Goals and Highlights: Saudi Arabia 2-3 Germany in Tokyo 2020


10:00 AM2 months ago

Live ended

Thank you for joining us at this game, and see you later.
9:57 AM2 months ago


9:51 AM2 months ago

Group D status

Brazil - advances with a draw or win

Ivory Coast - advances with a draw or win

Germany - advances only with a win

Saudi Arabia - eliminated

9:47 AM2 months ago

Next round Group D

Saudi Arabia vs Brazil - Saitama Stadium, Saitama/JPN

Germany vs Ivory Coast - Miyagi Stadium, Miyagi/JPN

- Both games to be played at 4 AM ET next Wednesday (28)

9:44 AM2 months ago

Group D classification

  1. Brazil - 4
  2. Ivory Coast - 4
  3. Germany - 3
  4. Saudi Arabia - 0
9:24 AM2 months ago

Full time

Game over.
9:24 AM2 months ago


90+4' Ghareeb crosses from the left, Al-Amri goes up alone and heads the ball away.
9:22 AM2 months ago

Added time

90' Five minutes.
9:22 AM2 months ago

Saudi Arabia substitution

85' Abdulhamid out, Al-Tuhayfan in.
9:22 AM2 months ago

Saudi Arabia substitution

85' Hindi out, Khalifah Al-Dawsari in.
9:21 AM2 months ago

Saudi Arabia substitution

85' Al-Faraj out, Ahmed in.
9:21 AM2 months ago

Germany substitution

82' Ache out, Richter in.
9:10 AM2 months ago

Another missed chance

77' Ache drives the ball down the right side of midfield into the box, but isolates it after the marking arrives.
9:10 AM2 months ago


76' Ache rolls the ball to Henrichs and the winger finishes it off.
9:08 AM2 months ago


74' Max Kruse takes a corner from the left side of the box and Uduokhai doesn't even jump to head Al-Rubaie's cross and put Germany back in front.
9:07 AM2 months ago


73' Ache is set off by an exquisite throw-in, dribbles past the Al-Rubaie goalkeeper, and shoots wide.
9:04 AM2 months ago

Germany substitution

72' Amiri out, Schlotterbeck in.
9:04 AM2 months ago

Germany substitution

69' Maier out, Stach in.
9:03 AM2 months ago

Germany substitution

68' Teuchert out, Torunarigha in.
9:02 AM2 months ago

Saudi Arabia substitution

67' Al-Khulaif out, Ghareeb in.
9:01 AM2 months ago

Sent off

66' Pieper, Germany defender. For the hard foul committed on Salem Al-Dawsari, referee changes the color of the card for the intensity of the foul and the defender is out of the game.
9:00 AM2 months ago


65' Referee goes to review the throw-in in the video booth at the edge of the pitch.
8:57 AM2 months ago

Yellow card

65' Pieper, Germany defender. Hard foul on Salem Al-Dawsari.
8:56 AM2 months ago

So close

64' Salem Al-Dawsari makes a good individual move on the edge of the box and finishes dangerously. Almost a Saudi comeback.
8:52 AM2 months ago


60' Germany struggle with their own limitations and can't apply the pressure. Saudi Arabia has more space and possession.
8:46 AM2 months ago


55' Amiri plays a good move, tables with Kruse, tables with Teuchart, but hits the ball very wrongly.
8:45 AM2 months ago

Precise cutback

52' Al-Shahrani makes a good individual move down the left and moves freely down the left until he crosses the ball to Al-Dawsari, but Pieper arrives before he can finish and makes the cutback.
8:43 AM2 months ago


49' Abdulhamid sets up a table with Al-Khulaif and crosses low for Al-Naji to finish past Müller and score his second goal of the match.
8:34 AM2 months ago


The second half is under way.
8:32 AM2 months ago


Athletes back on the field.
8:18 AM2 months ago

Half time

End of the first half.
8:16 AM2 months ago

Added time

45' Two minutes.
8:15 AM2 months ago


42' Pieper gets a good cross to Ache at the penalty spot. Al-Rubaie's first attempt is blocked. On the second, the ball goes into the net. Germany back in the lead.
8:11 AM2 months ago

Al-Rubaie makes the save

38' Teuchert is picked out on the right side of the box after Kruse's pass and hits a cross. Al-Rubaie sprawls and prevents Germany's second goal.
8:08 AM2 months ago

