Score New York Red Bulls - DC United in 2015 MLS Playoffs (1-0)
Last season, these two sides met in the Eastern Conference Semifinals where the Red Bulls were victorious by a score of 3-2 on aggregate. Will the same story play out over these two legs? (Photo credit: Associated Press)

Score New York Red Bulls - DC United in 2015 MLS Playoffs (1-0)

Max ONeill
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I hope you have enjoyed this live, it was a fun game, and have a good evening and night! 

I said this at the beginning but please stay tuned for Liam McMahon's Live for the other match today, Whitecaps- Timbers. 

The non red card call might have changed this series in the Red Bulls favor, with 2 CBs down the Red Bulls might have been done especially for next week, this is a big win for the Red Bulls going back to RBA. Please stay tuned for the recap which will be coming soon. 

'96:05 DC with the ball now and it's a throw in and that's the final whistle!!! New York Red Bulls travel to DC and takes 1 goal out of RFK Stadium in the first leg. The next leg is at RBA next week. 

'95:30 Red Bulls with the throw in, as they try to waste another few seconds

'94:25 Kemp to Aguilar to Espindola who gets the ball taken away but it's back to DC, and Zizzo sends it all the way down, now to Hamid who passes it out 

'93:49 Sam taken down in the box, no call

'92:54 Veron fouled by Kitchen, free kick RB, and Perinelle's knee is wrapped up and he has crutches besides  him

'92:10 Saborio to Doyle who was swarmed by RB, now it's back to Robles who sends it out of bounds 

'91:20 DC has the corner now, after Dax sends it out, Espindola's corner is headed away by Birnbaum, Robles goal kick 

'90:58 ball just settled down by Hamid

'90:19 De Leon throw in now and the ball goes out, on the other side of the field 

'89:30 Zubar heads away that good DC chance and McCarty turns it over, the ref adds 6 minutes! 

'88:40 Lawrence to Felipe to Sam to Zubar to Zizzo, and that ball destined for BWP is out for a goal kick

'88:04 and BWP gets a yellow, De Leon with the ball now and it goes out, RB throw 

'87:25 BWP wide open but it's offsides, he was all alone there before the whistle was blown

'86:03 Felipe is down now, but he's up, walking around free kick for Kljestan again and Sam and now Kljestan takes it and headed by McCarty but it's wide 

'85:23 Kljestan to BWP whose shot in the box is blocked by Birnbaum, RB gets the ball back 

'84:19 that corner is left now a RB throw, Sam to Felipe, and Veron gets it taken away

'83:51 Zizzo to Sam who hits it off DC, corner RB now

'83:15 SUB Aguilar for Franklin

'82:24 Franklin being tended to now

'81:14 Felipe shot saved by Hamid, easy save and both Saborio and Miazga go down, Miazga's holding his thigh, stretching it a little now 

'80:25 and Kljestan's corner is headed away by Kitchen 

'79:55 SUB Veron for Grella 

'79:25 McCarty to Sam out wide and back to Sam after it went to Zizzo, now out of bounds

'78:45 Felipe to Grella who shoots it and it's saved by Bill Hamid, easy save

'78:15 McCarty to BWP who lays to off to DC, bad play there by BWP

'77:15 Miazga takes the free kick and it is headed out, RB throw in, nice defense on BWP there by DC 

'76:15 McCarty taken down, and Saborio get's a yellow! The ref has to be careful this game could easily get out of hand very quickly

'75:50 and the free kick is shot wide, Hamid with the goal kick now 

'74:31 Kljestan's free kick is headed out by Saborio and Espindola get's a yellow for taking down Felipe!! Free kick coming for RB

'73:35 Kemp gets it up but it's intercepted by RB, Saborio is down but he gets up, Sam with the ball now to Felipe who is shoved down

'72:50 BWP brought down another free kick for RB, and Kljestan's free kick is saved this time by Hamid

'71:35 Espindola shoots that great chance wide right! 

What a goal by McCarty there! 

'70:55 Kljestan's free kick and that is headed by McCARTY AND PAST HAMID!!!!!!!!!! 1-0 RED BULLS!!!!! 

'70:06 Franklin limping for DC as the Red Bulls have a throw, Sam taken down, free kick for RB

'69:26 the ESPN broadcasters are saying Zubar should've gotten a red for the challenge on Halsti 

'68:32 Espindola's free kick now and that's punched away by Luis Robles, McCarty taken down now

'66:57 Sam pushed no foul called, Saborio with the ball threating now to De Leon and Zubar tackles Halsti, bad tackle let's see if it is a card... and it's a yellow for Ronald Zubar

'65:56 DC free kick now, after a Kljestan foul, and Espindola shoots that wide right

'65:03 Grella with the ball now and it goes past BWP to Hamid

'64:30 SUB: Doyle for Rolfe 

'63:50 Fabian Espindola down now, holding the top of his head, and face area, that's a flop! 

