Score Canada - Costa Rica in Gold Cup 2015 (0-0)
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That is all for tonight's coverage of the 2015 Gold Cup doubleheader from BMO Field in Toronto, folks. We hope you enjoyed our LIVE coverage of both Jamaica vs El Salvador and Canada - Costa Rica.

At the end of the day, this remains as the moment of truth, the moment Marcus Haber looked to have finally put a goal on the board for Canada, only to be called back by the whiskers of hair.

As for Costa Rica, they will be relieved that they progressed, but they will be dissapointed in the fashion they have done so. Widely regarded as one of the favourites to win the tournament at the start, three draws against opposition all ranked below them in the FIFA rankings, Paulo Wanchope's men will have to feel a little underwhelmed.

This tournament marks the third consecutive Gold Cup where Canada have failed to score a goal from open play. Despite the disappointment of the final result, there remains hope in the Canadian Soccer program after the team was able to matchup with the likes of Jamaica and Costa Rica.

90 +3' The referee has blown for fulltime. Canada finsh bottom of Group B while Costa Rica move on to the quarterfinals with three points.

90 +2' The Costa Ricans try and take the ball to the corner to try and kill some more time.

90 +1' Alvarado trying to kill the clock by taking his time to take the goal kick.

90' Looks like Canada will be bowing out of the Gold Cup early yet again. Fourth official has put up three minutes of stoppage time.

89' Tired legs starting to show for the Canadians with players slow to chase down the ball.

88' Costa Rica playing it safe and pushing only two men forward while the rest defend what they have.

87' Time running out for Canada, it is now or never.

86' de Jong clears the Costa Rican danger.

85' Costa Rica starting to control the ball again after a long period without it.

84' Costa Rica win a free kick and take their time taking it, trying to calm Canada's high tempo.

83' Costa Rica hanging by a thread at the moment. They have been pinned back for the past few minutes.

82' Canada have looked more threatening in the past two minutes than they have all tournament. They have eight minutes to save their tournament hopes.


80' Canada have yet ANOTHER free kick deep in the Costa Rican half.

79' Canada starting to push numbers forward with their tournament hopes on the line.

78' Corner kick to Costa Rica.

77' Despite a slow start to the half, Costa Rica continue to threathen on counter attacks with their impressive and controlled quick passing.

76' Both sides exchanging the ball after the goal was ruled back.

75' Costa Rica fighting back with a few attacks of their own, but noting doing.

74' The corner kick is cleared by Canada.

73' Corner kick to Costa Rica after Stamatopoulos makes another save, this time from the door step at the back post.

72' Canada using the dissallowed goal as extra motivation it seems, it has sparked their attack.

71' The score remains 0-0 here at BMO Field.

70' A Costa Rica player was hurt on the player and has required a stretcher for help off the field.

69' Amidst the huge celebrations around BMO Field, no one noticed the goal was called back. The call from the linesmen looks to be offside.


67' Another free kick in favour of Canada. Benito Floro will be hoping his men can finish one off soon.

66' Costa Rica breakout five-on-two, but Stamatopoulos is quick to clear the over-hit ball.

65' Canada with another free kick, deep in Costa Rica's half.

64' Ramirez's curling effort from outside of the box goes over the Canadian net.

63' Goal kick for Canada.

62' Venegas has another great look on net with his shot headed to the top corner, but Stamatopoulos comes up with the big save.

61' Slow start to the half for Costa Rica, unable to retain the ball for more than a few seconds.

60' Canada win a corner kick.

59' Canada's defence still holding up well. Now they need their attack to step up and score for the first time this tournament.

58' Both sides pushing numbers forward when they get the ball, hoping to out number the opponent's defence.

57' Canada free kick pushed from harms by Alvarado.

56' Costa Rica have a shot on target, but the ball harmlessley rolls into Stamatopoulos' arms.

55' Ball being played at the back for Costa Rica.

54' As has become a common theme, Canada get the ball up field, but are unable to do anything with it.

53' Handball by de Guzman at the halfway line results in a Costa Rica free kick.

52' Edgar is down hurt.

51' Canada win a corner. A good chance to get a goal off a set piece.

50' As things stand, Costa Rica are through to the quarterfinals.

49' Venegas spins and turns on the Canadian defence, but his shot is pushed away for a corner.

