Highlights: Alaves 0-0 Sevilla in LaLiga 2021-22
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3:10 PM3 months ago

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Our coverage of the match between Alavés and Sevilla of matchday 27 of LaLiga Santander 2021-22 comes to an end.

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5:54 PM3 months ago

90+4' End of the match!

Match ends at Mendizorroza. Goalless draw between Alavés and Sevilla. In the formality, the Babazorros deserved the victory, but could not unbalance the scoreboard. Sevilla could lose ground in the fight for the lead with Madrid.
5:50 PM3 months ago

90' Additional time

Four more minutes will be played in the match.
5:49 PM3 months ago

89' Alavés substitution

Manu Vallejo replaced Luis Rioja.
5:48 PM3 months ago


SEVILLE HAD A GOAL! Koundé went on the attack, entered the area and put the ball in, Óliver Torres shot softly in front of the goal and the Alavés goalkeeper saved what was a goal for the visiting team.
5:44 PM3 months ago

86' Last minutes

Time is running out for Alavés, who have failed to score.
5:42 PM3 months ago

83' Sevilla double substitution

Ludwig Augustinsson and Munir replace Jesús Corona and Marcos Acuña.
5:40 PM3 months ago

82' Alavés came closer

Rioja's shot went over the goal.
5:38 PM3 months ago

78' Sevilla substitution

Luismi Cruz replaces Lucas Ocampos.
5:37 PM3 months ago

78' Alavés substitution

Jason Remeseiro replaces Édgar Méndez.
5:36 PM3 months ago

75' Half hour of the match

The match is still tied. Alavés must find the goal at all costs.
5:30 PM3 months ago

72' Alavés substitution

Enter Manu García in place of Pere Pons.
5:28 PM3 months ago

70' Last 20 minutes of the match

Very little offense from the teams in these last ten minutes. The game was played more in the middle of the field.
5:23 PM3 months ago

65' The tie is maintained

The match continues with a draw on the scoreboard. Although the second half has been more balanced, Sevilla has not had the hierarchy that it has on paper to overcome its rival.
5:18 PM3 months ago


Pere Pons had it! He received the ball from Toni Moya, settled and shot, but the ball went near the right post.
5:16 PM3 months ago

58' Sevilla double substitution

Óliver Torres and Rafa Mir replace Joan Jordán and Youssef En-Nesyri.
5:15 PM3 months ago

57' Alavés came closer

Tenaglia's cross from the right, Joselu headed, but the ball went wide.
5:14 PM3 months ago

56' Sevilla came closer

Lucas Ocampos' shot did not seem to be dangerous, but Pacheco did not want to complicate things and handled the ball.
5:09 PM3 months ago


Lucas Ocampos received the ball in the box after a cross from the right, but he shot poorly and the ball went wide.
5:08 PM3 months ago


BONO'S SAVE AGAIN! Édgar Méndez had a chance after a masterful pass from Rioja, but once again, Sevilla's goalkeeper prevented the first goal of the match.
5:07 PM3 months ago

49' Yellow card

Rubén Duarte was cautioned for Alavés.
5:04 PM3 months ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match gets underway. There were no changes in the teams.
4:48 PM3 months ago

45+2' Halftime!

The first half of the game ends with the score tied.
4:46 PM3 months ago

45' Additional time

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.
4:44 PM3 months ago


Lucas Ocampos received a good ball in the area, looked for the profile and shot, but the ball went just wide of the left post.
4:43 PM3 months ago


Good cross from the right by Edgar Méndez, Gonzalo Escalante arrived to head the ball to the right side.
4:38 PM3 months ago

37' Sevilla came closer

Nemanja Gudelj's shot went just wide of the right post.
4:35 PM3 months ago

34' Yellow card

Florian Lejeune was cautioned for Alavés.
4:31 PM3 months ago

30' Half hour of match

Sevilla continues to fail to generate their first goal option in the match. Lopetegui's team predominantly comes out playing with dominated ball, but does not pass the midfield.
4:25 PM3 months ago

24' Alavés had it!

