Both managers refuse to condone pitch invasion following League One Play-Off Final

Both managers refuse to condone pitch invasion following League One Play-Off Final

Neil Harris and Stuart McCall were left unhappy with the Millwall fans who broke onto the pitch after the Lions' 1-0 victory against Bradford City

Sam Smith

Neil Harris and Stuart McCall were left unhappy after Millwall fans found their way onto the Wembley Stadium turf moments after the final whistle in today's League One Play-Off Final.

Steve Morison scored the only goal of the game late on as the Lions defeated Bradford City by a single goal, earning promotion to the Championship at the second attempt for the South Londoners. However, the match was slightly overshadowed by at least several hundred Millwall fans breaking past security and making their way onto the pitch. 

Harris refuses to condone behaviour and hopes it was done in 'good nature'

Millwall boss Harris clearly felt that the pitch invasion overshadowed the achievement from his players.

The former Lions striker turned manager said, "Wembley Stadium, the home of national football, isn't quite the place for that so I don't condone coming on the pitch. I certainly apologise to Stuart, his staff and his players for them coming on. I'm hoping the fans came on to get their selfies in good nature. I certainly don't condone it but it won't take away my joy tonight."

Many will argue that the fans did not break onto the pitch in good nature, as Harris suggested. Supporters were able to get across to the other side of the pitch to goad Bradford fans and were also seen getting too close to McCall and his backroom staff, as well as the players who had not yet made their way to the side of the pitch. 

Harris and his players were forced to ask their fans to make their way back to the stands. A tannoy announcement urging supporters to remove themselves from the pitch was ignored, even when told that it was an offence to enter the field of play and that the trophy presentation would not take place until the pitch was cleared.

McCall questions security presence

McCall, already distraught after his side's defeat, was left frustrated at the lack of security presence in the minutes leading up to and the moments after the final whistle. 

The 52-year-old said, "I think Wembley have got to learn now. I think everyone in the whole ground knew they were going to come on the pitch at the end. Then five or ten minutes later, an army of stewards walk on. Where were they straight after the game when they should have been on the halfway line?"

The Bradford boss also questioned the reasoning behind the Millwall supporters' presence on the pitch, adding, "I don't understand them wanting to come and goad myself, my staff and my players when they have just won a game. Just enjoy your moment."

McCall admitted that he came close to 'clocking' a couple of supporters who came right up to his face. 

"It's not just Millwall, it happens all the time," said McCall when questioned on the Lions' reputation. However, he continued, "They should stay in their half and celebrate with their own team. You don't need to start goading, we're feeling bad enough as it is. Someone asked me if I was physically assaulted and I 100 percent was not, no. Verbally assaulted? Yes. But that's not a big deal."