Lacked strenght

36' Teuchart triggers Ache in the middle of the area, but the midfielder shoots weakly and facilitates the defense of Al-Rubaie.
8:04 AM2 months ago


29' Al-Faraj opens on the left for Salem Aw-Dawsari. The midfielder makes space in front of Henrichs and shoots a cross. The ball deflects off Pieper, Muller sprawls, and Al-Naji pushes it into the empty net. All equal!
7:59 AM2 months ago


26' Amiri advances in a counterattack through the middle, has the option to pass, but takes a chance on the edge of the area and the shot is blocked.
7:57 AM2 months ago


23' The match drops considerably. Germany try to get forward but find it difficult to finish. Saudi Arabia are looking for an equaliser but are unable to clear their marker.
7:53 AM2 months ago


17' After a quick triangulation in the attack field, Al-Naji is completely free in the box and shoots over the goal. The ball went close to the crossbar and the Saudis missed a good chance to tie the game.
7:52 AM2 months ago


15' Raum crosses from the left and Kruse gets free to complete a first-time shot, but the ball hits the Saudi defender and chance is wasted.
7:48 AM2 months ago


10' Good, hard-working play on the ground with quick touches. Henrichs sets up Kruse near the edge of the box. The No. 10 opens up Teuchert on the right side of the box and the winger crosses low. Amiri, who is completely free, finishes well and gives the Germans the lead.
7:47 AM2 months ago

Saudi Arabia's goal disallowed

5' Salem Al-Dawsari triggers Al-Hamddan. The striker beats Uduokhai's marker, turns and shoots into the corner. The referee sees a hand touch and cancels the goal.
7:47 AM2 months ago

The goalkeeper deflects

4' Löwen opens a space on the left side of the field and hits a cross. Al-Rubaie sprawls.
7:46 AM2 months ago


3' Amiri takes a free-kick from the right with a cross into the box and Ache heads it well, but misses the target.
7:33 AM2 months ago


The game starts in Yokohama!
7:32 AM2 months ago

Are you ready?

The ball will roll in a few moments.
7:32 AM2 months ago


Saudi Arabia - white shirt, green shorts and white socks

Germany - completely black

7:32 AM2 months ago


National anthems of Saudi Arabia and Germany playing.
7:29 AM2 months ago


Referees and players of both teams are on the pitch.
7:24 AM2 months ago


VAR - Ming Fu (CHN)

AVAR - Tiago Martins (POR)

7:24 AM2 months ago


Referee - Victor Gomes (RSA)

Assistant referee #1 - Arsênio Marenguele (MOZ)

Assistant referee #2 - Souru Phatsoane (LES)

Fourth official - Matt Conger (NZL)

7:19 AM2 months ago

Germany substitutes

Brodersen, Plogmann; Torunarigha, Schlotterbeck, Anton Stach, Marco Richter.

Head coach: Stefan Kuntz.

7:18 AM2 months ago

Saudi Arabia substitutes

Al-Bukhari; Al-Tuhayfan, Khalifah Al-Dawsari, Ghareeb, Ali Mukhtar, Al-Ghannan, Aiman Ahmed.

Head coach: Saad Al-Shehri.

7:17 AM2 months ago

Germany line-up

Florian Müller; Henrichs, Pieper, Uduokhai, Raum; Maier, Löwen; Ache, Nadiem Amiri, Teuchert; Max Kruse.

Head coach: Stefan Kuntz.

7:17 AM2 months ago

Saudi Arabia line-up

Al-Rubaie; Abdulhamid, Al-Amri, Abdulbasit, Yasser; Al-Hassan, Al-Faraj; Al-Khulaif, Al-Naji, Salem Al-Dawsari; Al-Hamddan.

Head coach: Saad Al-Shehri.

7:15 AM2 months ago

Teams ready

Lineups officially released by both teams.
6:50 AM2 months ago

Group D classification

  1. Brazil - 4
  2. Ivory Coast - 4
  3. Saudi Arabia - 0
  4. Germany - 0
6:46 AM2 months ago

Full time

Prior to the match between Saudi Arabia vs Germany, Brazil took the field and faced Ivory Coast in the same stadium. The match ended in a scoreless draw, resulting in a better balance for the third and final round if there is a winner in the duel between the Saudis and Germans.
6:41 AM2 months ago

How to watch Saudi Arabia vs Germany Live Stream on TV and online?