'63:09 Kljestan's corner is headed right to Hamid, easy save 

'62:35 Sam hits that and it goes off Kemp, corner RB

'61:41 McCarty to Zizzo, to Sam, and De Leon with the ball now, Saborio now, Miazga is mugged, free kick RB 

'61:08 Saborio with the great chance, looked beautiful but went wide

'60:15 Zizzo, crosses it and Hamid catches it and then McCarty fouls Chris Rolfe

'59:23 BWP gets past the DC defense and Kljestan's shot from way downtown hits BWP in the back, save by Hamid

'58:05 Zizzo out wide, to McCarty and Kitchen heads it away, back to McCarty now Lawrence who smashes it off the bar! 

'57 Grella's header is flicked away by Hamid!!!!! WHAT A SAVE BY BILL HAMID!! 

'55:49 RB throw in, to Felipe and that's intercepted by DC, back to Lawrence, to Grella, to Lawrence and that's a corner for RB 

'54:57 Miazga, to Zizzo to Felipe who shoots it wide 

'53:35 Marsch with the nice catch on the sidelines and RB throw in, Miazga to Lawrence

'53:06 McCarty to Lawrence and his cross into the box is headed away

'52:12 McCarty to Lawrence to Grella who gets taken down, foul by Franklin 

'51:24 Klejstan's free kick right at Hamid, hard ball but easy save

'50:44 Kljestan to Felipe and Dax is taken down, free kick RB 

'50:24 SUB: Perinelle for Zubar 

Perinelle covering his face as he is stretchered off the field

This doesn't look good for the Red Bulls, Perinelle looks to be crying a little bit, very horrible for Perinelle, DC didn't do anything wrong just a freak injury

'47:35 Perinelle down now grabbing his knee in lots of pain, already calling for the sub, it looks like Zubar is going to come in, it looks like his knee buckled, the stretcher is out now. 

46:17 Grella with the ball now to Sam and that is pushed away by Hamid, nice save there!! 

45:05 Red Bulls open the 2nd half and now Dax McCarty has the ball and now it's to Felipe who sliding out of bounds shoots it, easy save by Hamid 

Atlantic Cup Live 

The 2nd half is about to get underway as it remains 0-0. 

Both DC and RB have gotten good opportunities to score in the first half but nobody has converted yet, we will have to see if somebody can put at least 1 in past either Robles or Hamid and see if they can go to NY with a win. 

Atlantic Cup Live

'46:08 and the first half whistle goes, it's 0-0 here at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC for game one of this two leg series. 

'45+1 Kljestan with the ball to Felipe and Grella and it's jumped on immediately by Hamid  

'44:20 Espindola's free kick is headed away by McCarty, but DC retains possesion. 

'43:50 foul on Espindola now a free kick for DC 

'43:20 De Leon crosses it wide of the net, goal kick now 

'41:05 Grella fouled and now Kljestan will take the free kick, the ball is flicked out of danger by DC but it is not out of trouble yet as Kljestan has the ball back and sends it to McCarty.Kitchen tried to clear it and fired it off Sean Franklin, his teammate's dome only a few inches away from him 

'40:25 Lawrence with the ball and he passes it up and it goes out of bounds, and Lawrence gets the throw in

'39:39 Hamid goal kick to Miazga back to DC back to RB back to DC, and Perinelle heads it to McCarrty 

'39:00 pause in the game as a fan ran on the field and was tackled by the security 

'38:05 McCarty to Kljestan to Perinelle to Grella to Sam out wide and that cross is out of the otherside of the box, Franklin sends it out, the throw in right to DC, now RB has possesion back 

'37:07 and Kljestan's header is up and over the bar! 

'36:38 Grella on the outside of the box and that cross is sent out by DC 

'35:50 Kitchen passes it Espindola and RB intercepts it, and fires it out of bounds 

'35:00 Espindola takes the free kick and its headed away by Mike Grella

'34:09 Espindola is fouled by Miazga who was losing him and that's a yellow for Miazga!! Marsch is having a fit. 

'33:04 Robles gets the ball and rolls it immediatley to Miazga now McCarty, and that ball is cleared by DC, throw in RB 

'31:19 McCarty fouled by Saborio, Sam crosses it to BWP to Grella and it hits Hamid right in the face! Nice save by Hamid there with his face! 