48' Canada with the early possession in the second half.

47' Canada need just one goal today to make history.

46' The second half is underway.

Costa Rica continue to underachieve. Keeping in mind the recent history of the team, it is surprising to see them play so below their potential.

Not much seperates the two teams in the opening 45 minutes, but Canada have looked the more desperate for the points, which they are. The Canadians have looked much better than they did in their opening two games.

45 +2' The match official has blown for halftime with the teams dead locked at zeros.

45 +1' A shot from Costa Rica slips under the hands of Stamatopoulos and luckily for him, it trickles wide behind him.

45' The fourth official has indicated there will be one minute of first half stoppage time.

44' The ball beginning to slip and slide across the wet pitch. Lots of mis-kicks and players slipping.

43' The rain has come back again and it is currently down pouring.

42' Costa Rica starting to push numbers forward in attack and have three shots blocked.

41' Canada free kick deep into their own half.

40' Five minutes from halftime and neither team yet to take a strangle hold of the game. Back and forth action.

39' Costa Rica being pinned back for the past couple minutes, trying to find a way out of their half.

38' Both defences doing well so far, giving the attackers no time on the ball, resulting in not many chances.

37' Back and forth clearances into both sides of the field.

36' The effort from Costa Rica sails over the bar.

35' Free kick to the Costa Ricans, deep into Canadian territory.

34' Boos ring around BMO Field as the home crowd wanted a foul called.

33' The Canadians have held strong here through 33 minutes, against a powerhouse like Costa Rica.

32' Canada have another attacking play outside the Costa Rica box, unable to do much, however.

31' Costa Rica free kick at midfield.

30' The ball being exchanged between the teams at midfield, possession even in the past 10 minutes.

29' Other than the couple chances earlier, neither side has been able to get a look on goal in the past few minutes.

28' Costa Rica trying to retain the ball, but struggling to do so.

27' Canada dominating possession at the moment.

26' Canada corner kick is cleared.

25' Canada starting to put constant attacking plays one after another, something that has been somewhat of a rarity this tournament.

24' A big stop by Alvarado as Haber tried to sneak one in between his legs.

23' Canada almost break threw on goal, but the Costa Rican defence clears the danger.

22' The tempo has slowed down a bit after both sides had strong attacking starts.

21' Canada have a penalty appeal waved off.

20' The free kick manages to go through the sea of bodies and out for a goal kick past a sprawling Alvarado.

19' Canada free kick deep into the opponent's half.

18' David Ramirez lets one fly from distance, but it just goes side as Stamatopoulos let out a sigh of relief.

17' The ensuing corner kick is cleared to safety by the Canadian defence.

16' Costa Rica corner kick.

15' Costa Rica pressing, but Canada's defence holding tight.

14' Canada with a throw-in deep into their own half.

13' Canada now pressing with a high line, forcing Costa Rica back.

12' Stamatopoulos manages to keep the ball in play, avoiding a Costa Rica corner kick.

11' Neither side threatening yet.

10' Costa Rica now with a spell of possession in the Canadian half, but no shots on goal.

9' Canada win a free kick at midfield.

8' Ricketts earns Canada a free kick in the Costa Rican half.

7' Canada slowly finding their way into the game.

6' Canada finally gets a short spell of possession but it amounts to nothing.

5' Canada yet to hold the ball.

4' Free kick Costa Rica in the Canadian half.

3' Costa Rica controlling the ball early.

2' The famous Voyageurs supporters group making their voices heard behind the Canadian goal.

1' We are underway here at BMO Field for Canada - Costa Rica!

Both set of trainers have quickly ran back to the dressing rooms and brought a change of cleats for every player to change into after the rain came down as they walked out of the tunnel.

A 20 second down pour of rain has come and gone! Looks like we are set to go for this one. Teams are lining up for kickoff.

While the teams are lining up for national anthems, a lightning strike has been spotted in the distance. Stay tuned for updates folks, we may have a delay here.

Well, that's a pleasent surprise. After being sunny all day, the heavens have opened up and it has began to pour rain down here at BMO Field. Spectators ducking for cover and running to the concourse booths.

Both teams have filed back into their respective locker rooms as we countdown the minutes to kickoff.

