Copa America Centenario: Things Peru will have to learn for the future
Christian Cueva at the first Copa match against Haiti | Brandon Farris - VAVEL USA

Peru made a remarkable Copa America Centenario campaign. With a lot of heart, the team head coached by Argentine Ricardo Gareca made a praiseworthy moment in the United States by showing the world a new generation that has confirmed that they have what it takes to carry on the baton for the future. Coming up next, a piece of mind of what La Blanquirroja has to learn if they wanna keep on on the good path. 

Cueva is Peru's best player

This writer is not going to idolize his presence. But if may he without sin, he can throw the first stone. Christian Cueva was the heart and soul of the Peruvian team during the United States campaign. His will to win and do things right was the key for Peru to make it through the knockout stage and get memorable results against teams that were labeled as "favorites" to win the title such as Brazil.

Peru's number '10' will start a new era when he arrives in Brazil to become Sao Paulo's newest player. On social media, Cueva has been well received by many fans. Which is one of the most primordial things to give him in his career: positivism.

As said before, Peru came with players like Paolo Guerrero as main stars of the team. But during the tournament, it was the former Alianza Lima's player who shined with own light because of his will and his good communication with his own teammates.

Soccer is not always "fair"

Yes, Peru's campaign will also be remembered by many critics with a picture of Raúl Ruidíaz scoring the so-called "hand of the Inca" goal against Brazil during the match at Foxborough. Just a few minutes before the final whistle, Universitario's forward scored one of the most controversial goals with a clear hand shown during many replays.

This Copa America Centenario has been so far amazing as it was controversial with many results. Do not forget the way how this tournament was also made even for the sudden death moment: the penalty shooting.

For this edition, there was no time extension after the 90 minutes with a tie. And as we all know, winning by a penalty shooting is not the most satisfying way to make it through the next round. Colombia was trying to comfort the rivals more than to celebrate the ticket to the semifinals.

Some few "referents" will come back

Carlos Zambrano, Luis Advíncula or André Carrillo are some of the names head coach Gareca let pass by during the Copa roster. The main reason was to give a chance to people that have continuity with their respective teams. Not just the youngest ones, but the players that have a good individual moment. For example, Alberto Rodríguez showed a great comeback. And with the unpredictable moment of Carlos Ascues, the Sporting Cristal central back can be a quite good option during the World Cup Qualifiers.

It is clearly known that those players will come back to get back on the road to Russia. However, the coach must be clever during the moment to call veterans. The 88% of Peruvians are now saying that the Claudio Pizarro or Juan Manuel Vargas' days are over and it is time for a new generation to take over.

In this writer's opinion, it is time to let go of many so-called "referents" if they wanna nail down this generational change that Gareca is working into.

Peru's possible main lineup during the WC Qualifiers