Fantasy Editorial: Fantasy All-Stars

Every year we hear about the players that do not make the All-Star team that deserve the honor, or when a player makes the team and has no right to be there, looking at you Omar Infante. Understandably, it can be difficult to choose since there is more than one aspect to check when voting for players, and luckily for fantasy owners you can make your own All-Star team with no such restrictions. Today let's have some fun and take a look at the best of the best and see who makes the Fantasy All-Star Team based purely on the numbers.

A.L. Offense:

Catcher- Stephen Vogt: Oakland Athletics

First base- Miguel Cabrera: Detroit Tigers

Second base- Jason Kipnis: Cleveland Indians

Third base- Josh Donaldson: Toronto Blue Jays

Shortstop- Hanley Ramirez: Boston Red Sox

Outfield- Mike Trout: Los Angeles Angels

Outfield- Jose Bautista: Toronto Blue Jays

Outfield- Brett Gardner: New York Yankees

Outfield- J.D. Martinez: Detroit Tigers

Outfield- George Springer: Houston Astros

Stephen Vogt has been a merry surprise for owners who took the risk on him, and has been one of fantasy’s best values this year since he practically went undrafted in the beginning and now he is a fantasy elite. After struggling mightily last season, Jason Kipnis is batting .323/.401/.487 with six home runs halfway through the season, which has been a pleasant surprise around most fantasy leagues. Kipnis is third in the A.L. in WAR (4.8) and is getting back to his MVP status he showed back in 2013. Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve has received more attention from a national standpoint, but Kipnis is statistically more valuable offensively.

The second biggest shocker was seeing Brett Gardner not only make the list but also being the third best outfielder in fantasy. However, Gardner is having his best season to date and is batting .302/.377/.484 with 10 home runs and is ninth in the A.L. in WAR. George Springer was another interesting name to see considering how awful his season started. He is somehow hitting .264/.365/.457 with 13 home runs with a strikeout rate of 26.9%. Players like Springer are going to be part of the future of baseball and that future is coming fast.

A.L. Pitching:

Chris Archer: Tampa Bay Rays

Dallas Keuchel: Houston Astros

Sonny Gray: Oakland Athletics

Chris Sale: Chicago White Sox

Felix Hernandez: Seattle Mariners

Glen Perkins: Minnesota Twins

Huston Street: Los Angeles Angels

Dellin Betances: New York Yankees

David Robertson: Chicago White Sox

Wade Davis: Kansas City Royals

Chris Archer and Dallas Keuchel have been amazing this year giving the owners that had faith in them a good K/9 ratio, 10.87 for Archer and 7.47 for Keuchel; and keeping their ERA’s below 3.00, and in Keuchels case almost keeping it under 2.00. Sonny Gray has stepped up once again for fantasy owners and is one step closer to elite status, but we need to see him stay healthier and consistent the entire season. Chris Sale and Felix Hernandez are the elite of the elite; they are doing what you paid for them.

Minnesota Twins closer Glen Perkins is a shocker at the top of the list but with 28 saves and a K/9 of 8.68 it is hard to argue. His ERA is nice at 1.21 but look out for that FIP of 2.28 which could mean regression. Huston Street and David Robertson are doing very well in the saves department having 24 and 19 respectively, and the ERA’s lower than 2.50 are also nice for closers. Betances may not get the saves but a 1.61 ERA and a K/9 of 14.74 helps any fantasy team, and Wade Davis having a ridiculous ERA of 0.46 with a 10.15 K/9 has been a major boom for owners.

N.L. Offense:

Catcher- Buster Posey: San Francisco Giants

First base- Paul Goldschmidt: Arizona Diamondbacks

Second base- Dee Gordon: Miami Marlins

Third base- Todd Fraizer: Cincinnati Reds

Shortstop- Brandon Crawford: San Francisco Giants

Outfield- Bryce Harper: Washington Nationals

Outfield- Giancarlo Stanton: Miami Marlins

Outfield- Charlie Blackmon: Colorado Rockies

Outfield- Ryan Braun: Milwaukee Brewers

Outfield- Justin Upton: San Diego Padres

Time to eat some crow as Dee Gordon had all the signs of a one hit wonder, but in fantasy 33 steals is nothing to scoff at and his slash line of .338/.359/.413 is nothing to turn a blind eye at either. With the lack of a track record there is a good chance Gordon regresses in the second half, but as it stands he's been great. It's true that Brandon Crawford has regressed quite a bit but he is still doing very well with 12 home runs and a respectable slash line of .262/.331/.465.

Looking at Bryce Harper there does not seem to be anything to add to how good he has been doing. What has taken his game to elite status has been his plate selection. Harper is first in Major League Baseball in walk percentage (18.6 percent) and a strikeout percentage of 20.6 percent. When you consider how often he walks the strikeout percentage isn't as bad.

Charlie Blackmon is a sleeper when it comes to fantasy because of his combination of speed and above average power. On the season Blackmon has 23 and is maintaining a slash line of .291/.360/.463 with 11 home runs and 40 RBI.

N.L. Pitching:

Max Scherzer: Washington Nationals

Zack Greinke: Los Angeles Dodgers

Gerrit Cole: Pittsburgh Pirates

Jacob deGrom: New York Mets

Jake Arrieta: Chicago Cubs

Jeury Familia: New York Mets

Mark Melancon: Pittsburg Pirates

Trevor Rosenthal: St. Louis Cardinals

Drew Storen: Washington Nationals

Jason Grilli: Atlanta Braves

The only surprise on the pitching side is Chicago Cubs starter Jake Arrieta, who is quietly having a fantastic season. A 9.10 K/9 with a 2.00 BB/9 gives him a very solid K/BB, and more importantly his FIP is lower than his ERA of 2.72 so he has been pitching very effectively.