If you want to watch the game, your options are: Olympic Channel.

If you want to directly stream it: NBCOlympics.com and NBC Sports App

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option.

6:08 AM2 months ago

Curious history

Germany has competed the Olympics separately and together. Currently, all medals are unified. At the Games in Melboune 1956, Rome 1960, and Tokyo 1964, the nation was represented by the United Team of Germany and won bronze in 1964. As West Germany, it won bronze in Seoul 1988. As East Germany, it won gold in Montreal 1976, silver in Moscow 1980, and bronze in Munich 1972. When competing as a unified country today, it won silver at Rio 2016, losing on penalties to Brazil. In all, the German nation has one gold, two silver, and three bronze medals.
6:03 AM2 months ago

Third participation

Saudi Arabia is competing in soccer for the third time in the history of the Olympics. It participated in Moscow 1980 and Barcelona 1992, without winning any medals.
5:58 AM2 months ago

Total medals in men's and women's soccer

8 - Brazil

7 - United States

6 - Germany

5 - Hungary, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia

4 - Argentina, Sweden, East Germany, Denmark

3 - Great Britain, Spain, Poland, Nigeria, Canada, Italy, Norway Netherlands

2 - Uruguay, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Japan

1 - Cameroon, Mexico, Austria, China, Paraguay, Switzerland, Chile, South Korea, Ghana

5:53 AM2 months ago

Soccer in the Olympic Games

Soccer was the second team sport to be officially part of the Olympic Games in the modern era. The first was water polo.
5:48 AM2 months ago

Group D classification

  1. Brazil - 3
  2. Ivory Coast - 3
  3. Saudi Arabia - 0
  4. Germany - 0
5:43 AM2 months ago

Germany roster

Goalkeepers - Florian Müller, Svend Brodersen, Luca Plogmann.

Defenders - Benjamin Henrichs, David Raum, Felix Uduokhai, Amos Pieper, Jordan Torunarigha, Keven Schlotterbeck.

Midfielders - Ragnar Ache, Maximillian Arnold, Nadiem Amiri, Arne Maier, Ismail Jakobs, Anton Stach, Eduard Löwen.

Forwards - Marco Richter, Cedric Teuchert, Max Kruse.

Head Coach - Stefan Kuntz.

5:38 AM2 months ago

Saudi Arabia roster

Goalkeepers - Amin Bukhari, Mohammed Al Rubaie, Zaid Al-Bawardi.

Defenders - Saud Abdulhamid, Hamad Al-Yami, Abdulbasit Hindi, Abdulelah Al-Amri, Yasser Al-Shahrani, Khalifah Al-Dawsari, Abdullah Hassoun.

Midfielders - Sami Al-Najei, Salman Al-Faraj, Nasser Al-Omran, Salem Al-Dawsari, Khalid Al-Ghannam, Ali Al-Hassan, Ayman Yahya, Ayman Al-Khulaif, Abdulrahman Ghareeb, Firas Al-Buraikan.

Forwards - Abdullah Al-Hamdan, Firas Al-Buraikan.

Head Coach - Saad Al-Shehri.

5:33 AM2 months ago

Men's soccer groups in Tokyo 2020

Group A - South Africa, France, Japan, and Mexico.

Group B - South Korea, Honduras, New Zealand, and Romania.

Group C - Argentina, Australia, Egypt, and Spain.

Group D - Germany, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Ivory Coast.

5:28 AM2 months ago

What is the men's soccer competition like at the Olympics?

There are 16 teams divided into four groups with four teams. The top two teams in each group advance to the quarterfinals.
5:23 AM2 months ago

Opening setbacks

Germany and Saudi Arabia enter with the need to win in order not to complicate the last round, since they were defeated in the opener. The Germans lost to Brazil 4-2, while the Saudis were beaten by Ivory Coast 2-1.
5:18 AM2 months ago

The match will be played at the International Stadium

The Saudi Arabia vs Germany match will be played at the International Stadium, in Yokohama/JPN. The match will start at 7:30 AM ET/4:30 AM PT.
5:13 AM2 months ago

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