According to the Daily Telegraph, Bayern Munich's striker search may move on to Liverpool star Luis Suarez after their bid to sign Robert Lewandowski seems to have stalled.

Dortmund president Hans-Joachin Watzke is quoted in an interview with German newspaper Bild as adamently stating that 'Lewandowski will not go to Bayern in 2013.' Then reiterating the point by saying;

"This is final."

This comes on the back of previous comments in Bild from Lewandowski himself last week when he mentioned wanting a 'new challenge' that could suggest a move away from German for different domestic competition.

While the European champions would be more than willing to wait until after the polish striker's contract runs out at the end of next season to sign him on a costless, this raises the possibility of Dortmund selling Lewandowski elsewhere to not only cash in on him before losing him on a costless but also avoiding him joiningr their domestic rivals.

If Lewandowski does go to England or Spain, the Daily Telegraph stats that Guardiola will turn to Suarez instead to fill the hole they look to be creating with the probable sale of Mario Gomez.

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