Costa Rica's starting lineup: Esteban Alvarado, Francisco Calvo, Giancarlo Gonzalez, Celso Borges, Bryan Ruiz, Deyver Vega, Junior Diaz, Christian Gamboa, Johan Venegas, David Guzman, David Ramirez.

Canada's starting lineup: Kryriakos Stamatopoulos; Marcel de Jong, David Edgar, Dejan Jakovic, Karl Ouimette; Adam Straith, Julian de Guzman, Jonathan Osorio, Maxim Tissot, Tosaint Ricketts; Marcus Haber.

Lineups have been released: Canada - Costa Rica starting lineups:

With the final whistle between Jamaica and El Salvador having been just blown, Canada waste no time in running out of the tunnel to begin their warmups. Costa Rica still in their locker room.

We are one hour and 30 minutes away from scheduled kickoff at 8:30 PM EST. The game on going at BMO Field between Jamaica and El Salvador is at halftime with the score deadlocked at zeros.

This is how the Group B standings currently sit before the start of Tuesday's games. Jamaica - El Salvador kickoff at 6:30 PM EST:

A win for Costa Rica and they’re through. A draw and an El Salvador defeat against Jamaica and they are still through. Anything but a win for the Canadians and they will fall short; a now or never situation for both nations.

Many see this matchup as a sure win for the Costa Ricans. They are ranked No. 41 in the FIFA World Rankings, a staggering 62 spots above Canada who sit at the 103 spot. Both sides can still advice, but pundits have labelled it as a ‘miracle’ if Canada are to upset their counterparts.

The Canadian team training at the Kia Training Ground in Toronto on Monday afternoon (Photo via @JohnMolinaro).

These two countries fought to a 1-1 draw in their pervious meeting at BMO Field in 2007. Their last meeting in the Gold Cup came in 2009, ending in a 2-2 draw.

Costa Rica come into this contest sitting in second in the group with two points, an underwhelming number for a team that topped a group of world powerhouses Uruguay, Italy, and England in last year’s World Cup in Brazil. The Costa Ricans drew Jamaica in their opening game, and conceded a stoppage time equalizer to El Salvador to lead to questions of ‘what is going on with Paulo Wanchope’s team?’ Los Ticos have lacked finishing and that is something some fans might hold captain Bryan Ruiz accountable for. The forward has scored the tournament, but appears to be behind the pace of the game at times.

I think it’s normal. Soccer is a game with (a lot of opinions) from spectators and journalists. Everyone can have an idea about how to play. But we have created a structure that depends on the quality of the players,” Floro told reporters after his team’s training session on Monday. “We don’t have the skill or competitiveness of (other teams) but we resolve that with a structure, which means a formation with good balance to allow us to attack. Our forwards, and wingers and fullbacks are constantly trying to get into 2v1 (situations), but if we don’t have a strong (defensive) base, that would be impossible.”

Head coach Benito Floro has come under much criticism from both the Canadian fans and the media. Through the first two games, the Spaniard has elected to play it safe by deploying defensive lineups. His preferred 4-1-4-1 formation has yet to work to full potential, but despite this, he isn’t likely to change things up Tuesday.

Canada currently sit bottom of the group without a goal scored. Expectation wasn’t big for the Canadians coming into this tournament, but hopes of starting to build a successful base for the program for years was certainly something in the minds of the Canadian Soccer Association. A goal-less draw against El Salvador and a last minute winner from Jamaica sees Canada gasping for one last breath.

Tonight's matchup is an exciting spectacle between two teams still vying for a quarterfinals berth with Canada squaring off against Costa Rica. Stay tuned right here at VAVEL USA as we bring you LIVE updates of all the buildup and news of this exciting fixture.

BMO Field is hosting a double header of Group B Gold Cup action today, marking the first time that Canada is playing as co-hosts in this tournament. In our first game of the day is Jamaica - El Salvador - you can also follow it LIVE here. Canada - Costa Rica, kicking off at 8:30 PM EST will be our second game and will conclude Group B action before the knockout stages.

Wherever you may be in the world, good morning, good afternoon or good evening. Welcome to this Canada - Costa Rica LIVE coverage of the 2015 Gold Cup at VAVEL USA. VAVEL will be coming to you live today, Tuesday July 14th from BMO Field in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am your host for the evening, Bassil Thayabeh.