The Tennis World Mourns As Roy Emerson's Son Passes
Roy Emerson approaches the net on a half volley

The Tennis World Mourns As Roy Emerson's Son Passes

The son of former tennis great Roy Emerson passed away after battling cancer for over a year.

Sam Borai

Antony Emerson, 52, died on Saturday after struggling with brain and liver cancer for the last year.

After being diagnosed his condition worsened at a rapid rate forcing his father, Roy Emerson, to skip this year's Australian Open.

A dedicated fan to Australian tennis, a spectator in the stands or a viewer from home can usually spot Roy Emerson in the crowd each year. This year, he had been due to receive honors for his contributions to the Australian Davis Cup team from 1960-1962.

For those who do not know, Roy Emerson is a 12-time Grand Slam champion and one of Australia's greatest champions in the sport of tennis. He's completed the career Grand Slam twice with his home Slam seeing his best success, winning the Australian Open six times. His 30-year career saw him win the Grand Slam in multiple facets of the game; Emerson's was in men's doubles.

Emerson was the first player to win 12 majors, a mark that has since been surpassed. He was voted to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1982

Anthony's Mark On Tennis

Hoping to follow in his father's footsteps, Antony pursued a career in professional tennis. Under his father's coaching he reached a career high of 285 in the world.

The pair would pair up later on to win the US Hardcourt Father and Son tournament in 1978.

When the father-son duo weren't helping out one another on the court they were helping out others. In 1983, they started up Roy Emerson Tennis Weeks, a six week first class tennis resort in Gstaad, Switzerland. The camp had been voted the number one tennis camp in the world for the last eight years.

His family and friends started a GoFundme in early August where anyone could donate and show support for the Emerson family.