What a good shot Toni Moya tried from half distance, which went very close to the right post.
4:21 PM3 months ago

20' The game continues

The score has not opened the scoreboard yet. Sevilla does not react to the good start of Alavés.
4:16 PM3 months ago

15' First quarter of the match

The score remains tied so far, the teams are starting to get closer to each other's penalty areas.
4:14 PM3 months ago


BONO'S GREAT SAVE! Marcos Acuña lost the ball at the start with Édgar Méndez, who crossed the ball and Luis Rioja shot, but the Sevilla goalkeeper once again prevented the home team from scoring.
4:13 PM3 months ago

12' Yellow card

Joan Jordán was cautioned for Sevilla.
4:11 PM3 months ago

10' Tie continues

The game is not taking much pace so far, not many scoring options have been presented.
4:06 PM3 months ago

5' First minutes

Sevilla tries to take control of the ball after suffering from that first minute chance.
4:01 PM3 months ago


First scoring chance after 34 seconds. A low cross from Edgar Méndez, Joselu arrived to finish and the Sevilla goalkeeper prevented the first goal early.
4:01 PM3 months ago

Match starts!

The game between Alavés and Sevilla is underway.
3:59 PM3 months ago

Teams on the field

The players of Alavés and Sevilla take the field.
3:58 PM3 months ago

Match Officials

Referee: Javier Alberola Rojas

Assistant No.1: Teodoro Sobrino Magán

Assistant No.2: Iván Hernández Ramos

Fourth official: Alonso De Ena Wolf

Delegate-Reporter: Francisco Manuel Arias López

VAR: Xavier Estrada Fernández

VAR Assistant: Roberto Alonso Fernández

3:54 PM3 months ago

Substitutes - Sevilla

01. Marko Dmitrovic (GK), 31. Javier Díaz (GK), 03. Ludwig Augustinsson, 11. Munir, 12. Rafa Mir, 21. Óliver Torres, 22. Oussama Idrissi, 27. Luis Miguel Cruz, 30. José Ángel Carmona, 32. Juan Luis Sánchez, 36. Iván Romero, 43. Ignacio Quintana, 45. Enrique Salas.
3:54 PM3 months ago

Starting XI - Sevilla

| 13. Yassine Bono |
| 16. Jesús Navas | 23. Jules Koundé | 06. Nemanja Gudelj | 19. Marcos Acuña |
| 08. Joan Jordán | 18. Thomas Delaney | 10. Ivan Rakitic |
| 09. Jesús Corona | 15. Youssef En-Nesyri | 05. Lucas Ocampos |

Coach: Julen Lopetegui

3:49 PM3 months ago

Substitutes - Alavés

13. Antonio Sivera (GK), 04. Matt Miazga, 07. Manu Vallejo, 10. John Guidetti, 12. Saúl García, 14. Manuel García, 18. Facundo Pellistri, 23. Ximo Navarro, 24. Miguel de la Fuente, 25. Jason Remeseiro, 26. Abdel Abqar, 27. Javier López.
3:49 PM3 months ago

Starting XI - Alavés

| 01. Fernando Pacheco |
| 05. Víctor Laguardia | 22. Florian Lejeune |
| 21. Nahuel Tenaglia |            | 03. Rubén Duarte |
| 16. Gonzalo Escalante |
| 17. Édgar Méndez | 20. Pere Pons | 15. Toni Moya | 11. Luis Rioja |
| 09. Joselu |

Coach: José Luis Mendilibar

3:41 PM3 months ago

Pre-match statements - Julen Lopetegui (Sevilla Coach)

"What you have done before does not help you to win again. Everything that happens is prehistory and we are already focused on Alavés to make a competitive team within the maximum difficulties we have. We always go out for the three points and tomorrow will be no exception".

"Every match is difficult and even more so against teams with good players and an experienced coach. They are playing to get out of a complicated situation and these matches for me are the most difficult. We have to prepare ourselves to compete against them and beat them".

"We have problems with both Diego Carlos and Martial, as well as other players. There are going to be a lot of absentees. We will put the focus on those who are going to be there and those who are going to help us. Some doors are closed and others are open so that everyone can help us win every match. There is a scenario of too many absentees, many more than we would like, without a doubt. Our plan is to recover players to be able to be competitive in every game".

3:36 PM3 months ago

Pre-match statements - José Luis Mendilibar (Alavés Coach)

"A year goes by and they are climbing up some positions. Right now Sevilla is in second position, above Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, who were the ones who were usually ahead of them until now."

