 7-3 Patriots. 1:19 left in the first quarter

Osweiler's pass is complete but for just 2 yards

Lamar Miller bounces outside for four yards

A near miss...C.J. Fiedorwicz  has a potential TD pass go off his hands

3 minutes left in the first quarter

Grimes plows ahead, close to the New England 20

Osweiler running at a fast pace now, drilling another completion for 9 1/2 yards

Osweiler zips a bullet to Jonathan Grimes for seven yards

Miller gets nowhere and a big third down for both the New England defense and the Houston offense. 3rd and 3

Miller churns ahead for 7.

Miller gets some receiving yards this time. Finds Lamar Miller in the flat underneath for 6 yards and a first down

Miller for about 5 yards to the 45-yard line

Sorry for the delay, brief internet issues. New England had the Texans on 3rd and 18. A personal foul for the Patriots give Houston a first down at the Houston 40. 

10-yard penalty - pass interference on Hopkins and it's 1st & 20 for the Texans.

Houston starts at their own 23-yard line.

PAT is good and it is 7-0 New England...9:27 remaining in the first quarter

6-0 with the PAT pending. That was a 3-play 65-yard drive for the Patriots, fueled by a 30-yard pass interference call. 

TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS! Brady with a short dump off to Dion Lewis, who races 13 yards for the touchdown! 

Brady targets Hogan again, this time to the right. Hogan makes the grab and runs for a 22-yard gain. In the red zone, at the 13

Tom Brady goes for the home run ball on first down, firing deep down the left sideline. Incomplete, but Chris Hogan draws the pass interference for a 30-yard penalty. New England into Houston territory at the Houston 35

Houston punts the ball back to the New England 36, where Brady gets his second shot at Houston's #1 ranked defense.10:15 to go in the first quarter

That was quick. Osweiler throws incomplete again and Houston will punt. Neither team has picked up a first down yet. 

Osweiler is incomplete and it's third and long for the Texans

Miller gets two yards on first down

Houston's offense is back on the field with 11 minutes to go in the first quarter

They elect to punt and Ryan Allen arcs the ball 34 yards to the 19 yard line...probably wanted to flip the field a little better than that. 

Pats face a 4th and 2 at their own 47. 

And Jadoveon Clowney with the big play! Stuffs Lewis for a loss of one!

Dion Lewis plows between the hash marks for 3 yards. 3rd & 1 here in the early going for New England. 

Edelman catches a short pass for 6 yards

A 47-yard punt is returned 14 yards by Julian Edelman. Brady and Co. will take the field at their own 39-yard line. Just over 13 minutes to go in the first quarter. 

Not a great start for the Houston offense. Osweiler is sacked for a loss of three yards by Rob Ninkovich!

Lamar Miller follows the right guard for two yards, 3rd & 4 at the Houston 31

And it's Brock Osweiler coming out firing on his first snap from scrimmage. 4-yard gain to DeAndre Hopkins

Houston receives the opening kickoff

About 10-15 minutes from kickoff at Gillette! The earlier playoff game has ended. The Atlanta Falcons upended the Seattle Seahawks 36-20. Home teams are 5-0 in the playoffs thus far...the Patriots will look to make it a perfect 6 for 6 tonight!

The Texans enter the game as 16-point underdogs. Only one team has won a playoff game when underdogs by that much in the Super Bowl Era - the 1969 Jets who were 18-point underdogs in the Super Bowl but came away with the victory. Can the Texans pull off what would go down as one of the top upsets in history? Tune in at kickoff to find out!

Not only does the stat sheet not point the Texans' way on Saturday, neither does the history between the two teams. The Patriots are 7-1 against Houston all-time, and undefeated at home against the Texans. They won the lone playoff game between the two squads, 41-28, at Gillette Stadium. Can Houston turn the tables and avenge the recent history between these two teams?

Can Jadeveon Clowney spark Houston's #1 ranked defense? CBS Sports

The Texans will need a small miracle to defeat the Patriots on Saturday, and that is no small secret. They were unable to put a point on the scoreboard in New England earlier this season, and their #1 ranked defense gave up 27 points to a team without Tom Brady. Their key on Saturday to have a chance will be Brock Osweiler having a serviceable game at quarterback, putting at least 27-30 points on the board, as well as early defensive pressure. Dealing with a diverse receiving corps in New England will be a struggle, but if they can generate some pressure on the 39-year old Brady, they might have a chance in neutralizing their receiving threats. If they force New England to go to their running game, their talented linebackers will have a shot at slowing down the red-hot Patriots' offense. Jadoveon Clowney will need to be a sparkplug for the Texans

The Inquisitr Slowing down #12 will be the key for Houston as they hope their defense can do enough to overcome their lackluster offense. Photo courtesy of The Inquisitr

The Patriots keys to success will be to pound the Texans early. Although running back LeGarrette Blount is questionable ready, Brady has all four of his primary receivers active for the first time in over a month, plus recently signed Michael Floyd. Dion Lewis and James White can fill in with the running game if their power runner is unable to take the field. With a defense giving up 15 points a game versus a Texans' offense that has yet to score more than 27, a couple of early touchdowns could dump Houston in a big hole. Look for Brady to use his multi-faceted aerial attack early to try and put Houston in a big hole, before using the run game to drive the nails into the coffin.

The Texans are widely regarded as the worst playoff team remaining. They lucked out with a first-round matchup at home against the injury-plagued Oakland RaidersWith their top-ranked defense, the Texans terrorized rookie third-stringer Connor Cook into a plethora of mistakes, for a 27-14 win. Still, the Texans are just 10-7 entering the game, having emerged atop an ugly AFC South division, beating out the Tennessee Titans on a tiebreaker. They started off the season 2-0 but took a sharp dose of reality in their 27-0 clunker against the Brissett-led Patriots. Two weeks later, they were 18-point losers against the Minnesota VikingsThey saw the same margin of defeat two weeks later in a 27-9 loss to the Denver BroncosThey escaped with a few narrow wins in the following weeks, mixed in with losses to the RaidersSan Diego Chargers, and Green Bay PackersOn December 18, the Texans benched quarterback Brock Osweiler in favor of Tom Savage, who engineered a 21-20 comeback win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, likely saving their season. Savage clinched the division with a win over the Cincinnati Bengals the following week. However,  a concussion has thrust Osweiler back into the spotlight heading into the playoffs. 

The Patriots are overwhelming favorites in this matchup, entering the game on a 7-game winning streak and owners of a 14-2 record. Their lone loss with starting quarterback Tom Brady at the helm was a 31-24 gut-wrencher on Sunday Night Football versus the Seattle Seahawks The Patriots are 4-1 against teams that made the playoffs this season, including a 27-0 victory against these very same Texans, with 3rd-string quarterback Jacoby Brissett at the helm. The Patriots are averaging over 30 points per game in their last four games, including 38 per game over the final two games of the season, blowout wins over the Miami Dolphins and New York JetsThe Pats are looking near impossible to slow down, and their defense has allowed opponents more than 17 points just once during their win streak, and just five times all season.  

Hello, and welcome to VAVEL USA’s live coverage of the NFL Playoffs Divisional weekend. My name is Aidan Thomas and I will be bringing you play-by-play updates of the New England Patriots vs. the Houston Texans at Gilette Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:15 PM EST on CBS.