'30:08 Felipe fouled, now a free kick for RB, Felipe will the ball back now to Sam to Felipe who tries to find Grella and the ball goes to Hamid 

'29:30 Robles with the ball now and he takes it out of the box, kicks it deep, headed by DC

'28:58 Perinelle to Sam it's intercepted, now a throw in DC 

'28:23 Zizzo to BWP who misses the ball and now another throw in for RB 

'27:20 Perinelle gets his pass intercepted and Lawrence fouls Kitchen, now DC free kick 

'26:30 Kljestan heads away that cross and on the opportunity by Kitchen, it's saved by Robles!

'25:50 Kitchen to Saborio who tries to cross it and it smashes Perinelle in the chest corner DC 

'24:49 Felipe to Sam crosses it into the box and it's headed away by DC, now RB has the ball back

'23:50 Kemp passes it to Sabori0 who heads it wide 

'23:10 Perinelle heads it to almost midfield and DC takes the ball back now free kick DC 

'22:20 Grella in the box and that ball is sent out to midfield, Lawrence throwing it in 

'21:05 Espindola crosses it into the box and it finds Sabori0 heads it over the net 

'19:50 Kljestan chips it but it's defended away by DC,  offsides now up free kick DCU 

'19:07 BWP obstructed by Birnbaum now free kick RB

'18:30 Kljestan takes the corner and it is punched out by Hamid and Felipe shoots it a million miles above the net 

'17:30 Lawrence with the throw in, and Perinelle passes to BWP in the box who shoots it and Birnbaum shoots it out of play

'16:47 header from Felipe goes wide right after the pass from McCarty

'15:45 goal kick right to Miazga but now DC has it back and Robles fields the ball to Perinelle to Lawrence to McCarty

'15:08 goal kick DC, after the ball goes out of bounds 

'14:25 Lawrence is taken down, ref gives the free kick to RBNY

'13:31 BWP shoots it right to Hamid, and RB gets it back

'12:54 that ball is cleared by Kljestan and then Kemp shoots it a million feet above the net

'12:27 Perinelle called for the foul, free kick DC

'11:45 Zizzo's shot is wide, goal kick DC

'11:15 Rolfe pressured by Grella, and Lawrence, nice play by Grella to take the ball away in a tight spot 

'10:22 and that DC corner is headed away by RB, Kljestan to Sam back to Kljestan and it goes to Hamid 

'10:05 Espindola's shot blocked by Miazga, corner now for DC 

'9:05 Grella heads it and that ball goes out 

'8:35 Felipe fouled, free kick RB 

'7:34 another goal kick from Robles after Lawrence and Rolfe can't catch up to the ball

'6:02 Lawrence with the throw, headed away by DC, Dax gets it back and BWP gets it back, Sam with the ball now, and the cross goes wide

'5:25 Perinelle gets fouled, free kick Red Bulls 

'4:55 that Espindola shot from deep is wide right, goal kick Red Bulls

'4:05 McCarty with the nice tackle to get the ball back for RB

'2:53 McCarty tries to shoot it to Grella and it goes past him intercepted by DC and now Espindola shoots it to Franklin in the box and Robles punches it away! 

'1:42 and that kick is headed out by RB, and the next opportunity is headed out again and then Rolfe shoots it wide right! 

'1:30 DC gets the free kick, off of Matt Miazga

':30 Lawrence throws it in and it's chested by BWP and it's past Grella and goes out of bounds, the next throw is right to Hamid

And we are on! 

Red Bulls are going with a 4-2-3-1 formation

DC is going with the 4-4-2 formation and Halsti is playing with a yellow 

Only a few minutes until gametime, both teams are taking the field at RFK,  and getting set for the anthem

After this game please stay on and read yours truly's colleague here Liam McMahon's live for the Whitecaps v Timbers game! 

The New York Giants are tied 28-28 with the Saints in the 3rd Quarter right now. The Jets play at four so obviously there is no score to update you the viewer on right now. The football team from Washington has a bye this week. 

DC's subs are Dykstra, Arrieta, Coria, Martin, Aguilar, Doyle, and Mishu

DC United also tweeted their starting 11 and it is, Hamid, Kemp, Birnbaum, Opare, Franklin, Rolfe, Kitchen, Halsti, DeLeon, Espindola, and Saborio

The Red Bulls bench for this matchup is, Reynish, Zubar, Wallace, Lade, Davis, S.Wright Phillips, and Veron

The Red Bulls tweeted their lineup, so here it is, Robles, Zizzo, Perinelle, Miazga, Lawrence, McCarty, Felipe, Sam, Kljestan, Grella, and B.Wright Phillips 

Atlantic Cup Live 2015 MLS Cup Playoffs

As soon as yours truly gets a message from one of the many sports apps on yours truly's Iphone lisiting the lineups yours truly will put them here. 

Now with about 1 hour until gametime says it will be 64 in DC at KO

Still a few hours until gametime, says the temp in DC is 62 right now and will be 65 at KO. 

