David Haggerty admits concerns with Rio Olympics venue

With the Olympic Games just over two months away from beginning, the head of the International Tennis Federation admits some concerns on whether the tennis venue will be ready in time to host the world’s best players.                                        

Haggerty concerned about Rio’s tennis venue

Haggerty speaking at the recent ITF World Champions Dinner (Photo: Getty Images/Clive Brunskill)
Haggerty speaking at the recent ITF World Champions Dinner (Photo: Getty Images/Clive Brunskill)

In a recent interview at the ongoing French Open, the ITF’s president David Haggerty admitted doubts surrounding the venue which is planned to host the tennis competition at the 2016 Rio Olympic games. The American states that the venue’s lights still need to be developed, whilst he also cited problems with the surfacing and seating around other smaller courts.             

Haggerty was quoted by Fox News Latino as saying:

"We should be fine. There is work to be done — probably all venues would say the same thing. It's the sort of thing that, when you don't see the stands yet put in, you worry”.

Doubts around the games have already been cast, with world number two Andy Murray the latest to show his concerns with the Zika Virus. With these worries already present, the ITF are certainly keen to ensure the players have the best experience at the games as possible.

"We want to make sure the athletes' experience is the best it can be" Haggerty said. "They'll leave Wimbledon, and they've been at the French Open. So we want to make sure the experience they have is the world-class experience that they should have

He also ensured fans that the ITF is keeping a firm eye on the events occurring in the building of the venue, stating they have "visits down there all the time”.

The official tennis event is due to begin on August 6th, only a day after the opening ceremony, and it would certainly be a huge disappointment if the venue was not to be built in time for the 28th summer Olympic Games. A disappointment the Olympics committee and the ITF are desperate to avoid.