"Sevilla FC is a very mature team because they give away very little. They know what to do at every moment of the game. They don't hurry because they are tied at 0-0 in the 85th minute because they think and believe that they have good players to score a goal at any moment. I think we have to do a lot of things right or almost everything right to be able to win this game."

"We have people in the midfield to be able to make up for those missing and also the idea may be to play more like at the beginning when we arrived, that we played with two up top. I hope that whatever he has in mind comes out well and that he also gets it right in terms of form and the people who play."

"I hope to put them in trouble and that we have a chance to win, but we have to respect them because they are a great team. We don't have to ask the fans for anything, now we have to encourage them so that they don't give up and do things well on the pitch".

3:30 PM3 months ago

This is how the teams arrived at the Mendizorroza stadium

3:25 PM3 months ago

Last five matches - Sevilla

February 27 - LaLiga: 2-1 vs Betis (Won)

February 24 - UEFA Europa League: 1-0 vs Dinamo Zagreb (Lost)

February 20 - LaLiga: 3-0 vs Real Madrid (Lost)

February 17 - UEFA Europa League: 3-1 vs Dinamo Zagreb (Won)

February 11 - LaLiga: 2-0 vs Elche (Won)

3:20 PM3 months ago

Last five matches - Alavés

February 26 - LaLiga: 2-2 vs Getafe

February 19 - LaLiga: 3-0 vs Real Madrid (Lost)

February 13 - LaLiga: 2-1 vs Valencia (Won)

February 5 - LaLiga: 3-1 vs Elche (Lost)

January 23 - LaLiga: 0-1 vs Barcelona (Lost)

3:15 PM3 months ago

This is how the field looks at Mendizorroza

3:10 PM3 months ago

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We are ready to bring you the actions of this match between Alavés and Sevilla, corresponding to the 27th round of LaLiga.
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What time is Alavés vs Sevilla match for LaLiga?

This is the start time of the game Alavés vs Sevilla of March 4th 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 5:00 PM AM on ESPN and Star +
Bolivia: 4:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Brazil: 5:00 PM on ESPN2, GUIGO, NOW NET e Claro, Star+
Chile: 5:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Colombia: 3:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Ecuador: 3:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
USA (ET): 3:00 PM on ESPN+
Spain: 9:00 PM on Movistar Laliga, Movistar+
Mexico: 2:00 PM on Blim TV, Blue To Go Video Everywhere, TUDN En Vivo, Canal 5 Televisa
Paraguay: 9:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Peru: 6:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Uruguay: 5:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

2:50 PM3 months ago

Key player - Sevilla

In Sevilla, the presence of Lucas Ocampos stands out. The 27-year-old Argentine player is one of the team's top scorers in the current edition of LaLiga with five goals. In addition, he has participated with two assists.
2:45 PM3 months ago

Key player - Alavés

In Alavés, the presence of Joselú stands out. The 31-year-old Spanish player is the team's top scorer in the current edition of LaLiga with 12 goals. In addition, he has made two assists.
2:40 PM3 months ago

Alavés vs Sevilla history

These two teams have met 34 times. The statistics are in favor of Sevilla, who have emerged victorious on 18 occasions, while Alavés have done so on eight occasions, leaving a balance of eight draws.

In LaLiga...

Referring only to the times they have faced each other in LaLiga, we count 23 duels, where the numbers are in favor of Sevilla with 11 victories, while Alavés has managed six, for a balance of six draws. 

If we take into account the times that Alavés have been at home against Sevilla in LaLiga, there are 11 matches, where the babazorros have the advantage with five wins over the three that the blanquirrojos have achieved, and the three draws that have been given.

2:35 PM3 months ago


Sevilla comes into this match with the aim of continuing to add to their six-point lead in their desire to catch up with Real Madrid at the top of the table. Winning is the only option they will have if they want to keep fighting for the title.

2:30 PM3 months ago


Alavés arrives to this match marked by the last results they have obtained, with only one victory in the last five matches. They are more than obliged to win, as they are in the relegation zone, from which they will not even be able to get out of by winning this match.

2:25 PM3 months ago

The match will be played at Mendizorroza Stadium

The Alavés vs Sevilla match will be played at the Mendizorroza Stadium, located in the city of Vitoria, capital of the province of Alava, in Spain. This stadium, inaugurated in 1924, has a capacity for 19,840 spectators.
2:20 PM3 months ago

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