St. Louis Cardinals And Kansas City Royals Reach Deal Involving Tony Cruz

The Kansas City Royals have made a deal with the St. Louis Cardinals involving catcher Tony Cruz. The Cardinals will send Cruz over to the Royals in exchange for minor leaguer Jose Martinez

How The Deal Plays Out For The Royals

The Royals have been looking for a good backup to help rest starting catcher, Salvador Perez. Cruz had a .204 batting average last season and has a career batting average of only .220. Despite his lack of offense, Cruz is a decent defender behind the plate. He had no errors last season and will be a solid guy to step up whenever Perez needs an off day. 

Ultimately, Cruz could prove to be a better fit as the Royal's backup catcher instead of Drew Butera. Butera had a total of eight errors combined with the three teams he played for in 2015. He also had a .194 batting average for the 2015 season. While Cruz may not be a huge improvement batting wise, he will provide a bigger boost in the defense department. 

Cardinals Side Of The Deal

The Cardinals recently picked up catcher Brayan Pena from the Cincinnati Reds to take over as their back up catcher. With that trade, the Cards have no use for Cruz. They will now be getting minor leaguer Jose Martinez. Martinez is a 19-year-old shortstop who has only played in the Rookie league. During 2015, he posted an overall .246 batting average with two home runs and 29 RBIs. 

This is a relatively small deal with no big consequences if either player doesn't work out with their respectable team. The Royals have an All-Star in Salvador Perez and have consistently rotated backups out of their system over the last couple of years. If Cruz doesn't pan out it will not matter seeing as the Royals' front office has no problem replacing backups. 

On the other side, the Cardinals are getting an unproven prospect who may or may not even make it to the major leagues. If he does end up moving up the ranks and becomes a solid shortstop then they got a bonus from this deal that basically costs them nothing.