The Red Bulls come into this game on fire, riding a two game winning streak. They have also won five out of their last six games. In regards to the great season they have had, Dax McCarty says it's been special. “It's special for different reasons obviously than the first one, for sure. No one expecting much from us this year. A lot of people wrote us off in the beginning. A lot of people gave us no chance to be part of the postseason, now we are here."

Much like the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry and the Babe Ruth trade, the Red Bulls-DC United rivalry had a signature trade in 2011 when the Red Bulls traded Dwayne De Rosario to United for Dax McCarty. Since that trade, McCarty has become a Red Bulls fan favorite and club captain following the retirement of Thierry Henry last season..    

Jesse Marsch also spoke in the lead-up to this match, and remarked to that: “The reality is that we have no advantage really. Even though we've had the best season, we're really not rewarded for it until a month from now. We start from scratch like everyone else does and we have to fight for everything that we're going to get. We just have to maintain that mentality of being hungry and not being satisfied."

In the lead-up to this match, United manager Ben Olsen talked to about the loss to Columbus and said, “I think any time you have a loss like we did, everybody has to evaluate themselves. More times than not, you get a response from that and usually it is a positive response. You see more anger, more of a chip after a loss like that because it hurts and you want to prove that's not who we are. I'm proud of the guys once again for dealing with some of that adversity." Both Olsen and Red Bulls manager Jesse Marsch played for DC United and played against each other as pros after their times with the capital club. This is the first time the two will coach against each other in the playoffs.  

The Red Bulls and DC United played three times this season, with New York comfortably winning the series 2-0-1. The Red Bulls outscored United 7-2 in the two games at RBA but drew 2-2 at RFK.  

All season long, New York have played like a team possessed, and the fans have appreciated that. At the 2nd town hall meeting at Red Bull Arena, New York Red Bulls fan Garry Redman’s comment to the fans and the Red Bulls GM, director of player development, head coach and captain was: “You know that chip on your shoulder you’ve had since training camp? Don’t take it off it’s served you well.

The Red Bulls are trying to end their title drought; they are the only original MLS team to not win an MLS Cup yet. DC United is trying to win their first title since 2004, when their current manager Ben Olsen was a midfielder on that team.

One of the most famous moments in the rivalry came in 2006 when New Jersey native Alecko Eskandarian scored for DC at Giants Stadium and ran to the DC bench, grabbed a Red Bull energy drink, took a sip and then immediately spit it out.

The New York Red Bulls-DC United rivalry is the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry of the MLS. The rivalry is called the “Atlantic Cup”, and has been played since the league's founding in 1996. United owns a 7-2-2 record when playing the Red Bulls in the playoffs. Over the history of the league, United own the all-time series with a 41-24-10 record against the Red Bulls. The most recent playoff matchup came last year in the Conference Semifinals when the Red Bulls took down United 3-2 after two legs. 

United's last game of the regular season was a franchise worst 5-0 loss at the Columbus Crew. They then played the New England Revolution in the one game knockout stage of the playoffs, and were victorious by a score of 2-1 after Chris Rolfe got the winner in the 75th minute.

The Red Bulls' last game of the regular season was a 2-1 win in Chicago, their first win in the Windy City since the Fire moved into Toyota Park in 2006. On the last day of the regular season with that victory, the Red Bulls won the Supporters' Shield after a very tight competition with FC Dallas for the Shield.  

The New York Red Bulls come into this game off one of their best seasons in MLS history.  This season for the Red Bulls was one of the craziest in sports history that yours truly can remember with the turmoil that took place in the organization with the fans before the season started. However, the way that everyone involved with the club has banded together has been something to see, and now the love that is happening between the fans and the team as they have played well has been remarkable.  

The Supporters' Shield winning New York Red Bulls go to RFK Stadium for the first leg of their 2015 MLS Cup Playoff Eastern Conference Semifinal matchup against Atlantic Cup rival DC United.  This is the second Supporter’s Shield and second trophy in Red Bulls history.  The first came in 2013 when the Red Bulls still had both Tim Cahill and Thierry Henry on the roster. That iteration of the Red Bulls lost to the Houston Dynamo in the first round of the MLS Cup Playoffs. Red Bulls fans will be hoping to avoid a repeat performance over these two legs.

Hello and welcome to VAVEL USA's LIVE coverage of the 2015 MLS Cup Playoffs! This afternoon we're thrilled to be bringing you the first leg of every Conference Semifinal match LIVE! Right now, my name is Max O'Neill and it is my pleasure to be bringing you the first leg of the match between DC United and the New York Red Bulls. Kick-off isn't until 3:00 PM ET, so sit back, relax, and let me take you through the build up to kickoff.